Summary – “Mencari Semangat Yang Hilang”

Finally my leave is over. I bet most of you has already started working. It’s tough isn’t it? starting work after holiday. *sigh

So where do we find the strength to do what we have no energy to do? I have a few suggestion.

1) Publish your commitment
I think I speak for everyone, that once we stop doing something, it is very hard to start back, even if that items is one of our favorite things. I love blogging… This I can assure you. But after stopping for so long, and with all those “ketupat” still within reach, it seems that Hari Raya never ends 🙂

So what I did is I publish my commitment to you, my dear friends. I promised that today everythings starts. (For your information.. at this very moment that I’m typing this, my blogging speed is already back to normal.)

2) One step at a time
Start with that small step. If you want to blog, switch on the pc. Then run that notepad program and start something. It doesn’t need to be a blog entry. You can type anything you desire. No pressure.. Bear in mind that you are not writing an entry just yet. This is more like warming up.

This for me can take hours. writing and deleting sentences. 🙂 This alone can sometimes bring in more ideas for entries.

3) trick yourself
Back in Kedah, my brother and I always go up Gunung Jerai almost every year. We were usually very excited and energetic the first 1 hour. Then after that we often get so tired and thirsty, we had to keep lying to ourself. The word is always like this… “Ha!! nampak dak kona tu, lepaih tu jalan straight sikit sampai la” (Direct translation – Ha! did you see that corner over there? If we pass that we’ll see the top of the mountain)

So in this specific blogging case, I just say that just another paragraph, and I’ll stop. Hehe that’s why the first two paragraph is that short. But after I got the momentum, everything definitely seems easier.

4) Read comments
Yes, I read previous comments. This has always been my source of motivation. Besides a mean to throw an idea for discussion, comments are a great way of saying “I see your point.. looking forward to tomorrow’s :)” So… help motivate me by posting more comments. Even a simple smile can do wonders 🙂

5) Go “vampire” the energy
I don’t think that the above point is even a proper sentence. However, I think you can understand what I’m meant to say. There are people out there full of energy. You know who they are, simply because whenever you look at them, you feel equally excited and spirited.

Cheerleader, if there are any here in Malaysia is a good start 🙂

/end list

Do you have other secret cunning strategies to motivate the blogger in you? 🙂

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————–Personal Note————-
Raya this year was a very interesting event for me. I actually, for the first time, experience how other people celebrate Raya. My family has this protocol every year, The protocol as explained before involved the trip to the mosque to pay “Zakat Fitrah”, then the “bersalaman” within the family etc. Apparently my wife’s family have their own customs.
Every year they will select one house to be the center of celebration. All relatives will come to this house and spend the Raya there. Hmm I think that’s a great way to celebrate Raya. How about you guys? How do you celebrate Raya? How’s the Duit Raya? 🙂

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  1. Pocket
    19 Oct 07 1:23 pm

    umph…umph… pas raya cam banyak sangat benda nak kna wat …
    sampai nak mengacum pun dah ter miss…
    umph…this is me announcing dat… i’ll post everyday afterthis…
    kalau tak kna gi thailand lah kan 😛

  2. Banji
    20 Oct 07 12:57 pm

    pocket – insyaAllah… sempat lagi ke nak ngacum? mcm akan jadi bz je 🙂

  3. 25 Oct 07 10:02 am

    aduh..duh..duh..terkena tepat di hidungku..hehe..memang malas sgt la bro skrg nih! tmbh dgn sibuk dgn keje2..nak on pc pun tak sempat..isk isk
    nanti nak acu cuba try test tips tu..doakan!

  4. 25 Oct 07 10:15 am

    faham… sama le sini, tu yg berjarak masa tu. tapi tu ada sebab lain, demam hehe

    harapnya tips tu membantu! 🙂

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