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  1. 04 Nov 07 5:46 am

    Being the only one of it’s kind and radically distinctive and without equal make you a very special from others…

    Personally for me,the above statement cannot be answered by yes or no only, coz when talking about unique- pple always associate with something special…different from others…that there is a ‘wow’ or x-factor there otherwise the word unique would not be used!

    Surely looking at the odd fork in the pic, I would rather say it is useless rather than unique..then the answer would be Yes..

  2. Syikri
    04 Nov 07 12:57 pm

    The answer of the above statement is subjective – everyone’s opinion is bound to be subjective whether the answer is yes or no. But for me, to find out the precise answer for the question (in the form of statement/quotation: “It’s Sunday… The Shortest Entry for the Blog”) should be based on the contexts of the different situations and locations.

    For example, if you stay in the East coast states such as Kelantan and Terengganu, Sunday is the busiest day as it is the first day of the week. However, if you reside in Selangor or Johor, today would be the public holiday. That is why I told you that the answer for the question should be based on the contexts of the different situations and locations.

    The fork really makes me recollect the special people (OKU)! I also would rather say it is useless rather than unique, just like what Noushy Shah had mentioned about as the fork is really out of use.

    It is fine if the subject discussed is merely related to the fork. The measure might suits for the non-living things. Once I look at the picture attached, the only thing that repeatedly comes into my mind is about the people who posses a good-looking appearance (roughly evaluated by people) but in fact they are heartless and unpredictable (especially their hearts).

    The broken fork may seem useless but the rest of the forks do not necessarily mean they are extremely useful. The same thing goes to the people like us. We could not judge people by simply looking at how they look but we must also take into account their ‘hearts’.

  3. 04 Nov 07 1:36 pm

    kalo dilihat dr sudut gina sbg artis..hehe mmg unik..ops sori merapus jap. kelainan selalunye dikaitkan dengan keunikan..emm kita pun selalu gak ckp, lain dr yg lain or tiada yang serupa dengannya. back to the kerekot fork..kalo dlm etika mkn mmg it’s useless tp kalo kite buat dia jd tools ker..at least buat buke penutup tin sekut raye kan ker berguna?? tu je yg leh pk setakat ni dlm bilik opis yg sejukk paras beku ini..ape pule kata banji?

  4. 04 Nov 07 4:45 pm

    it’s a humorous message, but the meaning is not so.
    it is true that a broken ‘garpu’ is not useful?? well, no one in the world never use a broken garpu for eating, but why don’t people try? just because it looks bad, so it means that the garpu is a dangerous item to use???

    it all depends on our perception. yeah, probably being UINIQUE doesn’t mean you’re useful, but hey!! it’s whole lot better than being A BORING, NORMAL AND ORDINARY!!

    — see the world in different way 🙂

  5. 04 Nov 07 4:49 pm

    oh, another thing, actually I see myself in the broken garpu, so I think I understand how would the garpu feels when there’s statement telling it that he’s unique and useless. probably I was quite emo in the previous statement, huhu~
    wonder if someone tells us like that, how would we feel, huh???

  6. 04 Nov 07 11:05 pm

    Absolutely agree with Shikri’s opinion!..

    ….another simple good example is like harapkan muka saje cantik, tapi perangai or hati penuh hasad dengki…

  7. Aina
    05 Nov 07 12:08 am

    am not an artist…tapi sekali tengok, terdetik di hati “siapakah yg pelahap makan dengan sebegitu ganas sekali?”

    dua kali tengok…. it represnt the low quality of garfu. shud be rejected.

    tiga kali tengok.. meaning of unperfection. dalam ramai ramai or banyak banyak yang cantik, pasti ada satu yg defect.

    maaf laa, komen dari seorang yg bukan artis…..

  8. banji
    05 Nov 07 12:18 am

    This is the conclusion I can draw from your comments, correct me if I’m wrong

    Noushy – To be unique, it must not only be different, it must also have that x-factor. definitely a better definition of uniqueness

    Syikri – the fact that it is a thing, may help in announcing it as useless, but we must really see everything from all point of view. just like ur examples of not judging ppl from looks but by heart.. kudos for the deep analysis 🙂

    gina – takda apa yg tidak berguna, garpu yg rosak tu masih boleh guna utk bukak tin biskut raya.. good example

    azuwachan – depending on our perception, we can actually make use of the faulty fork, it’s totally up to the person using whether want to try or not. And that even though the fork is useless (cannot be used to eat), it should never be regarded as useless.. never consider urself as useless.

    aina – itu cara paling baik utk menilai sesuatu, tengok banyak kali… 🙂

    Thanx all for the comments.. There’re some very interesting ideas presented 🙂 Thanx!

    I think we can all agree that in the end, the answer to the question really boils down to perception. There are so many ways to seeing things. This is my other opinion

    First, I’m sure we can agree that there is nothing created by Allah is a waste of time. Even the fork cannot be used for eating, it can still be used as art (as pointed by gina) etc.

    Second, being told that we are useless is very offensive. And we will usually respond likewise. So please see highly of yourself, and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Third, almost every question has a subjective answer. Like this question, we will agree that the fork is useless because ………. and we will not agree with that statement when ……….

    Like as presented by Syikri, the fork is useless if considered as non-living things, but when it is used as a symbolic of people like OKU etc, we will definitely disagree.

    Hopefully, by questioning and answering the question, we will know the limits of our life crystal clear. 🙂

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