Open Your mouth.. And Say Wahhhhh

Just a few days back I read in The Star about the newest scientific finding about yawning. I tried to find the source in thestar online but to no avail. So I checked the google and this is apparently where the news come from. Click Here.

Just to summarize – Previously we thought that yawning is a sign of sleepiness. Then there’s that theory that yawning is supposed to supply us with extra volume of oxygen to be supplied to the brain, making us more awake. The new finding however said that yawning is actually meant to cool down the brain temperature for it to be awake.

Now why do I find this interesting? Because finally the biggest mystery in my life was explained which is why yawning is contagious. You do realize that, when ever another person yawn, it is almost surely we will yawn anytime soon. I’ve been wondering for so long already. According to the study, contagious yawn maybe evolved to help groups remain vigilant against danger, for example taking guard duty at night time. (Just want to share with you)

The funny thing is…. human have been around for what? thousands of years? and we still haven’t figure out why we yawn. Theories arised but they are constantly challenged and corrected. We just have no idea.

In the end, it is proven that yawning is for our own good. It has always been. Maybe… just maybe, we should always think positive to those thing that we don’t understand (yet) and beyond our control such as nightmare, menopause (not that I have one :p) etc.

Amazingly they researched yawning… I wonder what else we should research on?

————— Personal Note ————————–
A friend of mine actually taught me to yawn everytime my lense is dry. This was when I started to use lense way years before. It actually work. Whenever I stuck in a heavily-air-conditioned mall, my eyes will get dry. That’s how I solved that problem. So if you see a handsome man walking in a shopping mall yawning all the time, it is very high possibility that it’s me. So be nice hehe 🙂

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  1. Noushy Syah
    07 Jul 07 11:49 am

    Blimey!! Good info and tot Banji.Well all the while what I know about yawning is when our brain are tired and lacking of oxygen and that’s why we are yawning…

    Think about makes sense really for when yawn,it will cooling down the brains’s or body temperature.Isn’t it when body temp exit more than 40deg celcius,it will harm the brain and the system-resulting in fits!(Situation in high fever)..

    Something to ponder….thanks Banji.

  2. banji
    07 Jul 07 1:58 pm

    yerp.. i hv read about that somewhere. hm (i actually trying to remember it here) i get it… It was from the movie “Paycheck”, where the reverse engineer will have to remove some memory of his work. The memory remover guy must maintain the temperature of the brain below certain T.

    Thanx noushy

  3. alfattah
    07 Jul 07 2:05 pm

    YES BANJI!!!!
    i’ve been wondering why the hell if someone around me yawn, most of the time, i’d yawn too and vice versa…It’s been in my head since tok nadim dinasty ..haha… but i never got the answer… hmm this is a great discovery=)…its gud to know that u yawn not ONLY just cz ur sleepy…but to make us stay awake -dats a reverse thing..haha…talk a abt reverse psychology =D

  4. banji
    07 Jul 07 3:32 pm

    alfattah – 🙂 hehe we are from the same zaman then. I’m also been wondering since tok nadim’s eheheh

    Just looking at the picture of the baby yawning, and say wahhhhhhh, I immediately feel like yawning

    One mystery of life solved… thousands to go

  5. pocket
    07 Jul 07 3:53 pm

    I found out that …
    if u’r feeling the pain in the ears
    when your plane landed.
    or when u suddenly went down from
    high altitud to lower altitud.

    it is best to yawn.
    the pain will go away.
    u’ll hear a little ‘pop’ though …
    try it 😀

  6. Banji
    07 Jul 07 4:44 pm

    pocket – that’s a good trick. Being a frequent flyer, you must have a lot of tips on the matter 🙂

    I guess yawning does have plenty of application

  7. filantera
    09 Jul 07 2:49 am

    yawning is when we are boring………heheheheheh

    satu lagi:org yang pura pura tido akan menguap….actually nobody menguap while sleeping. so those who are pretending to tidur waktu grandma berleter better be careful hahahah

    tringat duk pretend tidur siap ngan REM(rapid eye movement)lagi hahahaha….see thats what happen when u grow up with two highly talented scientific minded elder brothers!!

  8. banji
    09 Jul 07 7:17 am

    filantera – pura2 tido mmg akan menguap kan? agaknya otak dah convinced utk mengantuk, so dia cuba segarkan dgn menguap, dan self kantoi. tp pretending to sleep with rem is really cool, even though kantoi juga akhirnya

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