“HAHAHA I am the CEO of this company!!! I have ultimate power on my low level worker…I’m the most important person in this company, and without me… the company will go down the drain”.

Have you ever met anyone so arrogant being the boss or working in high position in a company. Well I have… Not my current manager obviously. It occured to me. Comparing the CEO of a company and the general cleaners of the company, who would be more important? The answer to this is simply by having them take a month off.

If the CEO of the company take a month off from working, can the company manage to survive and operate normally. I believe it can because there are so many people willing to take control the CEO’s power and do his work.

If the general cleaners of the company (any company) take a month off, what do you think will happen to the company? Rubbish left uncleared, stale fried rice still left at the waste basket, the toilet is unbelievably smelly. Can everyone do their work efficiently? Is there any people willing to do the cleaner’s job? I can guarantee you that they can’t even stand one week

So any of you guys have experience the no cleaner scenario? or no CEO scenario. Do share. let’s decide… who’s more important?

————— Personal Note ————————–
Again I appreciated all of you who frequent this humble blog. I admit, I’m not much of a designer. I guess it’s genetic. When I was a child, 5 to 6 years old, my parents did send me to a drawing class. The class is actually for Form 5 students. Did I tell you the art teacher is a friend of my parents. So we were supposed to draw some vegetables. Everyone was given one. When the class is over, everyone finished their work except for me. I am so into the details that I even draw every hairline and leaves exactly like it is. Spending all that time and still not a good piece. I persuaded my parents to give me other hobby to start 🙂 Good ol times

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  1. Aina
    03 Jun 07 8:19 pm

    Tak dapat I nak bayangkan CEO cuci tandas sambil pakai tie. I believe that the CEO tu terus MC 10 hari lepas kena cuci tandas he he he..

  2. filantera
    04 Jun 07 1:12 am

    hehehe yupsie

    BTW, i used to clean up my department all by myself and used to take over my boss’ jobs for a month.

    id prefer the cleaning job still….(ye ker?)

    nice hairy bendi banji!!!:-)

  3. banji
    04 Jun 07 1:50 am

    aina – mmg mc, penat woo kerja cleaning, in fact keja org bwh la paling penat, boss pun penting, xde boss huruhara gak. cuma jgn le sombong dgn pgkt tu kan? 🙂

    filantera – baru teringat yg sayur tu bendi eheh. kena gelak je

  4. Moe
    04 Jun 07 8:07 am

    Good comparison. I’ve always felt that people like cleaners, roadsweepers, rubbish collectors etc etc are massively underestimated/undervalued in our country.

    Everyone (almost) looks down on them, but without them, the general public complains about the state of cleanliness in the country. Sigh

  5. banji
    04 Jun 07 9:41 am

    moe – very true. they are so undervalued in our country. at least now there’s four of us (aina, filantera, me and moe) who I know for sure will appreciate their work. 🙂

  6. pocket
    04 Jun 07 11:49 am

    somehow i can remember the
    drawing of the bendi….
    it was right in the middle of the
    kertas lukisan
    small as small a bendi can be 🙂
    but hairy…
    anybody care to imagine that?

  7. Rockafella Gurl
    04 Jun 07 12:20 pm

    hihi.. i’ve been tru dis prob b4! it’s all depends how’s gud is ur CEO.. myb taking leave is another solution to get rid of others prob! we nvr noe.. tp sakit la if da CEo juz chucked it evrythng kat staff.

    when i wuz kid, i go to art class.. it’s really fun.. hihi dat’s why now i’m a designer =)

  8. banji
    04 Jun 07 1:12 pm

    pocket – damn good memory you have there. hehe

    yanz – 🙂 im not encouraging taking leave to torment the boss, just to clarify which is the more important. hmm but taking leave to torment the boss is a great idea. I think i’d try that hihi

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