Sponge Bob Square Pant

Summary – The best technique to improve memory – Association
Sometime when I look back at my previous entries, my God!! The topic is very random. But to tell you the truth, they are actually all connected. At least in my mind they are.

I’m thinking of blog, then I remember my friends > then friendster > “long time already not login” > time = 1am > work tomorrow > wish for a holiday > langkawi > beach and so on

Yes, dear friends. That’s exactly how our mind works. Let’s do an experiment. Try reading again the thought connection example. This time at any one time, just connect the two words. You can either picture it in your mind or just imagine the rationale behind the connection. I can guarantee you that you can recite the whole bunch of words front, back and even from the middle. However the trick is to exaggerate any images we conjure.

Another example maybe? Try this list – Celllphone, towel, toothbrush, bag, clock, camera etc

Cellphone to Towel
Now this is the hardest part – using our imagination. Be aggresively exaggerating. (read this very carefully.. and picture everything in your mind) Picture your handphone which is like spongebob squarepants. It very spongy (you can see yourself squeezing your spongy handphone) and absorp all water in a bucket if you drop it in. Now picture you using the handphone to dry yourself out from the shower just like a towel. So now you already connect handphone to towel.

Towel to Toothbrush
Forget about the spongy handphone. now imagine your favorite towel. you are walking to the towel and are going to use it. Suddenly you realize that there are thousands of toothbrush sewed into your towel (all full of colors!!). There’s red, blue and even your favorite color. Towel – toothbrush

Toothbrush to Bags
You are now brushing your teeth very early in the morning. But this toothbrush is very special. With every stroke going out from your mouth, you can actually see bags of different size shot out from the toothbrush (Just like Doraemon items). Imagine if you brush your teeth with 10 stroke. you can already open up bag’s store 🙂

Bag to Clock
Now you are ready to go to work/school. You took your bag (just like the pupils in primary school are using). However there is a big yellow smiley clock on your back instead of the bag. And people are laughing at you!! 🙂 bag – clock

Clock to Camera
Running back to your house, you decided to go to bed instead. There is an alarm clock on your bedside table. You set the alarm to wake you up in 10 minutes. When the alarm go off… instead of the normal ringing noise, you hear the sound of camera (very loudly). And from your clock, millions of photos of you sleeping in embarassing position are being thrown all over the place (you know the camera where you can get instant picture, imagine that). Clock – camera

So can you recite back all the items now? How about backward? I am not taking any credit on this technique. Using this technique, you can actually remember things better. Never assume our mind is old and cannot function that well. We are not introducing anything new to our mind. They have been doing this every second of our entire life.

Rule of thumb

  • exaggerate
  • use colors
  • sex related imagination is easier to remember
  • the more ridiculous, the better
  • watch cartoons to be more graphic 🙂
  • Associate with emotion; embarassing, angry, sad
  • practise, practise and practise

————— Personal Note ————————–
Personally when I first started this memory thing. I can actually remember up to 30 things in order. Using the technique, it is not that difficult. The problem however is that I took nearly 1 hour just to memorize them ehehe. I guess with practise it will get better. But who actually remember 30 items to buy at supermarket? I myself prefer using paper and pen. But it’s always nice to know we can actually do such things 🙂 So guys, any other methods to remember things?

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  1. Rockafella Gurl
    12 Jun 07 12:41 am

    ai ai captain! spongebob square pants! yeppp.. my fav cartoon!

    banji, since i wuz kids i normally luv to draw in a piece of paper.. butterfly, flower, animal to remind me of what im doing the whole day..

    all dis can make u rmmbr thngs better! dat’s wat i did when i wuz in skool until my excercise book full of small sketches. even now, i alwayz bring small note paper or else my hnd phone to key in watever i want.

    anyway, my late grandma always said.. ‘if we want to hv a gud memory, eat a gud & balance fud, esp. vegetable e.g spinach & lady”s finger!’ try and see..

  2. banji
    12 Jun 07 2:48 am

    good food will definitely boost memory, u are what u eat rite.

    i guess we are the same, i however use the voice recording function of my hp to remind me things.

  3. filantera
    12 Jun 07 3:48 am


    i still use my own WIndows (now vista) in my mind. tell u, now everything upgraded, i have ‘window-less view’ and 3D recognition with new software, driving mode-complete with awareness meter, arrow pointing to dangerous possiblity, speedometer (yess there is) and distance between object hehehe

    i guess only banji will paham this.:P

  4. Banji
    12 Jun 07 5:34 am

    hehe i do understand. but vista? you are using vista is it? i mean for your pc.

    i guess in the end, it’s just a matter of interfacing right? you know how your mind works.. you should be able to work with it 🙂

  5. filantera
    13 Jun 07 8:56 am

    still xp la banji
    tp dlm otak dah upgrade laaa

    tp skrg ni dah masuk windows invisble hehe memula ngarut tu kan….

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