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Summary – Tips for first day at work – based on personal experience

Dear friends… For your information, Alfattah will be starting her first day at workΒ this coming Wednesday. And she would appreciate if everyone could give some advice on her first day. Congratulation sis…

Let me start by laying out some lessons I personally learnt during my first day. You probably knew most of them already, but it is in my opinion that important to be repeated

Tip 1 – First impression
That’s why it is called first impression. Only the first one will count. So.. be presentable. Dress suitably, Get enough sleep the day before. If you are excited like I was, you will not be able to sleep anyway, but no worry πŸ™‚

Tip 2 – Learn as fast as you can.. (jgn malas)
You must realize that work is work.. It’s not like studying. And you are expected to work the first day you reported in, even though people say you can start later. So do some research on what your job scope is (MOST IMPORTANT), Prepare some question to ask on your work. Of course they will allow you some familiarisation period. But seriously you need to show that you are not some student doing practical training. You are there to work. Ask question if you don’t understand but please try to research the answer yourself first.

Believe me, the first few month of your work will be very demanding. You are expected to know everything as fast as you can, and in the mean time, all daily task need to be done. So be strong kay. it will get easier.. I promise

Tip 3 – Make friends immediately
Do not be shy, I made a fatal mistake of being a bit shy making friends when I started working. As a result after a year gone by, I still don’t know the name of a few of my staff. It’s very hard to work with a person if the two of you are strangers to each other. So make friends… Of course you will have to screen them eventually. Not all can be made friend.

As you are the new person, you are allowed to ask their name again should you forget. “Sori ye, tak ingat lah pulak nama, boleh saya tau sekali lagi?”

Tip 4 – Observe the culture
Make a mental note, you will be surprise with the working culture there. So keep your mind as opened as possible, because if not, you will start to be uncomfortable with everything. You cannot change the culture there on your first day. So go along with it.. For example, you see people got yelled in public because they are late for work… don’t freak out just yet. Just nod, and try to be early to avoid that kind of embarassment. observe and adapt… later we’ll change the culture

Tip 5 – observe the people
This is the fun part. You will see many people testing you. Yes.. testing you. They want to know what kind of person you are. So be smart with them. observe and listen. You will figure out the type of people in no time. Typically, there will always be

  • people who’s good
  • people who’s a suck up
  • people who’s manipulative
  • people who’s just plain annoying

Last Tips 6 – Don’t be nervous
After reading all this tips, you may start to be a bit nervous. Don’t… actually if you notice, there’s no reason to be. All you’re doing, is coming to work with an open mind. it is not hard at all to do.

Guys… do you have any other first day tips for Alfattah

So again, congratulation sis… I pray all the best for you πŸ™‚

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  1. pocket
    28 Jul 07 11:16 pm

    Taking note on how does encik basir
    looks like… so that u dont mix with
    encik bukhairi
    encik pocket
    heheh…atleast a little bit of dis
    n dat on people’s appearance.

    sebut nama org yg diperkenalkan…
    ‘perkenalkan.. cik timah…planner’
    ‘sayer pocket.. cik timah yer .. cik timah dari maner? cik timah ni lawa lah… malam ni free?’
    ok ok ..
    tu dah melebih dah heheheh sorry…
    but the point is … sebut nama
    orang banyak kali sket baru buleh
    ingat… mase berselisih bahu di hallway pun kalau buleh sebut jer nama orang tu .. kalau tak ingat…
    buat buat lawak…
    ‘cik timah kan?’ sambil wat muka cute:D

  2. krystyna
    28 Jul 07 11:32 pm

    Hi Banji!
    You have very interesting and very beautiful place. Simply amazing.
    This post is helpful. I think not only for first day at work. There are many first day at…school, at date…,.. .
    and your advices are good. First impression is very important. I remember from my school years – my psychology professor asked me difficult question. I was pripered perfect. He was shocked. During next 4 years he always though that I am perfect student. Truly I was lazy. And I remember oposite situation too.
    Greetings from Poland.
    I’m from Poland but now live in USA. English is my new, difficult language. Please, be forgiving.

  3. Banji
    29 Jul 07 12:37 am

    pocket – nama yg paling penting kan? bawa buku nota masa jln2, bila dah dikenalkan dgn somebody, nanti tulis dlm buku tu, encik basir – botak. simple n effective. but of course jgn le tulis dpn dia, ada kena pecat hari pertama eheh

    u – (menulis basir botak)
    basir – hm apa yg ko tulis tu?
    u – something bout cik basir, senang nak ingat. ada sorg kawan yg advise
    basir – meh sini tgk
    u – sila2
    basir – APA?? BASIR BOTAK??


  4. Banji
    29 Jul 07 12:48 am

    krystyna – a real success story of first impression, good for u, like what u said, if u look motivated, and somehow able to adapt fast in a workplace, the boss will look at u differently, instead of a new employee, he will see u now as an asset who have what it take to be promoted later on. so the attitude must be right

    poland is a very nice country, ive seen pictures. so are u in us working or still studying?

  5. Anonymous
    29 Jul 07 2:40 am

    nak share satu crite time baru pract nak jumpa Mr K(indian guy) ni,tp tak pernah kenal,bile tanya staff kat situ psl Mr K,depa kata die ni ade misai,pastu kepala cam botak2 sket kat tgh.ok fine.pastu tiba2 terjumpa org yg sebiji sama cam description pun tanpa mengesahkan dia ialah Mr K,tanya le dia psl hal yg nak tanya tu.setelah abis tanya tu, ‘MR K’ tu ckp,,,”oh yg ni u kena tanya MR K’..
    sekali silap org,,rupanya dia Mr M daa seb baik dia tak tau yg sy dah tersilap org.kaver baik punyer.fuuh seb baik
    so kwn2 semua,pasni jgn main redah je b4 nak tanya org.makesure org yg kita nak jumpa tu adalah org yg betul.nnt malu sendiri

    -cik kaca-

  6. alfattah
    29 Jul 07 2:53 am

    ngeeee *big grin*
    Terharunye dis post is dedicated to me..hehe.. i believe others will find it useful too..

    no lah, after reading it i didnt feel nervous..haha.. maybe because u wrote there “After reading all this tips, you may start to be a bit nervous. Don’t…”
    haha like a psychology thing…
    maybe if u didnt write dat, i’d be thinking of those tips n get all freak out hahaha..
    yup, i’ll jot them down n try to keep them in my mind…

    The second day i went to the factory the pakcik guard opened the gate n said ” Nuruuuuuuuul” with a fatherly tone.
    (macam dah lama kenal)..n i was like “baiknye pakcik ni”..
    That loosen up a bit my nerves hehe..pakcik guard also counts..

    hmm i tend to forget ppls names sumtimes… i know it’s important.. thank u for emphasizing the matter banji.

    hmm have to do some researching on hplc right away..hehe…never use it in the uni…

    anyway,thanks again banji…=)=)
    really appreciate this..
    U have a good one.

  7. banji
    29 Jul 07 3:27 am

    cik kaca – cerita yg funny… sbb apa funny? sbb saya pun kena mcm tu dulu, tp xyah cite la, cukup sekadar tau yg mmg kantoi xde cover2 dah eheh.

    good one sis.. πŸ™‚

  8. banji
    29 Jul 07 3:43 am

    alfattah – alhamdulillah if u find it useful..

    now that ure not nervous, and u know exactly what to expect n what to do, i believe u will do great.

    come back to this entry later, other ppl may have better advice for u,

    once u started working, do tell us everything.. (here or in ur blog) πŸ™‚

  9. alfattah
    29 Jul 07 4:13 am

    yes definitely will come here to read from other virtuals.
    Insya Allah will update dat.

  10. syahidatul
    29 Jul 07 6:13 am

    very interesting and useful. i’ll surely need these tips later… huhu.. tq banji,,

    to alfattah: all the best on your 1st day at work… and congrats for getting the position… =)

  11. banji
    29 Jul 07 7:45 am

    alfattah – first day of work is always exciting, the work is in port klang? so are u going to rent a house?

    syahidatul – thanx, hm like kryrtyna said, the advice is also applicable to other ‘first’ event in life.. πŸ™‚

  12. alfattah
    29 Jul 07 9:00 am

    yup banji- i have to rent..huhu… am going there tmrw for house hunting…already found 1 but havent confirm it yet since i havent seen the house yet… just tanye2 makcik yg lalu lalang at that area and she said i have to contact her back cz she doesnt have the owner’s phone number at the tym.

    Thanx to pocket, Syahidatul n cik kaca for the tips n reminder.. =)

  13. gina marna
    29 Jul 07 9:33 am

    hai banji…

    congrats tu alfattah!

    saya dulu very der nerves jugak mule2 bekerja..dahlah sy ni jenis yg pendiam & pemalu… tp sy percaya dgn the power of smiles. walaupun sy kurang cakap (dulu laa) tp lebihkan senyum..erkk bukan senyum sorang2..hehehe

  14. Banji
    29 Jul 07 2:57 pm

    alfattah – good luck also on that.. it’s always better to bring along somebody experienced when looking for houses. A lot of factor should be considered

    gina – power of smile… mmg betul definitely one of the most powerful tool to win people over. the mrs pun dulu keje call center. rupa2nya depan meja setiap operator ada cermin utk operator tu tengok diri sendiri. kalau senyum, dia boleh nampak hasil. perbualan pun jadi happy

  15. Noushy Syah
    29 Jul 07 10:15 pm

    eh eh how come I missed this entry? hehhehe..

    BTW Congrats to AL-Fattah, all the best to you, basically Banji said it all and last but bot least I think it is also important to be humble and not SOMBONG,you’ll catch up easily especilaly if you remember their names.

    GOOD LUCK to Al_Fattah and thanks Banji for this tips.

  16. filantera
    30 Jul 07 1:04 am

    hai alfattah u akan keja as chemist kan!
    i think i know ur company. have several of frens there too.

    so professionally, on first day, u akan freak out sikit kalau u kena keja as a real chemist there. sbb the keja is really telling u the truth..tak cukup tangan. my boss penah paksa i keja ngan qa/qc dept for a month and i cant even sit! but that maybe because the QA manager is so in jealousy of me so tu letak sebelah laa kan. but no need to worry, sbb all the thing in that lab is actually u dah belajar, and nothing new pun! seriusly. first day tu takyah sibuk2 cari methanol yet, tp like banji said, cari kawan dulu…..

    personally..basic rules, walau pun u tetiba jumpa org yg dah ada chemistry ngan u pada first day, jgn fall in love yet….hahahahahhahahah this tips i have learn thru the hard way believe me hahaha

  17. moon
    30 Jul 07 1:51 am

    ta sbr mengalami xperience dunia pekerjaan. huhu (know it will be a lot differnt wif being a practical trainee)

  18. banji
    30 Jul 07 5:25 am

    noushy – setuju.. be humble, bukan utk waktu baru masuk je, nanti jadi CEO pun takde salahnya being humble. kena ingat dari mana kite datang. kan noushy?

    alfattah – kalau nak tau lebih lanjut, this filantera is the right guy. He’s in the industry.

    Filantera – fokus fokus.. hehe thanx for the advice, even though the “falling in love” is in my opinion questionably unrelated. huhu

    moon – mmg seronok, tp utk org yg bekerja… x sabarnye nak bersara :p so hargailah masa yg ada skrg hehe

  19. alfattah
    30 Jul 07 9:10 am

    Thanx GINA & NOUSHY…hehe ok.. smile wont a be a problem … =)

    FILANTERA-wooo how did u which company i’ll be working with?
    i assume ur frens told u their company has a vacancy before it true? heheh cari methanol *gigggles*. owh ok, dont easily fall in love…not only in the workplace, in any place too..=) ok thanx for the reminder =)… sometyms u just forgot it all if nobody reminds u though u already know the facts.

  20. alfattah
    30 Jul 07 9:11 am

    Really appreciate all the tips u guysss!!!=)

  21. alfattah
    30 Jul 07 9:21 am

    FILANTERA-dont know where to post this, in my post or banji’s… belasah je la post cni..doesnt ym id is nur_alfatih..definitely need some tips n advice..tq

  22. Banji
    30 Jul 07 10:44 am

    alfattah – good luck!! make us proud πŸ™‚

    takpe.. i’ll make sure filantera got the message.

  23. Noushy Syah
    30 Jul 07 7:17 pm

    Banji, true enough, be humble all the time yg seelok2nya, but if you have to show you true colors be patience…hehhehe

  24. Banji
    31 Jul 07 1:49 am

    noushy – yerp, the time will come for that πŸ™‚

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