Summary – Time with a sense of humor

I was checking the calendar to check out this week’s charity at Darul Izzah Bangi (Deliberately written to persuade you going hehe), when I suddenly realize that today is already the 23rd of Rejab. It seems like just yesterday, I notice of the coming of Rejab. Counting… there is only 36 days left to Ramadhan.

(Rejab and Ramadhan are Islamic months. Muslims all over the world will be performing the fasting during Ramadhan.)

If you notice, time sure fly faster when you are not paying attention.

  • When we are just so busy with works, We will not even notice that we’ve just missed lunch.
  • When we start fasting when we were children, we are holding a clock and see every second goes by. The longest time is the last 30 minutes 🙂
  • When we got stuck in a meeting with the boss talking so slow, you can hear your stomach.. time feel like stopping. and yes you are hungry..
  • and many more examples of this

I guess when it comes to time, it really depends on your mind whether to pay more attention to it or let it pass you ignored.

Funny right? If we dreadfully hated what it is we are doing, we are doomed to “enjoy” every seconds of it and time move so slowly, you would check whether there’s something wrong with the watch every 5 minutes.

And if you love what you are doing, before you even begin to enjoy it, it’s already sunset.

heheh time really has a good sense of humor. Don’t you think?

————— Personal Note ————————–
I remember very clearly the day I started fasting. Our “Abah” (Father) could see that we were going to lose the battle when we started going to the kitchen observing what new food magically appear on the table. He then took us out to the “Bazar Ramadhan” (A place to buy food to break the fast). There we were rewarded with RM5 of our choice of food and drinks. We really feel energetic then. With so much money, we bought a lot of food. I can still remember it covered almost the whole table. When we came back from the bazar.. it turned out only 30 minutes gone by. We still need to wait another 1 hour or so. All the energy previously had, had now vanished. And there we were looking “terhele” (very tired) with an alarm clock by our side. hehe

So what’s your first day of fasting looks like? There’s got to be funny stories in each of us 🙂

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  1. Rockafella Gurl
    07 Aug 07 4:11 am

    i already start my puasa sunat for Rejab month last wk.. to practice my early Ramadhan fasting, by nx month!

  2. banji
    07 Aug 07 6:38 am

    warming up the body 🙂

    i also tried, but fasting when all others are not is very challenging eheh

  3. Jim
    07 Aug 07 10:06 am

    u guys have it bad
    we catholics have to fast only 2 days in a year

    and it is not an absolute fast

  4. Pocket
    07 Aug 07 2:08 pm

    still remember the fasting season wit dad n cikgu lee…
    First one or two days would always be the day that we ‘accidentally’ eat just because we forgot that the fasting season has started. heh …
    miss those days bro… when are we ever gonna puasa together again ya bro?

  5. Noushy Syah
    07 Aug 07 9:05 pm

    Time flies!! Another Ramadhan is coming, another Eid, another year means another new chapter in life!

    p/S I noticed in Msia, fasting month is the time where pple indulge themselves in FOOD, FOOD everywhere!!hehehhe..but love the colours of that market!!

  6. Banji
    08 Aug 07 1:10 am

    jim – i wouldnt use the word bad :),

    in general fasting itself is good for health. i believe the fasting the catholic way must be just as healthy right.

    im not sure abou others, but to us muslim, we are always excited to perform fasting. of course some excited with the eid (celebration when its over) eheh. and theres also those who just dont want to do it 🙂

    can i ask, what do u mean by not an absolute fast? interested to know 🙂

  7. Banji
    08 Aug 07 1:20 am

    pocket – hm its been a long time we ‘accidentally’ forget that we are fasting together rite? eheh.

    anyway im sorry that this year i will only join u guys on the second day of raya.

    really miss the old days 😉

  8. Banji
    08 Aug 07 1:25 am

    noushy – thats the irony of it now isnt it? eheh fasting is supposed to be about disciplining ur desire. 🙂

  9. filantera
    08 Aug 07 4:55 am

    mmmm i was thinking
    dulu masa mula mula keja
    “lambatnyer pukul 6…”
    “eh dah 6.30!”

    “baru smpai gurun…bila laa nak sampai opis ni…”
    “eh dah sampai dah….awal la plak hari ni”
    used to hate driving,(still) but tak terasa lama dah skrg

    maybe. just maybe, sbb kita dah terbiasa with that scene, so dah tak terasa the time dah. sama cam perjalanan pergi is longer than perjalanan balik….

    so as we grow old, merasai setahun tu dah biasa dah. then makin lama main cepat terasa masa…..

  10. Banji
    08 Aug 07 8:45 am

    filantera – ye la kan? bila dah makin biasa, thing will come easily. mcm bawak keta la, mula2 belajar hapal lepas buat ini nak kena buat itu. lambat je kelas memandu tu, skrg teringin nak gi pekan je, dah sampai dah. x sedar pun bila masuk gear eheh

  11. filantera
    08 Aug 07 12:34 pm

    errr mmg taksedar dah masuk gear….sbb keta auto hahahhaha

  12. Noushy Syah
    08 Aug 07 10:03 pm

    Banji…correct me if I’m wrong…even some people put extra kilos too in the month of Ramadhan and also with extra expenditure!!

    p/s Thus scenario on Fasting month doesn’t exist for us here..honestly we do celebrate Raamdhan, Eid and other Muslim celebrations too but really in simplicity and moderation..kinda miss that atmosphere as I had a chance celebrating Eid way back before in Msia and I really enjoyed the colourful msia!!

    Grass aint always greener on the other side..*wink wink*

  13. Banji
    09 Aug 07 1:36 am

    filantera – hehe tu yg banyak berangan tu

    noushy – thats very true, in one way the concept of fasting had deviated fr disciplining nafsu to only stop eating until dawn.

    but seriously the celebration of both eid and ramadhan are colorful as u said.

    come over la noushy, for a hari raya here 🙂

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