So how do you feel when today’s your birthday? Happy? teenagers will definitely be happy, with all the parties and gift. However when we are older, ehem, more mature with age, the definition of birthday changed drastically.

Some may think of it as a celebration of life, honouring every experience we had gone through (first love, heart broken and career advancement etc) and expecting the best from those yet to come.

Another prefer to think that we are that much closer to our end. It is the time to reevaluate all goals still not achieved, dreams and sometime the meaning of life.

There are so many ways to go through one’s birthday. You can be depressed about it, You can choose to ignore it entirely. Some may react with a total change of lifestyle. The popular term for this is “midlife crisis”. Typical examples are like suddenly buy an expensive car, or started to dress strangely etc.

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong on how you celebrate your birthday. You can be happy or depressed. It’s entirely up to you. The ultimate fact will still be that we are getting older with every seconds passing by (happy or depressed). So how ever it is you react, just consider what good will that reaction be for you. For example:

  • If reevaluation of life’s goal will be beneficial, do that.
  • If being depressed will only make you sad, stop immediately (however emotional you are).

We can be emotional, that’s just human but not to the expense we stop living the life we have now and be thankful for it.

————— Personal Note ————————–
Today is a special day. 6th June is my wife’s birthday. Unfortunately she is now at her parent’s home taking care of her elder sister, who just delivered a baby one week ago. Believe me, taking care of her other three children is not an easy job. The children, being children, are always going all out to make their “Makngah” scream every 2 minutes or so. By the time I call her over the phone, she has no voice already heheh. Be strong dear, and know that I will always be there supporting you (100km behind you that is :p ) and oh ya HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

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  1. ze|da`z
    06 Jun 07 5:52 am

    abg.. here is something for your wife.. tapi i buat ni kononnya mcm i nih ‘banji’.. sorry la terperasan sikit 😀 (maybe sebab smlm hari emo sedunia) hope u n ur wife suka..

    your day remembered

    your day remembered by myself
    and the angels in heaven
    the stars all smile
    each granting your wishes
    on this special birthday..

    i asked the doves
    to sing a love song
    as they fly beneath the wings
    of you dreams..

    i thank Allah for the birth of you
    none can compare
    to the beauty you behold
    though another year
    has reached your soul..

    the wind and the sea
    enbraces the warm touch
    of your spirit moving forward
    to another chapter ahead..

    this day my love is remembered
    by myself..
    the angels above..

    happy birthday =)

  2. banji
    06 Jun 07 8:19 am

    wah zai, yg xde kena mengena dgn beday pun terharu, tambah plak beday girl. terima kasih byk2. akan disampaikan kt dia 🙂

  3. Dekwan
    06 Jun 07 11:35 am

    hooh.. happy bday to kak yami
    surely she’s happy just by having
    u as her hubby … eheh:)
    Tell her i say Happy Bday 🙂

  4. sharzefarish
    06 Jun 07 11:37 am

    happy birthday to your wife.. 6th of June happened to be a special day for me too..

  5. banji
    06 Jun 07 12:37 pm

    dekwan – tq for the wishes, hopefully bleh buat dia hepi juga 🙂

    sharzefarish – tq jugak, ur beday jugak ke ari ni, if yes happy birthday to u too

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