Summary – The problem is to start

When I want to write an article here, there is always just one problem to it. It was to sit down and start.

Yesterday the mrs and I went to Tampin, about 50km from home just to browse for a thing or two. Basically just wanted to see Tampin :). Can you guess which process took the longest time? It was us getting ready to go. The journey was very smooth and we could get back with still some sunshine over our head.

It is apparent that in almost anything that we do, the most important steps is NOT researching how to do it, NOT how to do it. It’s when you are going to start. Don’t you agree?

If we can establish this as the key problem… and do something about it, I am quite confident that most of our work will be accomplished efficiently

Whenever there is work to do, just move your arm and do it. To start the work is actually the hardest thing to do. The rest will come naturally

When there is homework/assignment in front of us waiting to be done, it can only be done if we take the pen and do it. Simple… Thinking about what other activity can be done at the time will not finish the work, Reading blogs will not be helpful either.. (That’s what I’m doing most of the time hehe)

There’s a saying that “you fail to plan means that you plan to fail”. But I supposed an extension of that quote should be “but if your planning process take forever, it’s better that you fail. At least you learn something from it.”

A lengthy quote will never work. πŸ™‚

– I wonder –
How to find the balance between planning carefully before doing a task and just start the task and plan along the way? Which do you agree?

————– Personal Note ————-
I went to Tampin to find myself and the mrs a red Baju Melayu for DaPocket’s wedding this February. However we didn’t find any… Not that we are looking very hard. We were just taking an evening drive πŸ™‚

I just realized that the town is claimed by both state Negeri Sembilan and Melaka.

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  1. Dapocket
    05 Jan 08 10:54 am

    Am posting this from singapore.
    i think i am the planning kinda guy.
    Plans first. Then remember to put in the time to start n time to fin.
    Its because we tend to left that one out and the outcome will become problematic.

    Item : to get back from singapore
    PIC: Dapocket
    Eff. Date : 6/1/07 0800

  2. 05 Jan 08 6:53 pm

    I’m back…Agagagaga…tapi i have problem la nak masuk ur website..I wonder why…ur site redirect to other site..Tak dpt baca ur entry..ni pong nasib dpt..

    I’ll comment later..nak kena solve this problem lu..

  3. banji
    06 Jan 08 12:46 am

    DaPocket – wah.. from singapore.. read your blog, so unfortunate u didn’t bring your camera. must be one serious job there then πŸ™‚

    anyway.. your planning is really engineering at its best hehe good job!

    aRa – thanx for informing me, I think the problem is from my part. already fix it… πŸ™‚

    How’s the birthday?

  4. filantera
    06 Jan 08 11:38 am

    ya yaaaaa
    but i guess planning / start doing it quickly share the same importance.

    because if we start doing it just without planning, in case of something went wrong, it will be wrong heheh….

    maybe in business, some say just do it!
    we open a restaurant, a big restaurant,great food, facilities, worker etc etc. the place also, is going to be an industrial area, which will attract many hungry works and then just we realize, it was already planned that a new cement factory is opening right beside our premises, which by all mean, will contaminate the food and the tools, etc etc.

    and at that time. we may think, if only i plan it a lil bit more………………..

    however, i do agree with the phrase ‘just do it’ for most of the time (pocket, remember ‘cendol emergency’ and banji, remember somebody wrote that phrase on his humble desk way before Nike took it?:P )

    kalau nak sit up, just do it………..!!!!:D

  5. DaPocket
    06 Jan 08 3:24 pm

    Am posting from free internet at Changi Airport.

    hummm.. ‘cendol emergency’ thats the ‘just do it’ but in a kalut version.
    the story was…
    we were thinkin how nice cendol would be if we have them that day when it was dang hot.
    but none of us wanted to make the move of standin up n go to the cendol stall.
    so what we did was … one of us got up and run as if the house is burnin. we didnt even wore our shirt properly. hahahahah

    nice time filantera …
    nice time πŸ˜€ …

  6. banji
    07 Jan 08 12:53 am

    filantera – true true.. of the same importance. Another way to look at it, is that it is very subjective. There’s always a case where the action is the more important things, and in another case where vice versa. Like that cement factory case, definitely planning is the more important

    And yes I still remember that word I put on the table. It’s “Just Do It” exactly like the one in Nike. And I’m pretty sure I came up with the slogan myself heheh

    Until now.. it is still the one slogan very hard to keep up with heh

  7. banji
    07 Jan 08 12:56 am

    DaPocket – I don’t think I was there when the whole cendol emergency took place. But it is definitely a good method to keep things moving.

    I remember when we are all excitedly make a move to go somewhere back in Kedah. Everyone is excited…

    For that kind of programme which doesn’t really need all that planning, the methodology sure works πŸ™‚

  8. 09 Jan 08 1:48 am

    Wah…i mcm Pocket gak…I’m a planning kinda person..Everything i do…i plan it..mostly la..Agagaga.. For example…my trip to KL…Where i want to go..Who i want to meet..I’ve plan it 1 week earlier..(tapi ampeh gak last minit cancel)…I love to plan things up..I don’t know why…

    Everytime p supermarket…i would plan 2..My mum slalu bising…Agagaga…I’ll list down all item…mengikut tempat…Understand???Mcm ni…Klo nak bahan mentah sperti ayam sgala..I’ll list them 1’st…then klo bahagian air…list 2’nd…I buat smua 2 supaya i tak yah ulang alik in the supermarket…jln terus la..Agagaga…tak yah pusingΒ²…

    And everytime i go for shopping…I dah list on my mind ape i nak…If i nak bag…so i’ll look for bag..Tak tgk pun baju…Ari 2 my sist nak belanja(erk..bday gift) beli baju…Smpi la ni tak beli…coz my mind dah set i only want bag…Agagaga…

    Abt doing it quickly…Agagagaga…depends la..But mengikut pemerhatian i terhadap diri i sdiri…If my parent nak p KL and i ikut sekali…I’m the 1’st person yg siap dulu..If my dad ckp kul 8am bertolak…i kul 5.30 dah bgn…coz i ni jenis on time nye person…if possible..kul 8am dah siap..quikly bergerak..Ni kadang diaorg tgk tv segala…Agagagaga…

    My bday ka??Aiyooo…very the enjoy…Mkn steambot gitu…Kenyang tak hingat dunia..Agagagaga…

  9. banji
    10 Jan 08 1:01 am

    aRa – hehe rasanya faham, jadi takkan patah balik aisle yg dah lalu dlm supermarket betul tak? πŸ™‚ very organized. life is short kan.. every seconds count

    As for me, I have print out a list of my sundries. So when it’s time for my monthly shopping, all I need to do is take that list, and go around the house checking whether the items is still available or not. If not I just tick the list πŸ™‚ A very good system to make sure nothing is missed

    I salute you for that two characters of yours. Objective (niat beli beg, straight beli beg) and punctual. Not many people practise that now . Keep it up

    kenyang sampai tak hingat dunia, janji ingat bayar udah lah ye hehehe, u deserve it, not everyday one has a day dedicated for her πŸ™‚

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