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Personal Rant - Where's The Next Wimax Coverage? You Decide

If you have been following my personal rant, you will know that I occasionally write a piece or two on the latest development of wimax in Malaysia. Just a personal rant from the blogger in me who yearn for faster internet connection.

And if you read all the rants from other people on the net about P1 Wimax, it is always about why their areas are not yet covered. They are all getting fed up with their current ISP and if their areas are covered, they will definitely make that switch.

Good news! you can now nominate your area to be the next place to be covered. This may be just a gimmick, or it may be the real thing. Still, would you pass such opportunity to influence the wimax coverage in your area?

All you need to do is to just visit this P1W1max site and nominate your area. From the way I see it, if you manage to convince all your hometown folk to vote, the chances will be higher and you may get that wimax coverage slightly faster.

There’s no harm in trying right? 🙂

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I just came back from the PC Fair in KLCC. As usual everything is just as crowded as ever. Come to think of it, PC Fair doesn’t change that much. You will be seeing the same companies promoting their product, maybe some gimmick here and there, but people still go there religiously (Myself included).

I guess the main attraction of a PC Fair is basically the freebies and the ease to compare between products. For example, if you want to purchase a laptop, just approach any laptop booth and you will have sales person running to you explaining why you should buy theirs.

Speaking of freebies, P1W1max is also there. And there are having one of the most interesting freebies in the PC Fair.

You know that box where a person will go in and there will be money flying around inside. The person must grab as much cash as possible within a specific time and what ever amount he manage to grab will be his for the taking. P1W1max booth is offering exactly that.

If you subscribe with Wimax at the booth, you will be given a chance to go into the Money Chamber and grab as much cash as you can. However you are only given 10 seconds to do so.

Anyone planning to subscribe, postpone that thought and go to PC Fair in KLCC now. You might end up with a few extra cash in hand.

Venue – KL Convention Center, PC Fair Hall 5, Booth 530
Date – 12 – 14th December 2008
Time – 11 am – 9 pm

p.s. Snap some pictures if you can ya. 🙂

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Personal Rant - Free Wimax Offer From P1W1MAX

I was reading through my favorite forum (Malaysian) – when I found a thread about a new P1W1Max promotion exclusive for the forumner.

Basically, any forumner that live in Klang Valley and in a wimax coverage area can apply to be included in the program. You will be able to use Wimax for 6 month (until 15th June 09) absolutely free of charge. Yes, my dear friend.. Free wimax with no string attached.

You can choose to continue your subscription after the 6 months is over or you can stop immediately. They will not charge you anything but you will have to return the modem they gave you.

So what’s the catch?

Once a month, they will organize a get together to gather feedback on how to further improve their service. That’s it.

If you are living in areas within wimax coverage (specifically at Klang Valley), you should really apply. If you didn’t like it, you can return the modem. I really don’t see any reason not to try this offer out.

Oh ya, you will need to hasten though, as only the first 50 subscribers will be given the chance. Just send a private message to the thread starter or email him at lowyat_p1w1max at The offer will also be closed by 14th of December 2008.

Source –

p.s. Personally, I’m quite amazed by the effort made by P1 staff to further improve their service. Anyone can sell a product, but to continually improve the product for better customer experience is very admirable.

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I am compelled to write a post about P1W1MAX’s fair usage policy because I was just made aware that such policy exist. Since I have been writing about the benefit of wimax, you might want to know about this policy first before you subscribe.

Basically, it is a policy that ensure every subscriber the best speed available. Whether you use a few hours a day or 24 hours a day, you will receive the best speed at anytime. In order to maintain that, P1W1MAX apparently is monitoring all bandwidth usage and once you used up all the 20GB bandwidth limits, your internet usage will be prioritize less. In other words, you will experience slower speed than the rest of the subscribers (You can still go online though)

The Cons

  • Some of us do use the internet to download and upload large files. This can become a nuisance.

The Pros

  • Everyone will receive their fair share of maximum speed. Personally, I think it is fair. We are paying customer too right?
  • From my research, 20GB is the highest ceiling limit compared to other wireless competitors
  • 20GB per month is roughly about 667MB per day, An average person who plays games, surfs and downloads will rarely exceed this.
  • If 20GB limit is hit, you can still go online. It’s just that priority will be given to those who hasn’t reached their 20GB

I hope if P1W1MAX is reading this, at least they can

  • Provide us with a mean to monitor the bandwidth usage.
  • Maybe send us an email about a week before we used up our 20GB limits
  • Provide an option to increase the limits by paying slightly and reasonably more.

There.. now you know.

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