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The Crime Scene

Summary – Feeling betrayed

My raya mood is spoilt by today’s incident. An incident of betrayal. At least I feel like being betrayed. It happened last Thursday. Some of the palm oil produced by my mill was stolen. I was informed about it on Saturday.

The culprit was unknown. But I could see footsteps with some oil traces along the way until the fence of the mill compound. And there were footsteps on the other side of the fence indicating that this was a two person job.

I am then unofficially promoted to be the CSI of the mill, examining the crime scene and interviewing the witness. Luckily I watched CSI. 🙂

Today my investigation is complete and the result really spoils everything. There are two prime suspects to the crime, a supervisor and a lab sampler. A few people saw them behaving srangely on the day. To spare you from all the confusing details, the supervisor was seen to drive the shovel transfering the oil and park very near to the crime scene. Normally, the work of transfering oil should be done during the daytime and not 4am in the morning. The lab sampler was also seen at the place.

This is what I meant by feeling betrayed. I am actually a friend to these two. Chatting during breakfast and laughing at each other’s joke. If it is true that they were the culprit (Innocent until proven guilty), I felt like they were actually taking advantage of my friendship with them. One thing I hate most is when people take advantage of other people. Seriously I hate that attitude.

Nevertheless, I haven’t called them up to explain. There is still no prove that they actually did it. I actually had made a plan with 2 workers that I can trust. One will be observing the two’s behavior and if he sees the shovel being parked at strange place, he will immediately call me. And we will try to catch the culprit red handed. I’m very sure that the stealing will stop for a couple of week until everyone forget about the incident. But I intent to catch them in the act, so i’ll wait

– I wonder –
Have you ever had the same feeling as mine? Feeling betrayed?

———– Personal Note ————–
Unfortunately I can’t pursue the investigation because I am now on leave. Today at 1 pm I will start my journey back to Kedah for the Hari Raya.. (Suddenly my raya mood kicks in.. excitedly happy again hehe)

Please pray for my safe journey

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beday card
Today’s a special day, simply because today is the birthday of my dearest brother DaPocket..Happy birthday bro…Not only it’s his birthday… it is also special because this is the last birthday celebrated as a bachelor 🙂 hehe (as if it makes any difference)

So for you my brother, I wish you all the best, “panjang umur murah rezeki”. Sorry can’t celebrate it with you there. I will leave the celebration to my future sister in law 🙂

I wonder where did the time go, It’s like yesterday we still play wargame, around the house… climbing rambutan tree as if the tree was made of iron…. Play sepakraga until it was so dark we no longer see the ball and tomorrow everyone’s down with fever 🙂

Anyway.. have a happy happy birthday!!

DaPocket n Mama

Bedayguy & mama “cilok”ed from DaPocket’s blog

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For friends visitting who haven’t read yesterday’s entry, please scroll down to the 30th November. It’s on how to effectively escape from a pervert / rapist. An entry dedicated to all woman out there. I just hope that no pervert is reading. 🙂

I know I said that there will be no post today, but I just can’t resist from typing a few words eheh. I’m actually going to start a new culture here at I’m going to present to you the monthly progress report of the blog. It has always been ours, right?

5 Most Commented Article

Banji’s Must Read Article

For the whole 29 articles for November, you can reread it at the archive

Blog’s progress

  • Guest blogging had been kickstarted by Ms Azuwachan. Two interesting entries had been published. I really appreciate her contribution, and hopefully other friends will start to join in. Give this blog a new voice 🙂
  • New Categories – Scam Awareness & Guest Blogger
  • I have planned quite a few blog development for December. Believe me, the blog will only get better each day. You just wait 🙂

Monthly’s Personal Note
On 12/11 my mother was warded in the hospital for hypertension at 190/114. But she is now (updated at 1/12) is at 140/85. Which is so much better. Thank you to all friends praying and giving tips.

The blog is very lucky to have you, my fellow friends as the contributor. Again, your additional ideas and experience shared are very much appreciated.

We however need more great minds to learn from. So.. I humbly ask a favor from you, which is to spread the words of this blog to you friends, be it online or offline.

I’m sure the benefit we will get from them (experience and knowledge), will be worth it.

p.s. Hint – My birthday is in December!! hehe

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Summary – Help needed & the story of my engagement

In exactly one month from now (just after Aidiladha), I will have to do something I’ve never done before. I will lead my family and talk on their behalf for my brother’s engagement. In a simpler word – “Meminang”. It’s an honour bro..

Like all other first time things, I have no idea as to what to say or do. I know that this is all just for the sake of formality. The engagement has received green light from both families. Even if I said “Assalamualaikum, so kira jadilah ye? Bye”, the engagement will still be on (No worry brother, I’m not going to say that 🙂 )

Public speaking has never been a problem for me, it’s just that I still have some time to prepare for the speech, so why not ask my elite consultants (Which is you) for some advice or tips. Any scripts or dialogue structure (for example, first greeting, then talk about the weather then the talk) I should follow?

Which reminds me of the chaotic story of my engagement 🙂

————— Personal Note ————–
I’m not so sure about you guys, but my family is quite strict about one thing during engagement. That the groom-to-be must not attend the discussion. I have no problem either way.. but since it’s what the family wants (Now I feel like I’m in some Godfather movie), I better abide by them.

So while they were discussing about my engagement and the details of the wedding, there was I in my car, a few hundred meters away from my fiance’s (the mrs) house.

The thing is the mrs’ family actually wanted to see me. All her uncles and aunts actually were there just to see who will be the new addition to their family. The mrs kept calling me on the phone asking me to come over. What should I do? I was so torn up right then… and it worsen with filantera coming over asking me to join them. He said, my soon-to-be father in law specifically ask me to join them. Can you see the dilemma?

And that’s not even the worse part, I actually was just wearing a plain old tshirt. Now what if they all suddenly come out and see me. That’s not going to be a very good first impression now would it?

I then kidnapped my brother (asking him to follow me) and we went to this “bundle” shop (A shop selling used clothes). After searching.. I found a nice shirt (“kemeja”) and bought it. Time’s running up and filantera was getting hungrily crankier because he cannot enjoy the feast. Then I went to search for a laundry and get the shirt ironed.

When I get back, apparently the discussion and the feast were over. My family was actually waiting for me. The mrs was frustrated of course, not able to introduce me to the family. but accepted my excuse of going to buy the shirt. (She will read this tomorrow.. hehe no problem, married her already) and I managed to abide by that tradition imposed.

Personally, I don’t see any reason why the groom shouldn’t be in the discussion. At least give him something to eat.. right?

A clear example of “telan mati emak, luah mati bapak, go buy a shirt from bundle shop then,” 🙂

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