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  • All articles written are based on author’s opinion unless stated otherwise
  • I don’t mind if the articles or ideas were spread without any credits given to me. Even though I would appreciate if you do
  • Any suggestion on the topic to be discussed here is appreciated and entertained. You can email me or leave a comment.
  • The author is human and to err is human. So there will be times when mistake happen. If there are mistakes, please highlight them to me to be corrected. You have my thanks.
  • No opinion is the ultimate truth. So please read and screen the articles yourself whether to accept it or not
  • Any action / reaction done by a person based on the articles is entirely his/her decision and the author will not be held responsible.
  • All articles are written in English, and does not in any way trying to push aside Bahasa Malaysia. The author simply want to better himself in English.
  • It is not the objective of this blog to offend, defame or humiliate anyone both directly or indirectly. If anybody is offended, kindly contact the author and the articles may be removed if deemed suitable.

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  • Spam and vulgarities will never be tolerated. I will have the right to define what is spam, and the right to moderate any comments / shout if suspected to be spam.
  • Friends are encouraged to discuss everything in a healthy environment. The author reserve the right to moderate any comments he find hate-provoking, etc.
  • Comments/shout can be written in any language as long as it is understandable.
  • Comments / Shout are the sole responsibility of the comment authors.


  • If you like the blog, please spread the url. We can always learn from each other.
  • The author reserve the right to change the rules as he see fit

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