Personal Rant : Wimax Next Stop - Penang

Today I wrote two entries – 3 Tips To Stop Work From Following You Home and this personal rant.

Good news to everyone in Penang, Malaysia. It turns out Penang is the next area in Malaysia to be covered by wimax. Apparently P1W1max is given the green light to building the infrastructure, including base stations to provide the wimax services.

I am no where near Penang, but from the way I see it, it shows that nationwide coverage may not just be an empty promise.

You do remember the promise right? 25% of Malaysia covered by year end.

Quoting – “P1 commercially launched its WiMAX services in mid-August, the first operator to do so in Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region. The company has said it plans to extend coverage to major cities in Johor, Penang, Kedah, Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Malacca by year-end, in line with its mandate to cover 25% of the peninsula‚Äôs population. Its services are currently available in selected areas in the Klang Valley.”

Can’t wait

Source – TheEdgeDaily

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  1. Daniel
    20 May 09 5:50 pm

    P1 wimax is now available at the following location:

    1.Lebuh Macallum,Penang
    2.Jalan C Y Choy,Penang
    3.Jalan Burma,Penang
    4.Pulau Tikus,Penang
    5.Persiaran Gurney,Penang
    6.Jalan Gottlieb,Penang
    7.Bagan Jermal,Penang
    8.Mount Erskine,Penang
    9.Pulau Tikus,Penang
    10.Partly Jalan Tanjong Tokong,Penang
    11.Jalan Argyll,Penang
    12.Jalan Penang,Penang
    13.Jalan Perak,Penang
    14.Jalan Free School,Penang
    15.Jalan Terrenganu,Penang
    16.Jalan P Ramlee,Penang
    17.Taman Pelangi Juru,Seberang Perai
    18.Mukim 11 Bukit Tengah,Seberang Perai
    19.Jalan Grove ,Air Itam,Penang
    20.Sunway, Seberang Perai
    21.Raja Uda, Butterworth
    22.Jalan Telaga Air, Butterworth
    23.Chain Ferry, Butterworth

    For more information, please call
    Daniel Eng
    HP: 0124233678

  2. 28 Jun 09 7:23 pm

    Thank you Daniel for the complementary info

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