I wrote two entries today The Secret to Infinite Energy In Life and this personal rant. 🙂 Maybe you can read the first entry first for more energy for this one.

This is another entry to complement my quest for a better internet connection. For those readers from Malaysia, I just heard that P1 has officially launched their Wimax services. Now everyone can subscribe to them (provided you are in their coverage area of course) and experience first hand the speed of a wimax connection. These are some of the points I can summarize from their website.

Bad News

  • Currently the coverage is only to KL and Selangor. I hope they will fulfill their promise to cover the whole west side of Malaysia by year end.
  • The modem itself is RM999. That is rather expensive for the average person like me.

Good News

  • You will get the modem FREE if you subscribe to it within the launch promotion (20/8/08 to 30/09/08). If you ever want to subscribe, this will be the best time.
  • The monthly charges is relatively cheap. They are as low as RM 49 per month for a 400kbps. I’m currently using GPRS connection, paying RM90 for a 40Kbps. You can see right why I’m posting this.
  • They are other promotional discounts for 1.2Mbps and 2.4Mbps subscribers.
  • 15 Days Service Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can opt to unsubscribe.
  • I just noticed that they have a nationwide option in the package. I think this just prove that nationwide coverage is just around the corner. Please God make the corner nearer.

For those who are in the coverage areas, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t try wimax. It is relatively cheap, faster, wireless, comes with a guarantee, and above all, the modem is now FREE

I envy you

More information on the package at P1.com.my

Update – I found this advertisement posted on Youtube. I think this is a not yet aired advertisement of the service. If only everything is wireless 🙂

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  1. 24 Aug 08 9:47 pm

    semasa @pp berjalan2 di KL dan kawasan yg sewaktunya, merata2 iklan WIMAX ni termasuk bunting dan akhbar2 dan juga iklan kerja kosong di koran2. At the moment, @pp terpaksa content dgn streamyx ni dan disebabkan tak tahu berapa lama lagi @pp akan berada di Malaysia (plannng to move abroad end of this year)@pp terpaksa batalkan niat memgsubscribe pada Wimax ke, beli benda2 ke etc etc.. wud luv to hear updates and responses from Wimax users.

  2. 24 Aug 08 10:38 pm

    Currently Wimax doesn’t cover my area yet, Kelana Jaya.
    Heard that Wimax will be cover other places too by end of this year, but not sure whether they still offer the free Rm999 Modem or not. =.=”
    The modem is killing us.

  3. 24 Aug 08 11:51 pm

    @k@kPOKPEK – wah akan ke mana tu app? sambung study ke dapat offer kerja kat sana? Apa pun good luck! jgn risau lah pasal wimax ni, ni hanyalah my personal rant. sekadar share apa yg diresearch 🙂

    Make Money From Home – That is what troubling me. If I subscribe now, I will get the modem for free but what’s the point of paying RM50 permonth if I can’t even use it.

    Hopefully they will come up with some other promotion, nobody is going to spend RM1000 just for a modem.

    Suddenly i remember Astro decoder when it first introduced.

  4. 25 Aug 08 2:14 pm

    Ya, you are right.I think only College or company willing to spend Rm999 for a modem. For student, i don’t think so. Actually the subscribe fee almost the same with Streamyx. But i believe the service and network for Wimax is much more better than Streamyx.
    The thing that annoy us is only the Rm999 modem. Hope they got another promotion again when they cover the whole Malaysia =)

  5. banji
    26 Aug 08 7:37 pm

    Ka Hoong – They better have one. To get more subscriber they need better offer.

  6. 26 Aug 08 9:30 pm

    I watched the video clip last few days. I can’t get the message that they are going to deliver haha! Maybe i stupid. =.=”

  7. 31 Aug 08 4:37 am

    Modem RM999…agagagaga…if br area KL dapat coverage hurmmmm…klo nak subcribe now kat Kuantan ni mcm hurmmmm…pk gak la byk kali…abis tak tau kan bila sbnrnya ia akan berfungsi kat Kuantan…tgu aje la…msti ade lagi other promotion kan bila dah ade kat Kuantan…

    Weh…kira murah la 2 monthly fee…i should habaq to my dad…actually dah pun…dia just ckp lom smpi Kuantan…agagagaga…

    baca comment kat atas abt the astro decoder…yeahhhh…dulu bapak mahal kan…we bought the decoder nov 1996…at that time it was RM2999…goshhhh…skrg ni alahai…mcm tak laku ajo…murah siot…after almost 12 years using astro…bandingkan ngan harga now…fuhhhh…nangis…

  8. banji
    31 Aug 08 10:07 am

    aRa – All in good time. Kuantan is a major city in Malaysia. I’m very sure it will be covered very soon.

    Dulu astro decoder RM3000?? mak oi mahal nye, Tahu mahal tapi tak tau berapa mahal. Now I know. Skrg ni duk berpikir2 nak beli yg astro max tu, tapi mcm nak tunggu harga turun dulu.

    Asyik terlepas je perarakan Merdeka, nak le jugak tengok starting dia hehe

  9. 31 Aug 08 2:31 pm

    Yerp…RM3000…at that time(skrg pun) mmg sgt mahal…tapi we have no choice…masa itew Labuan mmg so quite…masih lagi mcm itew…tak byk hiburan…panggung wayang pun tarak masa itew…ade pun pub² and disco tapi tak kan nak p sana kan…some more under age…so my dad beli la tok kitaorg…

    Abt the astro max kan…i think u need to think 2-3 kali gak la…we’re now using it…astro kasi free bab kitaorg pelanggan setia tak pernah miss the payment since 12 years ago…dah setahun pakai tapi sgt byk problem…ade baik dan buruk la…baik of course la u dapat rakam rancangan yg bercanggah ngan 1 rancangan lagi…or u leh kuar rmh and let the astro max on standby mode…so leh rakam…tapi the bad thing abt this astro max kan…sungguh selalu stuck…try nak tukar channel lain msti sangkut…u have 2 restart balik the decoder…off suiz segala…then…u kena selalu update…ckit² update…if not,the info rancangan nnt tak kuar la…byk songgeh…i prefer the old and original decoder…yg kitaorg pakai 1996 dulu…the 1’st version…much better…

    If u get for free…take it…klo nak beli…not worth it and kena pk la 2-3 kali…tapi i rasa msti diaorg akan improve the decoder kan…so best way kena siasat dulu la…kena find out masih ke dia menggong² mcm decoder kitaorg yg kira the 1’st version of astro max…

  10. banji
    31 Aug 08 6:03 pm

    aRa – 1996.. masa tu sy baru lepas spm 🙂 mmg sunyi. tapi masa tu tak reti lagi nak tengok2 astro ni. mmg ingat astro ni utk org kaya je. nah skrg rumah setinggan pun ada astro.

    Apa pun, thank you very much for the info on astromax. mmg tengah berkira2 sgt ni, nak beli ke tak nak. mcm tak perlu. tapi kdg2 bila miss rancangan yg kita nak tengok, rasa nak pulak.

    In the end, saya ni bukan jenis tengok tv sangat. astro tu boleh kira lah berapa kali tengok seminggu. ada masa lapang, akan di depan laptop je 🙂

    Again thanks aRa

  11. 11 Mar 09 8:20 pm

    wi max ni akan menjadi satu kewajiban bagi seseorg..lagi bg sorg yg idup 24jam gn internet..

  12. 12 Mar 09 6:57 am

    Kerja Kosong – That would be me 🙂

  13. 24 Mar 09 3:45 pm

    modem diorg tu yg mahal.hurm..

  14. 27 Dec 09 8:39 pm

    Wimax getting slow and slower isn’t it… I think because of peoples “cut” already 😀

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