Summary – Wandering Mind In Nilai 3

Today is my off day. Yes.. Friday. You may wonder why it’s Friday and not Sunday. Well, I sort of in charge of the maintenance in the mill and unfortunately Sunday is the only day in the week to do maintenance work. So they changed my off day to Friday.

Hm actually I started off this entry with the intention of telling you how exhausted I am. I just came back from Nilai 3. “Somebody” in my family is going to get married this coming Chinese New Year, and the mother insist me to bring her there for some shopping therapy heheh.

I don’t know shopping have therapy effect.. do you?

Anyway.. everything ends well. Bought some items for the wedding, and bought dinner there. Being the only driver I am very tired right now… So I’m going to bed now

But first here are some interesting thing I observed in Nilai 3

  • The shop is very well organized. If you aim for a wedding shop, And you go into one, I assure you there will always be another wedding shop within visible range. So you end up walking to that shop, then another shop and then another shop.. (All shop will be accessible)
  • Then when you are tired from all that walking, your standard can sometime drop. If for example, you are looking for a red curtain… The first few stores, you will insist on that color, nothing less. But after you have make a “tawaf” (go around the block) you may be content with some reddish curtain, just to get it over with 🙂 (In the end… more option and thus more business)
  • I’m not sure why.. but there will always be one shop that is selling the cheapest price. The thing is… we never can guess the pattern. So that’s why people will jump from shop to shop searching until they have to make that final jump to an “ice kacang” stall.
  • There is one shop where the salesperson is very friendly. Even though we had made it clear we are not buying anything from the shop, he still help us to figure out how many meter of cloth we actually need, and some consultation on the design. We named the shop “Kedai Pandai Kira”. Why? Because if we can’t find what we want from elsewhere, that shop will be our first place to go back to. (See… you help people, people will help you)
  • I used to wonder, why when there is one shop selling cloth, all the shops there will be selling cloth. I thought that was just foolish. But then it struck me, the people who go there to buy cloth, will not go elsewhere. They will browse around that place because they will be able to find what they want with very less energy spent walking. The market is there.. all they need to do now is to effectively promote it and improve the service. Brilliant.
  • There is one shop actually offer free cold water for people walking by. No obligation… The weather is hot, so people window shopping will start looking for water instead. Offering free water will get the traffic drop by and maybe sell a few items.

There… Now I’m going to bed, Any other marketing / promotion tips you can think of?

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  1. 17 Nov 07 12:55 am would be a therapy if and maksud i IF uwang nya ada..Agagaga..klo duit tarak..seksa ada la..seksa jiwa and kaki..Agagaga..

    Hurmm..pasal pilih brg yg terbaik ek..I usually check smua brg(not all la..stakat yg mampu)..masuk kedai itewww…kedai iniiiii..tapi niat…window shopping..then balik rmh berangan and pilih yg terbaik and seterusnya buat keputusan..jgn beli masa 2 gak coz mgkn bila u balik rmh,u still fkr brg yg lain…

    so bila nak p beli yg dah fkr masak2…terus p kat barang 2 and jgn toleh2 benda lain..Agagagaga..that’s what i do..agagagaga..kita kena bijak membeli..bijak memilih bab kita ada kuasa biar ambik masa fkr dulu br membeli..perghhh..mcm iklan penguna bijak lak..Agagagaga..

  2. 17 Nov 07 3:42 pm

    i remember in Karachi, the shop owners give away free juices and cokes for tourists who come in.. i think dats the only thing i like there. hehehe.

    yeah banjiiiiiii.. shopping IS A THERAPY.

    kalau sy down and dah takde human on earth yg boleh pujuk, shopping complex can!!

    just go in there, grab as many as you like, go into fitting rooms and take home which you like… if ur like me, u’ll be happy for the rest of the day… 😀 😀 😀

    (dats y its easier to be happy with money). huhu.

    that green top, tunggu i pakai la baru bleh show. kalau terus tunjuk, xsyiok ar. kan? heh. heh.

  3. 17 Nov 07 10:35 pm

    n … the final question would be …
    did u bought anything? 😀
    cause if not …then it’ll be hell of a waste of ‘Battery’
    heheh… i suppose The Mother’s BP is down already since she has walk all those distance…
    then i would say shopping is a good therapy…
    cause u have to walk…:D

  4. 18 Nov 07 12:13 am

    aRa – ye tak ye… kalau uwangnya takde, akan jadi opposite of therapy, since makin terseksa jiwa hehe

    teknik ara tu mmg berkesan, i know because i practise that too. selalu sgt pegi plaza lowyat nak cari barang2 komputer, sampai sana itu nak beli ini nak beli… bila rasa dah tak terkawal sgt, balik rumah dulu, dah tenang2 tu baru terpikir yg duit takde 🙂 dan tak berbaloi sgt nak beli guna credit card.

    best kan ada kuasa membeli ni, bila kita mmg ada duit, dan mmg nak beli.. jalan2 dan tanya org kedai mcm nak beli kedai je heheh

  5. banji
    18 Nov 07 12:17 am

    intan – Karachi? amboi berjalan sungguh… saja kesana ke intan? or study related?

    actually when ure happy buying that shoes and that green top, it really shows in ur blog and in here… so looking forward to ur green top 🙂

    I bet the cloth in Rusia is cheap…

  6. banji
    18 Nov 07 12:20 am

    DaPocket – I didn’t bought anything, I was the official driver and thing carrier heheh. But seeing the sparkle in the girls’ eyes had already made my day 🙂

    On the contrary, the bp is increases. The exercise is pumping more blood I guess. but it’s a good exercise. And if done continuously, she will be back in good shape in no time.

  7. filantera
    19 Nov 07 8:36 am

    how thank god i am not being there hahahhaah kalau idak surely i will be the menjadi troli bergerak 😀

    well we did some shopping here too banji! and ikan bakar + ice cream is the therapy hehe

  8. banji
    20 Nov 07 1:08 am

    filantera – ikan bakar and ice cream? thats a strange combination 🙂

    eating is the most satisfying therapy of all. but of course there’s the price to pay 🙂

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