Summary – Did Allah created evil? Answer is NO, Below are the explanation

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One of the most popular question about God is why He created evil. As we know, everything there is, is created by Him. So that raise the question, why He created criminals, war, and satan himself. Allow me to explain.

First of all, the mind of people asking this question is flawed to begin with. They believe in duality, meaning there is good and evil, there is hot and cold, there is good god and evil god. This is WRONG!!!! Duality is WRONG!!

The truth is, there is no good and evil. The only things exist is just good, not so good, and not good at all. Let me give you an example. In physics, heat is proven to exist and measurable, but there is just no such thing as coldness. We can have superheat, megaheat, or no heat which is -273.15 Celcius (this is where theoretically atom stops vibrating), but we can’t go to any temperature below this. Why? simply because there is no such thing as coldness. If not, it will be able to go below the -273.15 Celcius.

Coldness is only a word we use to describe the absence of heat. We cannot measure cold because cold is not an entity like heat, it’s just the absence of heat.

I tried to use air condition as an example, but I found the explanation is a bit more complicated, so let me just highlight other examples that may clear things up

  • Light exist, given out by the sun, but there is no such thing as darkness existing. Darkness is only a word to describe the absence of light
  • Noise exist, we hear them all the time, but there is no such thing as silence. Silence is only a word to describe the absence of noise.

As for why there is bad things in the world. Why there are criminals? It’s not because they are evil by nature. (This statement is not in anyway trying to defend any criminal). Bad criminal is not evil by nature. They must be a point in their life which they are pure, such as when they were babies. So why they turn bad? it’s because the absence of morality in them. Not because God created them to be bad.

In the Holy Quran also stated, that at one time, Iblis was the holiest of all creatures. But due to his pride not wanting to accept Adam as Khalifah, he turns bad. And that he himself swear to corrupt mankind for all eternity.

All this explained already 1400 years ago.

————— Personal Note ————————–
We watched too many tv. That’s why the concept of duality is very familiar in us. One of my favorite tales are those involving Zeus, Hercules etc. There are good gods and evil gods. They are so fun to watch with all the adventure. A more recent tv series would like Charmed, where there is even one character know as “The Source of All Evil”. If that’s not evil, I don’t know what is hehe. (For the record, I love Charmed so much.. ok now you can hate me :p)

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  1. Noushy Syah
    15 Jul 07 7:18 pm

    …and that’s why we say “yang baik datang dari ALlah, yang jahat dari diri saya sendiri”…that explains the whole entry of yours..nite nite Banji…sweet dreams, I mean really sweet ok?hehhehe…

  2. banji
    16 Jul 07 1:15 am

    a very good conclusion i may add :), however the purpose of the entry is to highlight the existence of duality in our way of thinking, once we know how to recognize it, we can better understand the conclusion.. again thanx noushy, i totally forget the phrase 🙂

  3. kakLuna
    16 Jul 07 3:33 am

    if duality concepts is to explain a Woman? -> a not-so-man-human? ( as man being created first. :))

    i think what u write about bad n good is right, but not totally to the concepts, coz there are so many sunnatullah created in woman n man, day n night.

  4. banji
    16 Jul 07 4:35 am

    thanx kakluna, as i said previously as long as it is not established in quran or hadis, it is debatable. the chances that my opinion is wrong is just as likely as urs. so i really appreciate any opinion.

    that being said, duality is a concept of opposite one another, hot – cold, noise – silence etc. in my opinion, woman is not the opposite of man, if not both man n woman cannot be together, we cannot experience noise n silence simultaneouslx

  5. banji
    16 Jul 07 4:47 am

    however kakluna’s opinion does remind me of a verse in the quran, about human were created in pairs man n woman, and it goes on mentioning that the reason is to complement each other, that should prove that we’re not opposite to each other.

    if there’s something wrong with my opinion, please correct me, that is why i put it up in the first place.

  6. filantera
    16 Jul 07 7:20 am


    kalau lawan bagi lelaki is perempuan
    then lawan bagi:
    berjalan >>berlari atau merangkak?
    makan >>minum atau tak makan?
    langit >> bumi ???padahal bumi is bumilah, langit tu atmosphere jer, in other word langit is tmpat bintang2, so bumi di langitlaaa
    kenyang>>lapar ke dahaga
    pen>>pensil ke pemadam?

    hahaahahhahaahha ngarut

  7. banji
    16 Jul 07 8:35 am

    filantera – nice examples, really help us better understand this duality.

    again thanx to kakluna, sometime for us to better understand something, disagree with it.

  8. k o r o m y s t
    18 Jul 07 5:54 am

    Duality ka?

    If such a term does not exist, then the new Koko Krunch Duo will never reach the market.

    Lolz xDDD Just kidding xP

  9. banji
    18 Jul 07 6:48 am

    koromyst – erk i need to start watching tv back then, i hv no idea what a koko crunch duo is. 🙂 any ref?

    anyway the term exist but the concept is opposite of an entity may not

  10. 03 Dec 07 8:36 pm

    koko crunch duo is the one dat available in both of brown chocs n white chocs. hekhek. btw, good entry. really like it. =)

  11. banji
    04 Dec 07 12:12 am

    aReNieX – thanx… appreciate it 🙂

  12. AbdulRazaaq
    10 Apr 09 6:29 am

    Why did the prophet SAW used to say dua about the protection from the evil that Allah SWT created?

    Allah swt created everything, that includes good/evil.

  13. 29 Apr 09 12:02 am

    AbdulRazaaq – Thank you for the comment. Syaitan and Iblis do exist. But it is said in the Quran that Iblis was once one of the most noble creature until he refused to bow to Adam. That itself prove that Iblis was not pure evil from the start.

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