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A quick update – Today my wife is going to be admitted into the hospital. She is 9 days past her due date and tomorrow she will have to undergo induced labour. A critical time. So please accept my apology if I can’t be updating the blog these few days. I will most probably be there at the hospital the whole time.

Feel free to browse through the archive for some of my previous articles. I guarantee it will be worth your time 🙂

p.s. Wait for the good news, and shh it’s a girl 🙂

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Mother's Love

Summary – Happy Mother’s Day

For those who just tune in, my wife is now in her 38th week of pregnancy. We are expecting our first son or daughter any day now :).

This is my first time having to cope with all the pregnancy scenario (not that I’m pregnant of course, my wife is). I must say that I am really amazed with what all women have to go through. Seriously..

Take a look at my wife for instance

1) The pain.
I don’t know about other women, but my wife is always in pain especially towards the end. Maybe because this is her first time. But still, the pain’s there. Her back aches, her tummy stretched, headache. It looks like a real package. However, she patiently bear it all, knowing that it’s a price to pay for the happiness that comes with it.

To make it worse she is now having toothache

2) No more a shy girl.
Just like all other first timer, she has a lot of questions. Luckily for her, she has a sister that had had the experience. So anytime she has any questions, she will call her sister up and ask. This happen quite a lot of time, and I know for certain that she just put away all her embarassment to be the best mother for our baby.

I guess I became the more embarassed one 🙂

3) Stretch her limits.
She apparently is lactose intolerant, which in English means she will upset her stomach if she drink milk. Really upset, she even shed a few tears one day from the pain. We only know this after a few experiment and a trip to the doctor. The amazing thing is even after she knew she need to avoid milk, she still want to endure it by diluting the milk with water just to get the calcium for the baby. Obviously the baby is all she care about.

Some say drinking a lot of milk will make the baby fairer. I wonder if it’s true.

4) The discomfort.
I recently learnt that pregnant women in their late trimester are not advised to sleep facing up. It will have some effect to the baby. Imagine you have to sleep in just one or two position. Imagine the discomfort. I can only imagine and still I don’t like that feeling.

Unlike other discomfort, this one doesn’t go away, she has to endure it for the whole 9 months. How she manage to stay calm and sane should really be one of the wonders of the world. Impressive.

5) The unstable hormone.
I experienced this first hand (Again, not that I have unstable hormone, my wife does). I just cannot take things to heart this time around. But this is not about me. It amazes me how hormone works. One moment she is laughing, then suddenly everything I said upsets her even more. Somehow she still care for people around her, especially the baby and of course me. Hm the selflessness.

If it was me suffering the hormone imbalance, you will notice them in the blog 🙂

/end list

I am not even mentioning the future experience of delivering the baby. The fear and the pain alone are unthinkable.

The fact is, every mother around the world go through the exact same thing. Knowing this, don’t you think that mothers all around the world deserve more than just appreciation once a year on Mother’s Day?

Today is Mother’s Day here in Malaysia. And if you still have a mother, the least you can do is

  • Call her over the phone
  • Thank her for all she did for you
  • Apologize if you ever hurt her feeling
  • Say that you love her
  • Hang up the phone
  • Figure out how to appreciate her more

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, especially the mrs 🙂

365 days ag0, I wrote Exercise Like Mad, But No Result.. Why? 

Photo Credit – babasteve

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Immortal Wisdom

Today is a special day. Exactly 365 days ago, this blog was launched. Yes friends, LessonInLife is now one year old. Definitely the best 365 days of my life.

Immortal Wisdom
Let me just quickly recap the incredible journey this blog had undergone. At first, it was hosted by blogspot – Immortal Wisdom. Back then, I really love the idea of being an immortal, where you will live forever and thus will have the capacity of learning everything there is to know about life. There’s just so much to learn. Still love the idea though.

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to some of the most supportive bloggers around during my early days of blogging. These friends had been supporting all the way with their comments and words. If not because of these, I’m not sure the blog will be bere now. Thank you guys.

On October 22nd 2007, LessonInLife was registered. It was a daring move for me since I know nothing about hosting then. But I can see the potential of the blog, and thus I know this is the next proper thing to do.

Today, LessonInLife is being read by about 150 loyal readers DAILY and the number is improving consistently. Yes, that’s you..

The Key of LessonInLife
It’s you. Thank you guys. I really appreciate your support. Trust me when I say that it is YOUR support that is driving me to write everyday. And I will continue to do my best to make your support here worth it.

The Birthday Wish
Usually a birthday boy will have his wish granted isn’t it? Can I make a wish on behalf of the blog? I wish to know all my readers. So if you’re reading this, would you mind dropping a few comments here. Let’s become friends 🙂

Come to think about it, today is never about LessonInLife being one year old. It is more about appreciating you, my friends.. So enjoy your day today. And here’s to another good year ahead for us all.

Today in history
Bismillah – The first post

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Burnt House

Summary – Do you want to sit or put out that fire?

I’m sure everyone knows that on April 22nd we celebrated Earth Day. Not a joyous function if I may add. Why should we when we are killing our home. Funny.. how we set our house on fire and we keep sitting around planning how to spend our money.

No worry. This is not a normal Earth Day post. That is why I post it way after April 22nd. If you want to know what you can do to help out, I’m sure there are a lot of environmental blogs out there with great list.

Just watch the movie “Inconvenient Truth” currently aired on HBO. Whether you believe it or not, that’s totally up to you. But I truly find the images and facts elaborated in that documentary very shocking. And if that doesn’t give you the idea of how terrible our condition is now, I don’t know what will.

That said, today I’m actually going to write why the whole idea of environmental will most probably fail. Why after all the campaign made to increase our awareness, it can still be pointless. Rest assured, if it fails, we will die. As simple as that.

It will fail because everyone just doesn’t want to care.

“Someone else should be responsible. The government should make a drastic move for the environment. Not us. How can one man/woman make a change. Even if we use less electricity, it will not help in the overall state of environment. It will only make ourself more uncomfortable. So why bother?”

This idea is very wrong. The fact is, if the occupant of a house in fire didn’t care about putting out the fire, don’t you think they deserve to be burnt alive in there?

We need to care, guys. We need to know that what we did will have effect whether positively or negatively to our home. If we don’t know what’s happening, google them out. It’s our responsibility to know. Check what we can do to help. Information is just at the click of a button.

Forget about influencing others. How can you do that if you are still not convinced yourself. Influencing others should be our next goal in the next Earth Day.

– I wonder –
Anybody else watched the movie?

——— Personal Note ———
It’s simple really. If you know that what you are doing is damaging our world, why keep doing it? And if you know that what you are doing is prolonging our world’s health, then what possible reason we should stop doing it?

Please watch the movie – Inconvenient Truth

Photo Credit – Kiwi NZ

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