Summary – How to make use of emotion

Emotion is a very powerful tools given to us. Just look at the previous entry, the emotion is there, we forget about it, it will come to haunt us. Being that powerful, it is only right that we know exactly how to make use of them

These are a list of what I can come up on how to make use of emotion.

1) In love
A guy in love should use that emotion to motivate him to be a better person. If the girl doesn’t like a smoker, he should use that motivation to stop smoking.

He shouldn’t use his love to justify him stalking her, or harassing her.

2) Anger
A foreman of a factory should be easily be angry if someone’s tempering with his machine. If that machine is down, he will have to answer to the manager.

Imagine a foreman who doesn’t care if anyone damaging his machine simply because he doesn’t care

3) Happy
Nothing can go wrong with happiness. And the best way a person can make use of his happiness is to infect another person with it. This is usually done automatically. You see a person laughing out loud, the tendency is you will smile at least πŸ™‚

4) Jealousy
A student and his roommate. The roommate is so clever, he’s always praised by lecturers. The student is now jealous of that. He should use that jealousy to strive and work harder, so as to get the same appreciation.

Never, and I mean never.. the student use his jealousy and start sabotaging the clever roommate ~ introduce him to clubbing maybe

5) Sad
A boy is so sad when his grandfather passed away. He is now living with his grandmother. He can cry all his want, but from his sadness, he should be thankful that he still has a grandmother. He will then appreciate her more ~ not hurting her feeling etc.

– I wonder –
What do you think? Can you guys come up with a scenario where we can make use of our other feeling? Maybe like greed, shy, hate, scared etc πŸ™‚

———– Personal Note ———–
Emotion really is a funny thing. Sometime you are so in love, then something happen.. and he/she immediately become the one person you hate the most. Sometimes you are so nervous waiting to be interviewed, and when your time comes.. you are so nervous that you become oppositely brave. They ask and you answer… “whatever happen, so be it”

funny right?

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  1. 19 Jan 08 6:22 am

    I like the way you’ve put this together – some really good examples! For my own, I’ll say:
    Fear – you should use your fear of failing an exam to make you study before it ~ if you weren’t a little scared, you’d just get too confident and possibly fail.

  2. 19 Jan 08 9:55 am

    have to say something bout the ‘jealous’ example u’ve put there banji…
    usually A who are jealous of B for B’s good grade wont strive harder…
    instead he’ll take the easy action by sabotaging B. Introduce him to the world of
    Woman and Booze… or simply steal his books just to make B’s life harder…
    dats the usual situation:D
    But i’d have to agree with your perception of Feelings making better person in people.

  3. filantera
    19 Jan 08 11:44 am


    i think it is just mere words….:D

    dlm bahasa laaa ek

    degil = kuat berusaha

    cemburu = sayang yang dan bercita cita tinggi

    takut = berhati hati

    marah = agresif

    and others laaaa

    neway gudpoint there

    teringat citer doraemon lak:)

  4. 19 Jan 08 12:55 pm

    my friends told me that only looking at me laughing will make them laugh as well, huhu…
    probably they’re right; it’s my unique ability to make ppl laugh when I laugh.
    so you’re right on that. One’s smile will make others feel happy as well.
    as a human, we must have all the feelings, whether it’s bad or not. if not the world we live in will not as beautiful as now. so appreciate them, including the envy, the anger, the lust etc, etc.
    it makes us a human being, emotion is.

    p/s: seronok sgt IPAC mlm smlm, heheee… one of the best performance I ever joined πŸ™‚

  5. 19 Jan 08 5:36 pm

    Beth – Being afraid of exam is almost as certain as the sun heheh, but for those who bravely took a test, can only be in two categories, those that knows everything and those who knows nothing πŸ™‚

    good example Beth, and welcome to the blog, πŸ™‚

  6. banji
    19 Jan 08 5:37 pm

    DaPocket – Feel free to point out anything bro. That’s what this is for πŸ™‚

    Typical human may do things like that with all the sabotaging. hopefully the article will drive our will to be more than just the typical human


  7. banji
    19 Jan 08 5:42 pm

    filantera – nice one.. that’s a very fresh way to look at things. Basically the same feeling can be viewed from another perspective, via changing the definition

    but cemburu dan bercita2 tinggi?

    azuwachan – You are now formally diagnosed as having infectious laughter. Please advise fellow friends from making joke while you are performing πŸ™‚

    Lepas ni nak ke blog wawa baca pasal IPAC, mesti dah post kan?

  8. 20 Jan 08 12:02 am

    Aiyooo..i’m blur…read ur entry 5 times already…but msgnye tak smpi to me lak..Need to concentrate while reading tapi otak ngah melayangΒ² lak…

    Will comment abt this later…time tak blur…

    P/S= Awat lately selalu blur ek??Adakah ia ade kena mengena ngan Mr. Emotion??Agagagaga

  9. banji
    20 Jan 08 8:33 pm

    aRa – I suppose being blur is sort of a feeling too.. Now, how to make use of it? sleep on it πŸ™‚

    jgn difikir sgt mulut org tu kay? just respect kata2 dari mulut parent , teacher and husband only πŸ™‚

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