Summary – 5 things you must procrastinate

We’ve all heard that procrastination is the one enemy of productivity. In fact I myself have written a few articles on combatting procrastination.

However, procrastination is not all that bad. There are a few unique cases that we should consider procrastination as an option. In most of the case, it is by far the best option.

Allow me to name a few of those cases where procrastination should be practised.

1) Procrastinate Spending Money
Another word for spending money is of course shopping. Just procrastinate it all together. Everytime you have the urge to do shopping just for the sake of killing time. Procrastinate it. Just say “I will do this later, not now”. If that doesn’t work, repeat this “You hear me?? LATER!!” 🙂

But first you must know the difference between fundamental things and leasure things. You don’t want to mix the two, if not you will buy that extra pair of pants when you are actually going to buy some food.

2) Procrastinate Agreeing to Unbelievably Good Deals
How often you have just received your paycheck when suddenly a well dressed man approaches you offering the best massage chair in the world. The way he describes the amazing feature of the massage chair is so convincing that you are preparing to surrender all your money to him smilingly.

No offense to all the sales person reading, salesman are really good at this. You are not even thinking of a chair when you walk out of the bank, but suddenly you just can’t stop thinking about the deal.

Rule of thumb when approached by sales person, if you don’t need it 5 minutes ago, you probably don’t need it now. Procrastinate the decision to sometime later in the future.

3) Procrastinate Deciding On Non-Urgent Matter
Non urgent matter are decision that need to be made but you still have time to think about it. For examples, the name of your future children, or where to invest your hard earned money.

You don’t need to decide now. You still have a lot of time to think of a good name or doing research on your investment option. Yes, you may be a little late, but you are giving yourself the chance to be better equipped.

Please notice the keyword “Equipped”. There’s no point of procrastinating decision making, if you just end up NOT any wiser on the subject.

4) Procrastinate Unstable Emotion
How to procrastinate your emotion? Not easy, that much I can tell you, but not impossible.

When you are depressed, just say this out loud. “I can’t do this now. I’ll have to suck it up and deal with this emotion later”. Difficult to do? believe me it is doable. I personally am always stressed out at work, but when I get home. I just postpone the stress to tomorrow, when I can actually do something about it.

Why bother panicking about work not finished when you are at home. There’s no way you can finish your work at home since the work is at the office. So worry about it tomorrow.

You think this is difficult? Wait till you read no 5. Oh wait, here it is.

5) Procrastinate “Procrastination Activity”
When you are supposed to clean up the house, and you think about doing it later. What do you end up doing?

This is procrastination activity. Things like watching television, playing games or taking unnecessary nap. How about procrastinating this as a change? Number 4 doesn’t seem so difficult now, does it?

Conclusion – Just like anything else, procrastination on the 5 items listed above will be easier to do if you make a conscious decision to do it later. Say it out loud that you are not going to do this now.

Happy procrastinating!

– I wonder –
Is there any other unique cases that I might have missed?

Photo credit – McPig

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Summary – Wake up like a kindergartener

The Shocking News
I have a niece who is 5 years old and she is now in the kindergarten. I am totally shocked the other day when her mother told me that she will have to take written exams, and that examination paper will be sent to a centralized marking center.

Seriously? They do that for a kindergarten child now? I don’t know about you, but when I was in kindergarten, all we ever do is to sing songs, dance, learn a few things and spend the rest of the day playing with friends.

Down The Memory Lane
I know it’s not that productive if compared to the children nowadays, but I have a lot of fun. And everyday when I woke up I was very eager to start my day. Where has that gone?

Kindergarten back then was never about examination. It was more on introducing the children to learning environment and teaching them how to interact with other children. The best things that we learnt were never from the text book. We learn about friendship, sharing, flirting etc ourselves and that makes waking up everyday at the time so much fun.

Life Is One Big Kindergarten
Why can’t we try this? Don’t wake up everyday to go to work. Instead –

1) Learn new stuff
But not from the typical lecture notes. Learn how to make a kite maybe, and then how to fly it. We all know the latter is so much harder to learn.

2) Create theory
Create new theory everyday to explain your life. I do this all the time. There may not be any proof to my theory but it makes me open to new ideas. An example of a theory I come up from scratch is – My Theory On Ghost. Enjoy.

3) Experiment with your life
Do you know what makes you laugh? or the kind of jokes that do? How about other emotion? What will trigger your anger immediately?

For students, you can do an experiment on when exactly the best time to study. The time that will make understanding easier.

4) Meet new people
Too many people in one’s life can be suffocating, but there are so many amazing and interesting people out there. The more people we know, the better the chances are that we will find them

5) Contribute a piece of your life
Waking up to give something of yours is a very noble thing to do. It may not be material, the best thing we can give to other person is help and time. I bet when we are done, we will feel more satisfied with our life. And yes.. Happier too

– I wonder –
What else can we wake up everyday to?

———— Personal Note ———-
One of the most memorable memory of my kindergarten is when I get punched the first time in my life. There’s a bully by the name Zam, and he punched me right at the stomach. I’m not sure how I settled that problem though 🙂

Photo Credit – Sciondriver

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Summary – Differentiating two guys, a friend and one that has feeling for you

Ms Diha has asked me a question in the comment section of MBBDDH Attitude. First of all, thank you for the question, I will try to explain my opinion on the matter. To all fellow friends reading, feel free to add in to the answer. Together we can chip in all our experience to help each other.

For those who are interested, there is also an article I wrote on How To Know Whether He / She Is The One. Enjoy.

The question – “(Translated to English) How am I supposed to know that a guy likes me? He and I have been friends since primary school, and we became closer these few months. He seems to care so much about me and always offer to send me back to Shah Alam. Once he took a vacation oversea and he SMS’ed me almost everyday, updating his whereabout. He just recently broke up with his girlfriend and he said that he has given up on her.

So how do I know whether he really likes me, or I’m just a rebound?”

/end question

A disclaimer (as advised by my lawyer) – Everyone is different, and the method described here may / may not work for you. But I still can guarantee you that it will work for about 80% of the population of the world 🙂

That said, here what you should do

Step 1 – Sense the vibe
I’m sure you have pass this step, since you already has a hunch that he is attracted to you. This first step is important. Simply because the heart will be the first to detect if someone else is attracted to you. However, it may not be accurate if you yourself are attracted to him. You will then see everything he does as a sign of his affection for you. Differentiate this first, whether or not the vibe is from you or from him. And then move on to step 2

Step 2 – Ask yourself : Are you attracted to him?
It doesn’t matter if the world’s most eligible bachelor fall for you if you just didn’t have any feeling for the guy. So confirm this first. In your case, I can see that you are attracted to him. So you can just move on to step 3.

Step 3 – Is he worth it?
It’s confirmed. You can sense the vibe from him. He definitely have feeling for you. And so are you. Next you need to determine whether he is ok. You don’t want to be involved with someone who robs bank don’t you?

I admit the 3 steps will not help you to know his true feeling, but still the 3 steps are important to know what exactly you want and whether or not that thing you want is exactly what you need. Moving on..

Step 4 – Watch and jot down the signal
When I say watch for signal, I really mean it. Take a piece of paper, and write it down. If he smile or make effort to “accidentally” bump into you on his way to class, jot that down. I will describe why later.

Some other examples of signals a guy may do

  • Going all out for you – When you ask for a call at 11.34am, he actually ask what time is it now according to your watch. And when you are sick, he may buy some hot chicken soup for you. You know what to do right? Pretend that you’re sick and let him know.
  • Selfless act – Ask him for help in something he will not gain anything. Maybe pick up a friend at the bus station for you since you are sick 🙂
  • Make effort to know you – A real love for a guy is when he actually make the effort to know you. He will notice what you like to eat, and what you don’t. He will take note that you are a flower-lover type or not (He may be planning to buy you flowers later on)

So did you write everything he does down? Let’s go to step 5

Step 5 – Analyze and return EXACTLY how much he gave you.
This is very important. Some guys go all out just for a friend. Some will only do that for girls he like. So how to differentiate this?

Easy, if a guy give you a present for birthday, return the favor by giving him a present during his birthday. and most importantly is to NEVER overdo it. If he send you an MMS, you reply back by sending him an MMS. If he introduce you to his friend, you do the same. EXACTLY the same.

Why the words “exactly”? Because a guy who has feeling for you will take this as a hint and will go all out even more. He will always want to show that he loves you even more. If you give him a present during his birthday, he may start giving present during Valentine, or just “because he thinks of you” 🙂

You will be able to see how exactly he is trying if you wrote down what he did the first time (Step 4). At one time, his action will just give him away and you can see clearly how much he likes you.

Step 6 – Be flexible
When involving human emotion, nothing is black and white. All the advice above may be spot on and solve your problem entirely. Or they can just solve nothing. So be flexible. Remember, a guy who is attracted to a girl will try in every possible way to show her how he feels. Your mission is to give him a push until his action give his secret away.

– I wonder –
Based on your experience, how do you know if someone has feeling for you?

———- Personal Note ————
Appreciate the question Diha, hope this helps. For everyone else, feel free to shoot me an email or ask questions here. I will try my best to answer them 🙂

Photo Credit – LinhNgan

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I just heard the news that PC Fair is going to be held next week at the usual place. For my fellow friends reading that’s not in Malaysia, PC Fair is an annual event where you can find the cheapest discounted price for all the computer accesories. I usually go there just to brush up on what’s new in the gadget world.

This time, I have another mission. I read in TheStar the other day about free trial of Wimax at the PC Fair. I want to test it out and see whether I am satisfied with that kind of connection. You should too if you’re planning to change later on

And I have so many questions to ask the representative about Wimax. I actually wrote it down in an A4 paper 🙂

One thing for sure, with this trial, I think Wimax will be launched very soon. And when it does it will be as common as GPRS connection nationwide, plus 100 times faster!

Please excuse my excitement, It’s very hard to contain when you’ve been patiently working on turtle-slow connection for years.

Anyone planning to go there too? If you see me, do say hello. I will be there on the 1st August at KLCC, most probably in the evening 🙂 See you there.

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