This is a continuation of my previous post – My Theory On Ghost

To start, I would like to say that my following points will mainly be based on my knowledge on Islam teaching. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Let me first define what is ghost in malay culture. Typical examples are as follow

  • “Pontianak” – said to be created from pregnant woman killed.
  • “Hantu Susu” – once famous, ghostly woman knocking houses asking milk for her newborn
  • “Hantu Raya” – said to look alike the owner and is super strong
  • “Hantu Tinggi”, “Pocong”, “Hantu Jepun” and many more.

Why do I say, all the defined ghost are not real

  • Pregnant woman killed or died is considered in Islam as “Syahid Kecil” (honoured death). There is no way those who “syahid” will become ghost.
  • “Seksa / Nikmat Kubur” is a very real thing in Islam. It is supposed to be permanent until the Judgment Day. How come human spirit can haunt the living if they are in “Alam Kubur”. If they were tortured, obviously they cannot get out to haunt you. And if they were blessed with pleasure, why would they want to get out. 🙂
  • As mentioned earlier, there is no actual proof that anybody has seen a ghost in their entire life. Stories we heard are almost always about “friend of a friend”. I doubt we can trace back the story to the original person. There are those who claim sensing the presence via voices, shadow etc. I stand by my first theory on this one (please refer to previous post). Jin however is a special case. I will elaborate more on this later.
  • If we monitor the ghost stories all around the world. one thing they have in common, no “hantu susu” is found in England or India and no dracula is found in Kuala Pilah or Tapah :). They are all actually cultural. Meaning, it is created only from stories maybe as a joke or to frighten children for them to be more obedient.
  • Some argue that maybe they are called by different name in different places. “Pontianak” may be known as vampire in certain place. Still the origin tales of vampire is different from “pontianak”. In addition, if vampire did kill people, we should be able to see bloodless bodies everywhere every now and then right?

Now, let me tell you what is real. Hm…….  maybe later, I try to keep my post short and simple 🙂

————— Personal Note ————————–
FYI, before married, I stayed alone in my house. Quite a big house actually and located about 11km in the estate. A jungle, you know how jungle was supposed to be a very spooky place. I heard lots of ghost stories, some specifically about my house. The funny thing is during my three years staying there, I was never afraid or encounter any spiritual stuff. But whenever I watch ghost movie, I mean the scary one, not the chinese ghost hopping around, I suddenly got goosebump and hearing all sort of things. Only when I watch ghost movie. 🙂 Funny right?

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  1. tech
    04 Jun 07 6:30 am

    hi banji.. nice blog u have here.

    to comment on your post, yes, i do question the same thing as you. as i have seen them and i have been lucky to be born in a family that has it’s own “spiritual guardian”.

    my first encounter was when i was in standard 5. after that almost every year there will be an encounter of this unexplainable things.

    i dun say that i believe in ghost. it’s just so hard to explain with our normal logic.

    if you are questioning the existence of ghost, try explaining the existence of spiritual healers and presence of holy person in a medium (usually a human being) that uses verses from the Quran to cure ppl and all.

    isn’t in the Quran itself say that once you are dead, you are gone for good till armageddon…

    i simply can’t process this, but it does exist in my family and i’m seeing it day by day. weird eh?

  2. Stephanie
    23 Mar 09 12:14 pm

    well all i really want to no is info on ghost because i need to turn in a report tommorow for my english class and i need to bebate pro and con on ghost existing.

  3. kristin speegle
    17 Dec 10 10:57 pm

    weel i do not blive in ghost

  4. kristin speegle
    01 Apr 11 2:53 am

    hi why r u using my name

  5. Alex
    17 Jun 11 10:00 pm

    I disagree. I have no clue what ghosts are called or whatever in Islam. I belive in ghosts, and you can’t make me stop. You know, just sayin’. I’ve had ALOT of encounters because of a haunted area me a some friends discovered. I’m only 12, too. You know, you might not believe me because I’m 12, but I do have the right equipment to learn more about them. And again, I believe in ghosts.

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