The Secret To Infinite Energy To Do Anything

Summary – Newton’s First Law of Thermodynamics
Let me share you a secret. A secret about a technique that if done correctly, you can literally find energy to do anything you want. You can finish up your work, and still have the energy to play with your children (We all know this require infinite amount of energy). And after the children went to bed, you can continue doing your other chores with the energy as if you just woke up from bed.

Interested? Now if only you can wired $20 for the secret to my bank account, I will email you the secret.

I’m just kidding. But don’t you think this unlimited energy is worth all the money in the world. I do. I sometimes feel so tired at work, it doesn’t make any sense since my work does not require me to do a lot of physically demanding things. And how many times have you seen a construction worker that works almost 15 hours daily doing heavy lifting most of the time, and still they can come back tomorrow for more work.

The fact is this energy comes from the mind. We all know this. Now let me share with you the correct way to harness this power.

I’m referring to the first law of thermodynamics – The Conservation of Energy. According to Newton, energy cannot be created and destroyed. It can only be transfered from one form of energy to another.

Obviously Newton was referring to the actual energy like heat, electrical, solar etc. I am just extending the law to cover our mind energy. First a disclaimer, this is just a personal application of the theory. You should never use this concept in real life physics examination.

The Mistake We Did
That said, this is what we usually do, We are feeling very tired after an 8 hour of work, the children at home are waiting to play with you. It’s the only time they see you all day so we can’t really blame them. When we reached home, we make a mistake of trying to create energy. We try to summon any energy left in our body to just entertain them. And according to Newton’s First Law, this is not possible. And that is why we will feel even more tired after that.

The Secret Is…
The secret to unlimited amount of energy is actually to transfer them from one form of energy to another. How else do you think that construction workers gain their energy. They kept reminding themselves that the money is for their family back home, and that if they didn’t work, they will not be able to provide education for their children. They are actually drawing their energy from their responsibility and love for family. And that is why they will still have the energy to entertain their children when they go back after work. They are at the time drawing the energy from the happiness brought by the children’s smile and laughter.

Just like singers getting their energy from the crowd, or a father carrying his sick children to the hospitals on foot. These are all real evidence that such energy transfer really exist. We just need to apply it in our life and voila, you are going to be amazed with the things you do.

So will everyone else.

– I wonder –
Where else can we find our source of energy to be transfered?

———- Personal Note ———–
This is my new source of energy. My 3-months old Zafirah.


Photo Credit – Suchitraprints

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  1. 24 Aug 08 10:12 pm

    wei laaa.. comey nya anak dia… mesti ikut muka mak ni, hehehe
    back to this article, i remember a story about a makcik who could barely walk due to aging, and suddenly could sprint sebab dikejar anjing. I guess she got the energy from the dog! HAHA!

  2. 24 Aug 08 11:53 pm

    @k@kPOKPEK – Any other way to explain it? I guess she must have drawn the energy from her fear of the dog. That will make more sense wouldn’t it? 🙂

    Thanks for the excellent example APP

  3. 25 Aug 08 6:44 pm

    kah kah kah.. tot i could get away with that…

  4. 25 Aug 08 11:22 pm

    @k@kPOKPEK – 🙂 That really is a true story. Thus the energy must have come from somewhere

  5. 28 Aug 08 2:58 pm

    that cute ribbon on her cute face! lovely!

  6. 29 Aug 08 12:07 am

    Cbenc12 – I may be biased since she’s my daughter. But yeah, she is cute 🙂

  7. 29 Aug 08 9:07 pm

    salam banji. anak banji sungguh adorable!!! =)

  8. banji
    30 Aug 08 3:52 pm

    Diha – =) semua baby comel kan? magical betol

  9. 02 Sep 08 4:18 pm

    alalala… zafirah… cam banji jer… tapi lagi cute…

  10. banji
    02 Sep 08 6:32 pm

    Nolee – nak buat camne, abah dia dah hitam dikerjakan matahari hehe

  11. nonna
    21 Oct 08 5:40 am

    needdddd happinessssssssssssssssssssssssss..howww?

  12. 21 Oct 08 10:28 pm

    nonna – Now that is a good question

  13. jjx2
    14 Mar 09 12:06 pm

    what if energy can be recycled and gain again and again. u know like light going in the solar panel convert into electrical energy,electrical energy going to the flash light batteries ,half is for the batteries for the light and the other one is for using energy,the light goes in the solar panel and so on and so on the process begins again and again I’v been thinking that

  14. banji
    14 Mar 09 6:09 pm

    Jjx2 – It is possible, however unless you can avoid energy loss from the heat, the light density will continue to deteriorate gradually.

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