Looking down at that spare tyre of ours, we may be immediately regretting ever looking down. Then we start gathering out inner strength and announce the 1 month program to get back in shape. YES!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! 

Wait a minute! Before all that you need to know these facts. Then you might not be just wasting your time.

1) Minimum time is 30 minutes. If you want to jog, do it at least 30 minutes and above. This is because your body start burning fat ONLY after the first 20 minutes. If you stop before, you were only just strengthening your muscle and no weight loss what so ever. (of course.. it depends on the intensity of your jogging)

2) The Illusion period. The first two weeks of your committed exercise program, you will see a decrease of a few kg immediately. Don’t be too happy just yet, that is just water loss from your body. Keep drinking water to flush all the toxin out.

3) The REAL weight loss. After the two weeks, your body will adapt and any loss is most probably due to your fat loss. Congratulation! keep yourself motivated for there is Fact no. 4 🙂

4) The No Effect Period. Around week 3 and 4, you will see that there is no weight loss at all, even some weight gain. You follow your routine like crazy, even do extra exercise with higher intensity but still you are gaining more weight each day. Don’t be alarmed. For your information, that is your muscle developing. Muscle is always heavier than fat. And thus the weight gain. Just follow your routine and you will see the result in another 2 to 3 weeks.

5) Our body is SUPER Adaptive. Remember that. You started jogging at maybe 3km for 30 minutes. You will returned home feeling like dying (Ehem my experience ya).

In no time, you will feel the work getting easier each day. This is because of your body is already adapted. Increase intensity with more speed and distance. Rule of thumb, if you exercised and you don’t feel anything. Something’s wrong

5 facts for now, oh ya I have to put the Disclaimer – Results will vary with individuals.

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