I wrote two entries today – Improve Studying With The Theory of Three and this personal rant.

This is just a followup of my research on P1W1max. Unfortunately my area is not yet covered by wimax, so I will present it here based on what I read in LYN Forum etc.


Generally most of the subscriber are getting what they pay for. An example is like the above screenshot. The download speed is at 1370 kbps and the upload speed is at 709 kbps. This is from one who subscribes to 1200kbps package. In fact the subscribers are actually getting more than what they pay for.

I’m sure the figure will be affected once there are too many subscribers in the area. However, it is said that once the base station had received 80% load, they will setup a new base station. If that promise is kept, nobody will suffer a slow connection again.


A lot of users are expressing concern about their setting the limit of bandwidth to 20GB per month. Even though this is extremely sufficient for normal internet users, heavy downloaders will be affected. But on the positive side, users will be assured of maximum speed since the ISP will be able to predict the bandwidth usage and upgrade accordingly.


  • Online streaming tested ok
  • Online gaming tested ok
  • P2P using utorrent tested ok

Customer Service

Excellent. The customer service technician are well verse with the issues arised, and they are attending to the problem relatively fast. They even send SMS to inform of any upgrade being done.

Conclusion – A service we received will always be as good as the money we pay. But from what I read in the forum, there are a lot of positive review of this wimax. Now, if only they can expedite their nationwide coverage…

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  1. zan
    09 Jan 11 12:06 pm

    i want to know why p1 can`t connect with online game imvu?1th day i use this modem it can connect succesfully then the next day can`t connect at all my fren in shah alam also face the same problem.Other game such as second life p1 got no problem only imvu game.I`m a creator in this game and this problem is really big to me.

  2. 15 Jan 11 8:07 pm

    Zan – Unfortunately Zan, I don’t have an answer for you. Have you tried their support?

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