Summary – Be brave to change

As everyone would have known, today is Awal Muharam. A new year in the Islamic calendar. I’m very sure most blog will blog about it anyway. There are so many things we can talk about to appreciate and learn from the event. We can talk about how the Prophet Muhammad had taken the journey to Madinah, and how it translate in our life as a new beginning of our life. Believe me.. there’s so many lesson we can learnt from it.

One other thing we can learn from the great event is to be brave making changes.

I think most of us will agree that making changes is one of the hardest thing to do. We are comfortable with our current practice, and even though there are problems, we are more afraid of the problem that may arise after we make the change. A little abstract?

For example, Ali is working with an Oil & Gas company, he is however major in Computer Engineering. He is not happy with his work but at least the salary is paying his bills. Then a computer company offered him a job, will he make the change. A logical answer would be yes.. But, Ali will have a dilemma to choose from his dream or his comfortability.

If he choose the company, who knows he will end up with very low benefit and more works. But it will be a dream come true. If he choose to stay with his current company, he will have his stability but he’s not enjoying his work.

Sometimes in life, we will have to be brave to change. I’m not saying we should all quit our job and hunt for our dream. Maybe instead of Roti canai every morning, we can try half boiled egg. We may not be full, but it may be a healthier choice.

In short… when you are stuck with choice A and choice B. And you know for sure that choice B is better in every aspect. And the one thing that holding you back is because you are more comfortable with A, Choose B.

Life is all about making decision, there are no right and wrong decision, only shorter or longer route to achieve your aim.

– I wonder –
Have you ever made a difficult choice in life?

————- Personal Note ————
I wrote this dedicated especially for me. I like being comfortable with my life. If I was at a restaurant, the chances that I order iced Milo is almost 100%.

Starting this blog is actually a very big thing for me. It’s my way of trying to change. If not.. isn’t it more easy just to read blogs πŸ™‚

Happy new year everyone!

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  1. 10 Jan 08 11:48 am

    Salam Maal Hijrah

  2. 10 Jan 08 1:49 pm

    Hurmm…Happy New year Banji…

    Hijrah…i dah berhijrah ni..but 2 years ago…I terpaksa meninggalkan Labuan 2 adalah penghijrahan buat i.. Selama ni i selesa dgn kehidupan i di sana..All the friend i’ve got…The house we’ve been living for 21 years..My cat’s back in Labuan…Pantai yg only hurmm..tak smpi 1 minute dah sampai(cni pun dekat pantai tapi kena pakai keta la,klo jln kaki sure nafas tak sampai..agagaga)..The cheap food…I miss kelapa puding…Those delicious satay(tukang jual satay itew nampak i membesar..coz i’ve been eating there satay since i was just 6years old)..Sayap ayam panggang ngan kuah cicah yg sungguh sedap..

    Makanan laut yg sungguh fresh and murah…Ikan tengiri sekilo just below rm15..cni…mak ai…rm20++.. I miss all that..Kat sana..smua kenal..klo tak kenal nama..muka sure kenal..

    Bila pindah cni…smua berubah…i until now ssh nak sesuaikan diri hidup di cni..Ntah nape people here(in kuantan..tak tau tempat lain) pemikiran diaorg amat la lain from people in Labuan..2 kira penghijrahan gak.. Kena fkr seperti mereka..This past 2 years mmg byk penghijarahan yg berlaku with me..

    All in my mind now…kena tabah…”Being Brave” adalah 1 drpd sifat yg kena ade in me..if tarak..sure i balik Labuan dah..Agagagaga…Penghijrahan br i..nak dpt keje..and if dpt keje..kehidupan i akan sekali lagi berubah..dedulu tarak pun i rasa sgt hijrahΒ² ni…now je..

    Hope i kuat la tempuh smua ni…Agagagaga…

  3. 10 Jan 08 3:41 pm

    totally agree. mmg susah nak buat decision as we have to be brave to take the risk for something new.
    I had that feeling of fear when I first thinking about joining angklung club. and I was alone; no one was with me and no one wanted to join me.
    I only decided to join at the very last hour of the registration period. it was totally a hard decision-making.
    and kalo dulu2 I mmg tak ramai kawan dkt UIA, now I knew almost everyone in UIA’s cultural and arts unit, especially all those musicians.
    plus, kalo I never went to the booth and braving myself to register, I won’t get what I already got now.
    so yes, you have to be brave to change. what’ll happen after that, just leave it to The Almighty.
    He is the One who knows what’s the best in store for us. The only thing we have to do is, just do it πŸ™‚

    Lastly, Salam Ma’al Hijrah to all. God bless us.

  4. 10 Jan 08 5:07 pm

    I did gone through a dilemma in my life before. bout a week before, i have to choose between 2 opt which by chosing either 1, it will determine my future career. whether i wanna be a primary school teacher or a university lecturer. i’ve been a babysitter for almost 5 months a.k.a jobless.. hehe. so it is hard for me to wait any more longer without having any job. if i choose primary skul teacher, meaning i accept KPLI where the enrollment is just next week. i dont have to be a jobless anymore but if i choose lecturer, i have to wait for another 7 months coz there is a kind of scheme that i applied need me to further my master first (under gov. scholarship of course) and after finishing the master, only then ill be appointed as a lecturer (ill bond actually). so after received so many advices, opinions, from family and friends, did istikharah, eventually, i managed to go through it. i ended up choosing the option that ive to wait for 7 moths. why? coz i think bout my long term planning, my future. eventho ive to be a jobless again for another 7 months. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. sedihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  5. 10 Jan 08 5:21 pm

    oh ya, why i have to wait for the 7 moths? coz i dont apply for any master course yet, so the only option i have now is to apply for the july intake. actually, i really really dont like being myself, coz im to choosy in looking for jobs. i dont even bother to go to intervews that the job doesnt look attractive. omg, bencinyeeeeeeeeeee ngan dirikuuuuuu. huhuhuhu. but im not suppose to hate myself kan. kena selalu bersyukur. ape2pon, saya sgt bersyukur kerana ive been given choices to choose. =)

  6. banji
    10 Jan 08 5:52 pm

    mrozaidi – salam maal hijrah kembali saudara πŸ™‚ moga terus ceria

    aRa – from the way u describe Labuan, I can almost feel how you miss the comfortable life there. 21 tahun bukan jangka masa yg pendek, tapi nak buat mcm mana, kena pindah jugak. i believe ur family’s decision right?

    tapi again from the way u portrayed urself. I am quite confident that u will be able to adapt urself wherever you are. Bak kata org, (aiseh banyak pulak bak kata skrg…) dicampak kelaut jadi pulau, campak ke tanah jadi gunung πŸ™‚

    bukan senang nak tabah.. mcm wall climbing, setiap saat kita berjuang dgn gravity. kita rehat pun kita berjuang, kita ke atas lagi perlu tenaga utk berjuang. dan kadang2 kita terlalai dan lemah, tak mustahil kita terus jatuh kebawah.. so kuatkan semangat, dan terus berdoa minta pertolongan dari Dia, insyaAllah Dia akan tunjukkan jalan πŸ™‚

  7. banji
    10 Jan 08 5:58 pm

    azuwachan – a very good example of why we need to be brave. I’m sure you have no regrets what so ever joining the Angklung club. and from what I read in your blog, you really love the art πŸ™‚ Good for you

    make the choice and leave the other thing to Him. Everything will be fine, and you know this first hand πŸ™‚

  8. banji
    10 Jan 08 6:08 pm

    moon – it really is hard to make that decision. Especially you have been jobless for 5 months, and with that decision you will need to spend another 7 months jobless.

    But I agree with you that, that maybe the better decision.

    At least now, you know for sure that for the next 7 months you will be given a responsibility to teach. Instead of hating yourself for making that choice, and be jobless for another 7 months, maybe you can look at it another way. You are now given 7 months to prepare yourself both mentally and physically to teach. Spend that 7 months to make friends with lecturers and maybe dig some secrets from them. Learn everything (however trivia) there is to know about handling university student. Mind you they are very smart πŸ™‚ and most of the time the lecturers were outsmarted

    Believe me… you have made the right choice πŸ™‚

  9. Daniel Iman Delan
    09 Mar 09 10:27 am


    I am sorry but I truly don’t know your name. I just want to say maybe it is Allah’s will that I stumble upon this blog of yours this morning. I am in a very huge dilemma right now. Dilemma similar to the example you’ve given in your blog about a guy who’s current job gave him comfort and ease but never the dream he wishes.

    I am holding a rather high position in my company as a business reperesentative for their venture abroad as well as leading their design division. I am an architect. My current position is enviable by most but Allah knows how I’ve left behind most of my dreams and goals just to keep this job.

    Recently I received an offer to start my own company, something that I’ve been meaning to do but just the time isn’t right – financial crisis. So, I’ve done many effort to see whether it is the right thing to do including the ultimate advise-seeking prayer of Isytiharah. After the prayer last nite I had a strong feeling tht I should take this change and coincidently it coincide with Awal Muharam. And for some reason, as I’ve mentioned, I stumbled upon your blog.

    As I said, I don’t really know you but I wish to thank you for the effort you took to write this blog. Please pray for me as I will pray for you in our life’s success – InsyaAllah. Thank you.


  10. banji
    13 Mar 09 7:00 am

    Daniel Iman Delan – Waalaikkumsalam

    It is very nice of you to share your story. I wish you all the best with your decision. Just remember, in the end, there is no right or wrong decision, only different results πŸ™‚

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