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Pencil Arl

Summary – How to see beauty in things

Yesterday, Ms aRa had shared with us how beautiful animals are, even when they are just drawing

Believe me, when I tell you that, not many people can see the beauty in them. In fact everything there is in life is beautiful. We just need to know how to see things.

Let’s take a pencil for example… How do you see a pencil? This is what I think when I see a pencil. (Most of the time)

1) What it’s used for?
Writing.. with writing comes reading which according to Islam is the foundation of all knowledge. (Remember Iqra’?)

2) How it was made?
Apparently some wood, and carbon. which I read somewhere, that carbon is one of the most basic element found in everything. hm the pencil and I may be not that different after all

3) What will its future be like?
It will get shorter and shorter.. and when it’s no more useful, it will be thrown away. Suddenly I remember the autobiography essay written in Primary School. “Saya Sebatang Pensel”. I’m sure you too must have written the essay.

Life is also like that, it will not get any longer, and with time… it will be end. When the pencil are thrown away, nobody remembers it.

4) Why is it straight?
Only the pencil makers knows exactly why, but we can only assume that straight pencil will be easier to use. The same goes to our life.. Only our creator knows our true purpose, and the reason we are what we are. The pencil will never know its purpose if he asked me, since I am not its maker.

5) What inspire the first pencil maker to make pencils?
Maybe first they used charcoal, and when it is too hot, they wrap it with leaves and wood. I don’t know. but it is always inspiring knowing how people were inspired.

/end list

I can write endlessly, (near endlessly) about pencils. And what other things we can relate to it. This is in my opinion, the best way to view things. Not just by looking at the pencil and only saying, “that is a pencil”.

We need to go beyond our sight, and see the beauty of the pencil. And if you notice, almost everytime, it will come back to Allah, our creator. Which is exactly why, He said “To know Allah is to study His creation”

– I wonder –
Anything else you can add about pencils?

——— Personal Note ———–
“Saya sebatang pensel” (I’m a pencil) is somehow the most popular essay to be written when I was 12. At the time, an essay was supposed to be 80 words minimum. And it was then very hard to comply to that.

I’m not sure what can I wrote now in 80 words hehe

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Summary – Be brave to change

As everyone would have known, today is Awal Muharam. A new year in the Islamic calendar. I’m very sure most blog will blog about it anyway. There are so many things we can talk about to appreciate and learn from the event. We can talk about how the Prophet Muhammad had taken the journey to Madinah, and how it translate in our life as a new beginning of our life. Believe me.. there’s so many lesson we can learnt from it.

One other thing we can learn from the great event is to be brave making changes.

I think most of us will agree that making changes is one of the hardest thing to do. We are comfortable with our current practice, and even though there are problems, we are more afraid of the problem that may arise after we make the change. A little abstract?

For example, Ali is working with an Oil & Gas company, he is however major in Computer Engineering. He is not happy with his work but at least the salary is paying his bills. Then a computer company offered him a job, will he make the change. A logical answer would be yes.. But, Ali will have a dilemma to choose from his dream or his comfortability.

If he choose the company, who knows he will end up with very low benefit and more works. But it will be a dream come true. If he choose to stay with his current company, he will have his stability but he’s not enjoying his work.

Sometimes in life, we will have to be brave to change. I’m not saying we should all quit our job and hunt for our dream. Maybe instead of Roti canai every morning, we can try half boiled egg. We may not be full, but it may be a healthier choice.

In short… when you are stuck with choice A and choice B. And you know for sure that choice B is better in every aspect. And the one thing that holding you back is because you are more comfortable with A, Choose B.

Life is all about making decision, there are no right and wrong decision, only shorter or longer route to achieve your aim.

– I wonder –
Have you ever made a difficult choice in life?

————- Personal Note ————
I wrote this dedicated especially for me. I like being comfortable with my life. If I was at a restaurant, the chances that I order iced Milo is almost 100%.

Starting this blog is actually a very big thing for me. It’s my way of trying to change. If not.. isn’t it more easy just to read blogs 🙂

Happy new year everyone!

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Summary – Find that joy and excitement

Aidil Adha is approaching. InsyaAllah it will be celebrated here in Malaysia on the 20th of December. Aren’t you excited? 🙂

How many of us are actually excited about it? Counting down the days.. or planning what to do on that day.. I’m quite sure that the answer is just not many.

I wonder why? Why can’t we be excited on the day we are actually supposed to be excited? One reason I can think of, is that we had outgrown the celebration..

During our childhood, Hari Raya is always our happiest day. There’s so much to do, with new clothes, firecrackers, the “Duit raya” etc. Now that we are older (ehem to DaPocket), all those things that excite us no longer have any effect.

New clothes might have some effect but if we are short of cash, buying new clothes is just out of the question. firecrackers are now just for the kids, and adults going around asking for “Duit raya” is frown upon in some culture 🙂

It is true that we had ourgrown the excitement from all those things. It is unavoidable. This is where we can go wrong, Never leave it like that. We now need to find another way to enjoy our Hari Raya.

If previously we are happy wearing the new clothes, now find that joy in seeing our children wearing new clothes, Walking around handsomely/beautifully like a model, smiling all the way. If that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will 🙂

Again.. We have to look for the excitement. It will never come looking for you. An example to illustrate is a husband and a wife. One day they will feel like there’s no spark in their love life. They are so used to each other, they didn’t feel the passion and heat like when they first in love. Do you think they should just let it be? or start having affair? Of course not.. They should find out how to heat up their relationship, maybe a second romantic honeymoon
or a simple rose by the bed 🙂

– I wonder –
How do you enjoy your hari raya? Maybe you can share it here…

———— Personal Note —————–
Today I will be going back to Bangi after work, My living-like-a-bachelor day is over. And starting from tomorrow until 25th, I will be on leave (from work.. not from blogging hehe)

What I love most about Hari Raya is when I am able to get together with my two brothers, the mama and the maktuk 🙂 that is all I need for my Hari Raya

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Summary – Appreciating Islam

One thing about me, I easily remember stuff. But another thing about it is that.. most of the time, that stuff does not really that important. Those important ones I forget hehe…

I remember one line from the movie “Incredibles”. You know the cartoons. The bad guy actually said – “When everyone can be superheroes.. nobody will be one” or something like that la. (let me try to give you the excuse why I watched the cartoon… My niece and nephew totally love the cartoon, so everytime they watched, I watched.. sometimes it’s the other way around hehe)

I think that line has some truth in it… Let say, everyone on earth is given one million dollar each. We can all say that we are all millionaire. But the truth is, nobody cares anymore at the time. Everyone is a millionaire. The fact that we are all given the money makes being a millionaire is worthless. We really are still a millionaire, but the thing is nobody will see and appreciate that anymore. Unless of course, we earn that million dollars than we will know the actual value of the million dollar

So if we say that we are unique. I believe everyone in the whole world think of himself as unique, don’t you think? If that is so, then according to the quote, nobody will be unique. Truthfully we are still unique, but the thing is nobody will see and appreciate that anymore.

So.. who must appreciate us when we become millionaire, or when we are unique? No other that ourselves. We are the one who must recognize and appreciate what we are or have, especially what we earn. Other people can say what they want.. it should not matter. You are what you are, you earn what you work on..

So guys.. any other thoughts to add?

I guess maybe that’s the case with all the muslim in the world. Most of us are all born muslim, so maybe for some, we don’t appreciate us being a muslim. We acted like Islam is just some title we have. I really respect those who embrace Islam willingly. For them, Islam is the only valuable things in their life. Directly the opposite to most of us. *sigh

I pray to Allah so that the mrs and I will be given the “hidayah” to stay committed in Islam and so that we will never forget to be thankful to Allah for having Islam as our way of life.

———– Personal Note ————
Have you ever day dreaming (berangan) of having a million dollars? I have… 🙂 but why ya? it usually end up the same way as any other people, it usually started with
– settling the bills and debt
– buy a car, buy a house, marry
– perform Haji
– go travelling

Nobody want to buy an Island? or build that “Airwolf” (the high tech helicopter) etc. 🙂

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