Soon going to be a father, I have done quite a lot of research and book reading on what to expect. Especially all the how-tos around the baby. However, these tips I received via email are really enlightening 🙂 See it for yourself. Credit to DaPocket









Enjoy your Sunday guys!!

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  1. 03 Feb 08 3:13 pm

    Usually, I found baby related advice boring. This one makes a difference. Fun and enlightening.

  2. 03 Feb 08 3:35 pm

    Nice pictures.. it’s common sense but sometimes, things happens..

  3. 03 Feb 08 5:13 pm

    Zul – I have no choice, since this is my first time going to be a father 🙂 need to learn as much as possible. But these picture really made my day hehe

    taqeyyabella – yup, common sense, but when the time comes, equipped with the panic attack and all, things can really go wrong 🙂

    but I have to agree, these are extreme examples of how wrong it can be

  4. 03 Feb 08 11:38 pm

    always felt like bursting to laughter whenever i see the ‘nursing baby’ picture.
    I’d say the baby will grow up and start hating the father for doing such thing. hehheheh
    (If he remembers the whole thing that is …)

  5. 04 Feb 08 12:37 am

    hehe.. kelakar btol those pics.. but yep, nmpk kelakar tp kdg2 tu le yg bole terjadi.. huhu.. takot!
    im on midterm hols! weee~~ =)

  6. banji
    04 Feb 08 1:22 am

    DaPocket – me too, and the man seem to be enjoying it too hahah hampeh 🙂

    diha – heheh.. kena hati2 tau nanti 🙂 selamat bercuti!

  7. 04 Feb 08 10:01 am

    i’m going to email this to my father !! hehehe so funneh ! =)

  8. banji
    04 Feb 08 6:58 pm

    julia – please do. But maybe next time.. you can just email him the link to the blog, who know he might enjoy other post here 🙂

  9. 08 Feb 08 2:07 pm

    I receive this email tooo..So funny…ade ke makpak buat cam ni kat anak dia ek??

  10. banji
    09 Feb 08 2:53 am

    aRa – very funny 🙂 harap sangat2 takde mak pak buat mcm tu, drying dlm machine, mati la heh

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