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Summary – “Mencari Semangat Yang Hilang”

Finally my leave is over. I bet most of you has already started working. It’s tough isn’t it? starting work after holiday. *sigh

So where do we find the strength to do what we have no energy to do? I have a few suggestion.

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Reading one of my friends blog, Noushy’s post titled “You did”, it reminds me of one saying (I did mention this in her comment) – What doesn’t kill you make you stronger

Don’t laugh just yet but I learnt the lesson from that phrase way before I even learn English. It’s from a famous comic “Mutiara Naga” or “Dragonball”. Bear with me for 10 seconds as I described the comics to you. It is about this warrior race – The Saiya. If a Saiyan is beaten up to the point of dying, and he survived, he will recover and be MUCH STRONGER than before.

So is this true? I believe it is

  • Whenever we were infected with a disease when we were children, and we survived it, usually we will have immunity to that disease
  • A friend got divorced, and heart-broken, everything seems meaningless until she realize her children needed her the most. And she suddenly become fiercely independent naturally and the only motto she relied on is just “bring it on” (true story)
  • A soldier in Perang Uhud (if I am not mistaken) carry the flag of Islam to war, and had had one of his hand cut, did he leave the flag behind? no!, he used his other hand motivating fellow soldiers, not at the back of the line but way in front of all soldiers. (true story)
  • An entrepreneur working his way up until suddenly his own friends stab him in the back and continue squeezing everything from him until he had absolute nothing. Suicide had been in his head. When he suddenly realize, there’s poorer people out there, drinking water from the drain after screened with their own shirt. He pull himself together and work until his success now is legendary. (true story)

These are true stories how amazing we are inside. They are not born special, or been eating special Nasi Goreng Kampung or sent to special school to train their spirit. These are normal people.. just like you and me.

They will be time when our spirit will be tested. Maybe our loved ones were sexually harassed in front of us, or our nation were under attack. Are we ready for that? It’s true, bravery is not always about sacrificing ourselves. It is better describe as doing the right thing when the moment demands it.

Are we ready to die for what we believe in?

————— Personal Note ————————–
This is another true story happened to me when I was 15 or 16. My brothers, a friend and I were walking back from solat Terawih. It was quite late. To cut things short, there is a group of boys actually wait for us and they had some history with us and now they wanted to beat us. They were actually escorting us, with a few at the front and a few at the back, while uttering nasty words to us. We kept walking until we finally stop under a street light all four of us waiting for them. We didn’t say a word and try to look as serious as possible. It was about 5 to 10 minutes, and still they didn’t take any action.

to be continued tomorrow… quite a lengthy story

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