I wrote two articles today, 5 Personal Tips To Improve Shopping List and this personal rant.

For the past few weeks, I have been posting my personal rant on the nature of my slow internet speed and along the way, I was introduced to Wimax as an alternative to the current ISP.

A dear friend of mine had emailed me enquiring more about wimax. In fact the actual question he asked me is what is this wimax I’m talking about.

I realized then that I have never actually introduce and explain what is wimax. No worry, this will be a short post dedicated especially for my friend who may still be confused as to what is this wimax about..

Have you ever been to Starbuck and you see some people actually surf the internet using their laptop? They actually are connected to the internet connection provided by Starbuck. A proper name for it is wifi.

What’s the difference between wifi and your current modem connection?

  • Wifi is wireless. There’s no need for any phone line to connect to internet. Basically you can surf the net walking if you want to.
  • Wifi is operating at a much higher speed (11 – 54Mb/s) than wired broadband.

Now, why am I descibing wifi when I’m supposed to be describing wimax?

The reason is because wimax is generally similar to wifi. It has about the same super speed BUT the range can be up to 50km instead of wifi’s 0.1km. You can basically go to any town within Malaysia and still get connected to the net at very fast speed (theoretically speaking).

And that’s not the best part. According to this website, the monthly subscription cost for wimax is expected to be below RM100 (USD30).

Another good news from the website is that by 2012, 65% of Malaysia will be covered by Wimax. I bet we are going to see a lot of new bloggers then 🙂

p.s. The explanation is intentionally written generally to allow better understanding of what Wimax is. More information on the company providing the service, Packet One at their website – P1W1Max.com

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  1. 10 Aug 08 9:24 pm

    Ooops.. again I am the first “pengomen” 🙂 Mana pergi yang lain2 ni???

    While having lunch with a CFO of one of “THE” TELCO of Malaysia last week, I brought up the subject of WIMAX. Acc to him, for WIMAX to really happen in Malaysia, will probably take some good time as the current infrastructure is inadequate for the WIMAX to be implemented yet as well the gadgets (current laptops and mobile phones) will need to be installed with some kind of accesory to enable them to access the WIMAX.

    Good luck! Thought the sound of one point that can go up to the range of 50km sounds too good to miss. Can’t wait for it to commence!!

  2. banji
    11 Aug 08 8:03 pm

    AkakPokPek – Thank you for that information. Hopefully that CFO can be proved wrong. Infrastructure wise in my opinion is easier to set up than streamyx. For streamyx, the access point will only cater for up to 10 km radius. However, wimax can cater up to 50km. That should mean lesser access point if compared to streamyx.

    Hardware wise, there are modem being provided by the company. For it to be built in into laptop, will take time. But, it is feasible from the look of it.

    However, all this are mere personal opinion, in the end, it will be up to the company on the success of wimax. Getting fed up already with my current one :p

    Or is it I’m getting fed up because there is now another alternative eheh

  3. 11 Aug 08 10:46 pm

    True, true… All we need now is a SOUND competitor to get these people to buckle up and do their job.

    Now.. what do we do with ASTRO??? So few channels with repeated shows and increasing monthly charges??? And when it rains, u get no signal and yet still being charged for it. Oops.. lari dari topik pulak.. Kena bukak entry baru ni.

  4. banji
    12 Aug 08 12:47 am

    AkakPokPek – I subscribe to Astro just before I get married. A big fan then, just like any new subscriber. But over time, yeah they did repeat the same stuff. Now I only watch it few hours per week. Spend more time on the net hehe

    I’m sure if you open the rant in your blog, many people will join in. I certainly will 🙂

  5. 13 Aug 08 12:57 pm

    Thanks for the idea. For the time being, m a bit swamped with lotsa things. I have lots to tell and rant, but not enough time to sit and pencilled them down in my blog. Sigh!!!!

  6. banji
    13 Aug 08 9:04 pm

    AkakPokPek – Who knows, Astro will finally take some action, especially the poor quality during raining 🙂 Almost everytime that happened, I will wish that I never subscribed.

    Not to worry, that can wait. The most important thing is always our main blog. That need to be updated first

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