I am compelled to write a post about P1W1MAX’s fair usage policy because I was just made aware that such policy exist. Since I have been writing about the benefit of wimax, you might want to know about this policy first before you subscribe.

Basically, it is a policy that ensure every subscriber the best speed available. Whether you use a few hours a day or 24 hours a day, you will receive the best speed at anytime. In order to maintain that, P1W1MAX apparently is monitoring all bandwidth usage and once you used up all the 20GB bandwidth limits, your internet usage will be prioritize less. In other words, you will experience slower speed than the rest of the subscribers (You can still go online though)

The Cons

  • Some of us do use the internet to download and upload large files. This can become a nuisance.

The Pros

  • Everyone will receive their fair share of maximum speed. Personally, I think it is fair. We are paying customer too right?
  • From my research, 20GB is the highest ceiling limit compared to other wireless competitors
  • 20GB per month is roughly about 667MB per day, An average person who plays games, surfs and downloads will rarely exceed this.
  • If 20GB limit is hit, you can still go online. It’s just that priority will be given to those who hasn’t reached their 20GB

I hope if P1W1MAX is reading this, at least they can

  • Provide us with a mean to monitor the bandwidth usage.
  • Maybe send us an email about a week before we used up our 20GB limits
  • Provide an option to increase the limits by paying slightly and reasonably more.

There.. now you know.

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