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Summary – 2 steps to turn your dream to your side

Nothing is more relaxing than a good night sleep, don’t you agree? However, such sleep can be disrupted if you are constantly having nightmare. You will not be able to get enough rest and ultimately will affect your work / study.

Previously I have presented my theory on why we have nightmare. I would like to continue from that as to how to rid of nightmare and maybe deliberately dream a sweet dream 🙂

1) Respect your dream
From now on, have some respect to the dream you have. Even though it was a very ridiculous dream of you riding a dolphin to the moon. How to respect it? by trying your very best to remember each dream you have.

Have a notebook and a pen by your bed every night. I would recommend a bright color notebook so that when you wakes up, you will not be able to miss it. Always try to jot down any details of your dream, even though you may end up with only the word – “Dolphin”.

My theory is, when we have made a conscious attempt to remember the dream, our subconcious mind will follow up by producing a more meaningful and “make-sense” dream. Over time, you will notice that there are no more ridiculous dream. And the dream you have can actually be a mirror of your subconciousness

2) Ask question
Whether you want to believe it or not, there is such thing as your subconcious mind. Have you ever had a problem, and you think very hard before you go to sleep, and tomorrow out of no where you can see the solution clearly. That’s subconcious mind in action. Now let’s use that untapped resource.

Before you go to bed, ask question to yourself. Not just by reading a paragraph from a book, but really try to figure the problem out in your head. Do it about 5 minutes, set an alarm if you must, but after that 5 minutes, stop thinking about the problem. This is crucial, as we don’t want you to stay awake all night thinking. It will be very very off topic then 🙂

The problem can varies from your relationship problem, to the “how star was created” kind of problem. The answer may not be as clear as black and white, but with some practice, you will be able to use that incredible resource of yours. The answer may come in the form of dream or you will just know the answer to it naturally. Trust me on this 🙂

– I Wonder –
What’s your weirdest dream you have so far? I’m in the mood of interpreting dream now hehe (just for fun)

———- Personal Note ————
My weirdest dream so far is the one with numbers. I apparently was given a number and I must figure out the square root of it in my head. Nothing extraordinary right? But in my dream, I am not seeing the number, I can actually see millions of particles representing the number. Things will usually get more tense, and I will usually wakes up with that problem in my head.

Usually it is a sign that I will be down with fever the next day. In the case you’re wondering, I consider such dream as nightmare 🙂

Photo credit – kalandrakas

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My Uncle's Car Involved In Accident

Summary – Is It Worth It?

Did I tell you I’m going back to Kedah (my hometown) this evening for DaPocket’s wedding. It’ll be a long drive of about 600km.

This time around, especially with the Chinese New Year around the corner, there will usually be an increase rate of accidents throughout the country. I however think that there are 4 words that if applied during driving, the risk of getting into an accidents will reduced drastically.

The words are – Is It Worth It?

Whenever you are tempted to race with another driver, say it out loud – Is it worth it? Is it worth it to be declared a winner in that dull race while there’s a possibility of being killed?

You are feeling extremely sleepy while driving. You have a choice whether to continue driving or pull over and sleep for a while. Is it really worth it to reach home 20 minutes earlier when you most probably will pass out driving and hit a pedestrian.

For motorcyclist, it is always more comfortable not wearing a helmet. But ask yourself, is it worth it to fall into a coma after the accident for the sake of 30 minutes of comfortability?

The fact is despite all our effort, road accidents still happen around the world. I”m sure everyone involved know the danger of accident but it still happen. Why?

My theory is each person must find their very own method on how to keep themselves safe. Mine is these 4 words.

– I wonder –
What’s yours?

———– Personal Note ————–
After work today, around 5pm, I will start my journey back home. I will be on leave from work until 12th. Not that I’m celebrating the new year. It is actually for preparing for DaPocket’s wedding.

Anyone in Kedah, that time?

* Kedah is the northern state of Malaysia 

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Summary – Learn Learn Learn

The next time I attempt this puzzle, I will have a cheat sheet. So guys, can I ask? How many actually finished the puzzle?

Can I interest you with a post I made very early during the startup of this blog. Generally, I proposed that life is actually just like reading a map. There are two things that are important. Where you are now, and where you’re going. You just cannot read the map if you didn’t know the two. For example, you have the map to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But you have no idea that you are now in London. There’s no way the map will be useful 🙂

Now completing the puzzle, I realized I am partially correct with that statement. Besides the two important data (where are you now, and where are you going). there is another thing we need to know, which is “How to get there”

The same goes to life. We need to know exactly where we are now, where we are heading and how exactly to get there. For example, we know that we have $2000 in our saving account, and we actually want to have $100,000 in 10 years. We then need to know how to reach that goal. And for us to do that, there is no way except through knowledge

So keep learning guys. Surf the world and check out new things to learn. I’ll share with you my top resource for information.

1) – A Technology Enthuasist Forum, My favorite channel would be Software, Mobile Computing, Handphones, Codemasters, Blogmasters and Finance.

2) – The one stop center to learn all there is about blogging and how to go pro with it.

3) Zenhabits – The site to look for if you want to learn more about managing and simplifying your life.

– I wonder –
Care to share your top 3 sites where you will check almost daily for information / knowledge?

————- Personal Note ————–
I simply love learning new things. Last time, I learnt HTML coding entirely by staying up late in the computer lab, and taking note. I then started a mini project of class homepage. It was so exciting at the time, I kept discussing it with Filantera until very late at night 🙂

The website now is no more 🙂 But that is basically how I started…

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Summary – 7 things to do after you wake up that will guarantee you a good day

Yesterday, I proposed that small things in life is usually as important as the big things. How about joining me in this little experiment of mine. Try to do all these small steps immediately after you wake up.. and let’s see whether it has any positive effect on your life.

1) Smile after you wake up (10 seconds)
Eventhough you are still in sleepy land, let’s have that smile, weak smile is usually the most genuine 🙂

2) Start the day like children (5 seconds)
Children always asked this, “What day is today?”. They always start their day afresh. Say this out loud – “Today is a brand new day.. Can’t wait to explore it”

3) Use your senses consciously (30 seconds)
Look around your bedroom, Hear the sound of morning, and Smell the fresh air.. Be thankful you still have your tools to enjoy life.

4) Look at your loved ones (15 seconds)
Take that photo you placed besides your bed. The photo of the one person you love. Feel that emotion in your heart while looking at the photo. If you have your wife/husband still sleeping.. there’s no need for the photo, unless of course you love someone else :p

5) Take your “Funny Moment Notepad” (30 seconds)
This notebook should contain your most funniest / embarassing moment. Write things that you find funny in it. And every morning, just have a look through it, and if you can, laugh along.. okay, a giggle might suffice 🙂

6) Stretch (1 minute 30 seconds)
If you don’t appreciate your body, who will. It only take 1 and a half minute

7) Sing and dance (4 minutes)
You should have a favorite song. Now while you are going to shower, hum that song, or even better play that song on your speaker and sing along. Dancing to the song is a must (Remember : just one song)

/end list

The whole 7 steps only need 7 minutes of your time. However I seriously think that by doing all 7, you will now have started your day beautifully.

If you still didn’t feel good, after all that.. please go to a nearby clinic. I believe you are down with fever.

– I wonder –
Any other small things you did after you wake up that usually brings up your happy mood?

————- Personal Note ————–
I sometimes wake up quite late, and when that happens, it will be rush here and rush there. Things will usually just get messier by the hour with fluctuating mood or problematic day at the mill.

However, if I wake up early, and I have time to do many things like walking casually to the kitchen for my morning drink, or singing during shower.. be prepared for a very happy banji that day 🙂

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