Summary – Tribute to my wife.. 

Yes, one of the happiest moment for me in a day is when I see the mrs smile.

Today (18/8) exactly one year ago at about 9.00 pm, is maybe the happiest moment in my life. The mrs and I were joined together as husband and wife. In other words.. today is our first anniversary as husband and wife. 🙂

So do excuse today’s entry as this is a tribute to the love of my life, my wife. Hopefully she will read this tomorrow…

Hm I got stuck here for a long time, trying to find any words to describe how special you are to me. Typing and deleting paragraphs countless times simply because I think there are better ways to show how much I appreciate you.

When the truth is, there are certain things in life which description is beyonds any words, with beauty.. no colors in the whole universe can replace.

And by now I have given up trying to write my feeling for you. This is simply what I want you to know.

You really are the most amazing thing ever happened to me. My life changed when you came into my life.. if before I sleep very late at night, surfing the web, now no more etc. And what amazed me is that, I gladly make the change for you. I will surrender my life gladly if you’d just ask.

And that’s not all, it amazes me even MORE when your life had changed exactly one year ago, and you gladly make the changes for me. No words can describe how I appreciate all the sacrifice you made. I praised Allah for this. It’s like being handed the heaven itself. Seriously.

To my dearest wife… love is like the sand in a glass filled with water. If no one is stirring, the sand will settle at the bottom of the glass. Hopefully, both of us will keep stirring the water in the glass. It’s not an easy job.. but no body will stir it if not us.

I love you my dear… Happy anniversary

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  1. Noushy Syah
    17 Aug 07 10:52 pm

    “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear”

    Happi 1st you and Mrs, may Allah bless both of you with an everlasting love, happiness, healthy,wealthy and wise…

    To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides..

  2. banji
    18 Aug 07 1:18 am

    noushy – thanx…. and amiin. “to love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides” – i like this 🙂

  3. lin
    18 Aug 07 4:15 am

    Semoga kekal bersama di syurga.. Amin Yarabbal Alamin..

    Falling in Love is Allah’s greatest gift.. do you not think so???

  4. banji
    18 Aug 07 5:51 am

    lin – i believe so 😉 thanx for the wishes

  5. intankamaruddin
    18 Aug 07 6:12 am

    Happy Anniversary!
    It’s amazing kan how love can change ppl.
    May you both work it out to the finishing line. Amin..

  6. Puteri Ezza
    18 Aug 07 6:16 am

    Wah… romantiknye. Hikhik. Happy anniv Bang Ji. Semoga hidup bahagia, gumbira dan ceria sehingga ke akhir hayat. (Sambil salam-salam Bang Ji & wife), hikhik.

  7. Banji
    18 Aug 07 7:03 am

    intan – really is amazing, She didn’t ask me to change, neither did I. But we offer to better ourselves each day. Just to make each other happier 🙂


    Puteri Ezza – Amiin.. terima kasih atas doa tu 🙂 Kalau ada rezeki berjumpa, salam betul2 nanti

  8. pB
    18 Aug 07 7:35 am

    Salam Banji …

    wow, kak pB tak sangka yang Banji ni dah kawin.
    Ingat kan masih bujang trang tang tang..
    Yelah , hari tu nak tegur tegur , segan la pulak…

    Selamat Ulangtahun Perkahwinan

    Kak pB doakan agar rumahtangga Banji akan sentiasa selamat dari segala jenis cubaan dan dugaan …

    Moga banyak lagi tahun tahun yang akan mendatang ….

    Kirim salam buat Mrs Banji …

    If I were blue, would you be there for me,
    And whisper in my ears that’s ok.
    Would you stand by me, let me hold you tight,
    And say you love me one more time.

    If I feel good, would you slow dance with me,
    And touch my lips with tender loving care,
    Would you die for me, would you run with me,
    And never look back..

    Would you be there to love, to be with me?
    Would you swear that your love is always true?
    Would you say that you’ll always be the one,
    to take my breath away?

    Would you be there to love, to be with me?
    Would you swear that your love is always true?
    Would you say that you’ll always be the one,
    to take my breath away?

    Would you be there..

    If I am away, would you still think of me,
    And wished that you could hold me now.
    Would you die for me, would you run with me,
    All the way …

  9. sharzefarish
    18 Aug 07 8:40 am

    romantiknya abang ji…huhu…semoga kekal bersama ke akhir hayat, moga dapat anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah…

  10. Banji
    18 Aug 07 10:02 am

    kak PB – i take that as a compliment, hehe nampak muda agaknya :p

    Cubaan dan dugaan tu pasti tak dapat dielakkan, harapnya bukan saja dapat mengharunginya, tp lebih matang utk hari2 mendatang.

    thanx for the lovely poem. banyak lagi kena belajar

    Sharzefarish – terima kasih atas doa tu. 🙂 amiin

  11. Pocket
    18 Aug 07 2:19 pm

    wahhh… happy anniversarry bro…
    means that its one year already from
    the day we pulun your wedding…
    happy anniversary
    have many more… 😀

  12. Banji
    18 Aug 07 5:35 pm

    pocket – thank you to both of you pocket and filantera, for all the work you have done 1 year ago.

    🙂 Both of you are really the best

  13. alin
    19 Aug 07 1:38 pm

    hepi belated anniversary….hope u both will hepi ever after yea… :))

  14. banji
    19 Aug 07 3:01 pm

    alin – terima kasih.. 🙂

  15. filantera
    20 Aug 07 12:48 am

    huhuhu(bergenang airmata)really love is in the air laaa
    pocketttttttt nak kawin nak kawin jgak!!!

    i dedicated this song to both of u:
    (i can send the EM pi tiga to you afterwards…)

    by Bread

    If a picture paints a thousand words,
    Then why can’t I paint you?
    The words will never show the you I’ve come to know.

    If a face could launch a thousand ships,
    Then where am I to go?
    There’s no one home but you,
    You’re all that’s left me too.

    And when my love for life is running dry,
    You come and pour yourself on me.

    If a man could be two places at one time,
    I’d be with you.
    Tomorrow and today, beside you all the way.

    If the world should stop revolving spinning slowly down to die,
    I’d spend the end with you.
    And when the world was through,

    Then one by one the stars would all go out,
    Then you and I would simply fly away

  16. Banji
    20 Aug 07 1:14 am

    filantera – thanx for the dedication 🙂

    i really appreciate it

  17. Matt
    21 Aug 07 3:03 am

    I don’t know you, but I applaud your love. It truly is an amazing thing

  18. Banji
    21 Aug 07 4:23 am

    matt – thanx for the kind words 🙂

    it really is.. 🙂

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