Robin Hood

Summary – Everyone can [insert verb], but only we do it with added value
Let me start with a very cliche introduction. There are basically millions of people in the world. Everyone of them think that they are one very unique person and that nobody can come close to become as unique as them. However, the truth is unless you really are the president of the world fighting aliens off the planet, you really are nobody in the eye of the world. So What makes you different?

I told you it’s going to be cliche.

Now locally, you have a job, you wake up everyday, go to work, come back from work, maybe do some charity work, spend time with family, and go to bed. What makes you different from other guys who goes exactly the same routine?

The only way we can become more than just a person who go to and come back from work is by adding value to everything we do in our life.

Example 1 – Everyone can walk. But if we are making new friends with every walk we took, we are adding value to walking. Maybe try to walk a different route and try another barber just to find new faces.

Example 2 – Everyone can talk. But if we are spending half a day just to talk about which one is cooler – batman or superman, it will not add any value to the 12 hour spent. Try to be very selective of what you speak. Not to the extent you are not speaking at all, just don’t waste it on worthless action. Add value to your conversation by making a good point, or asking question that will actually make you more knowledgable.

Example 3 – Everyone can also blog. But if you make a post with one line quote from somebody famous and that’s it, people will most probably get more value from google. Try to give your opinion on the matter. That’s what blog is all about anyway.

Conclusion – Everyone can [insert a verb here], but a person who will be remembered in history will always add value to it.

We are not going to be the most popular person on the planet just by doing this. But if you look at all the legends, this is one thing that they have in common. They add value. And we have to start somewhere.

– I wonder –
Who is the first person that come to mind when talking about adding value?
Strangely the name Robin Hood comes to mine. He added value to stealing (not that I’m promoting such behaviour though)

———- Personal Note ———-
I once dreamt of becoming a walking encyclopaedia. I don’t actually bought one. I just read them at the library taking notes on the subject. You know how this will end. In just 3 days, I gave up the project. There’s just so much information and there’s so many other thing I can do with my time. Also there’s google 🙂

Photo Credit –Jo Jakeman

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