So there’s no other choice? and you still need to continue the fight, learn from this masters

Real Kungfu in real life.

It’s Funday! These are some pictures I received via forwarded emails. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Real Kungfu

And some people fall from a king size bed..

Real Kungfu

The divine method of studying

Real Kungfu

Let your weapon be one with you.. in this case your bicycle

Real Kungfu

At first I thought it was timber, apparently it was garbage, but still wow!

Real Kungfu

Nobody exempted from learning the art of balancing, 7 months old or 70 years old.

Real Kungfu

Tara!!! You will be like her if you work hard. Notice the water on top of the ball?

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  1. moon
    14 Jul 07 10:04 pm

    haha. nice pic!

  2. banji
    15 Jul 07 1:07 am

    chinese somehow ramai yg berbakat kan? 🙂

  3. pocket
    15 Jul 07 1:38 am

    we malay have our own great move also
    or else how does :
    pencari madu lebah liar cari makan..
    orang gayung mandi minyak…
    mat rempit yg still merempit heh heh

  4. banji
    15 Jul 07 3:17 am

    pocket – u make some good point there, i guess every race has something extraordinary associated with it, chinese with kungfu,indian with kalari payat n malay with silat

    even though rempit is also extraordinary, an extraordinary way to die 🙂

  5. nuu_OL
    15 Jul 07 5:57 am

    ahaaa pic no2 tu mmg kreative ..adakah akan ku jumpe anak murid begitu 🙂

  6. banji
    15 Jul 07 6:58 am

    nuuol – 🙂 kalau jumpa lah, nak reward dia sbb creative ke atau denda dia for vandalisme eheh myself akan suruh dia buat 2 3 kali lagi tgk mcm mana

  7. Noushy Syah
    15 Jul 07 11:24 am

    That was so entertaining!!

    Emm emmm, lemme think what do panasians have then..

    …aerobics , ngehh:D
    …french kiss, tehehehhe:p

  8. Zul
    15 Jul 07 1:12 pm

    Amazing. Ni boleh berlakon shaolin soccer II nih.

  9. Banji
    15 Jul 07 1:34 pm

    noushy – wah.. then i definitely need to know more panasians :p just kidding

    zul – hehe.. malaysia kena le buat jugak movie mcm tu, kuntau soccer.

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