Please accept my apology for the record-breaking 3 days of no new post here. There had been some major breakdown in my mill for the last few days. I had to attend to it can only return home very late at night. And by then all I can think of is the bed (very tired)

I think I am now officially addicted to having you guys read my articles. Thank you for visitting. Rest assured, things will go back to normal starting tomorrow.

So see you guys tomorrow kay πŸ™‚

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Summary – More & Less

I was actually writing another post when suddenly I realized something. Most of life’s problem can be settled by the keyword “more and less”. Hopefully this list will help elaborate the idea.

How to have a a healthier body?

  • Less unhealthy food, more exercise

How to get things done?

  • Less idling, more systematic work done

How to be more understanding?

  • Less talk, more listening

How to be a happier you?

  • Less negativity, more positivity

How to become rich?

  • Less expenditure, more income

How to have a meaningful life?

  • Less you, more others

How to achieve dream?

  • Less dreaming, more action

How to excel in exam?

  • Less wasting time, more study

How to be successful?

  • Less mistakes, more results

How to live longer?

  • Less dying, more living

/end list

You may be saying… Duh! πŸ™‚ But seriously when you think about it, it does make sense. It all boils down to these two term, more and less.

Allow me to explain. Let’s take example 2 – How to get things done. Don’t you think that the only thing that deteriorate our productivity is procrastination and lack of system? If we can minimize procrastination and build a more systematic way of doing things, basically nothing will stop us from getting things done.

Once we know this, we must go deeper, and ask how exactly can we reduce procrastination? What other system can we apply? Unfortunately the answers to that must be researched ourself.

So, what’s the importance of knowing this?

Guess what, even in its general form, we are actually halfway from solving our problems. We already know where to start. And knowing where to start is basically a solution to every problems on earth.

Try it with other problems / questions in your life. Maybe you can try to come up with the solution for these questions

1) How to make a person likes you?
2) How to be a good man?

———– Personal Note ———–
I’m currently in Kuala Lumpur, visitting my mother and taking the mrs to her now-weekly medical checkup. She is now 8 months in her pregnancy. We had checked via ultra sound to determine the gender of our baby, but apparently the little one is quite creative in hiding that vital part of his/hers. So we are still unsure of his/her gender.

Now we had given up checking and will just wait the news once he/she is born.

But, the mrs had bought quite a lot of pink colored baby clothes πŸ™‚

PhotoΒ CreditΒ :Β Fran-Cis-Ca

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Summary – Associate

Anybody here actually hate their job say “Yes” πŸ™‚ I know the feeling. The fact is we are not hating the job every single day. It’s just that on some days, the idea of quitting our job and do our dream job can comes to mind. And it is tempting.

But a job is still a job. Who’s to say that when we quit and do our dream job, we will not suffer the same hate feeling sooner or later. So what we can do is to try to find a way to be in love with what job we are having now.

This is what I do.

I searched my heart for the one thing that I really enjoy. One that I can do 24 hours a day without realizing it’s already 24 hours.

Upon checking, I realize that one of the things that I enjoy is playing games. Not any kind of games, specifically Role Playing Game. For those who has no idea of role playing game, it is basically a game where you play a character in the game. And you start with a mission for your ultimate goals and as the story folds you encounter a lot of adventure, mini mission, upgrade level etc.

Still clueless? No problem. Let me explain further. When I’m bored or starting to dislike working, I will imagine that I am the character in the game. And that with completing all the mini task, I am gaining experience point. I can actually see the point being added (Of course in my imagination)

Sometimes I was assigned by my manager to negotiate with the worker’s union on some matters. I quickly get into my game mode. And with every successful negotiation, I imagine 1 point of Communication Skill is added to my stats πŸ™‚ I’m sure those who play RPG game will understand.

I don’t know about you, but this alone will help me get through some tough day.

You too can do just the same. If the thing you enjoy the most is gardening, and you’re working as human resource manager. Try imagining your workers are like plant. You need to give them attention and all the right nutrition for them to grow. When they do grow into a more efficient worker, take the time to enjoy your success.

– Disclaimer –
This method may not work for everyone. But try away, maybe you can further expand it to cater yours πŸ™‚

– I wonder –
What are the thing you enjoyed the most? The thing that you will lose track of time the minute you started on it.

———- Personal Note ———-
I have to make it clear that I don’t hate my job. It’s just sometimes, I feel like quiting my job and maybe start blogging professionally. πŸ™‚ Anyone hiring?

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Patch Adam

Summary – Variety or Repeated?

In an interview, if you were asked “What’s your experience?”. How would you answer? “I have 10 years of variety of experience”? or “I have 10 years of repeated experience”?

10 years of repeated experience is most probably the answer for majority of us. We worked for 10 years but all the while we are doing the same thing. This can be equally aplied not only to working but also to hobbies or interest.

It’s true that repeating the same work may give us that “skilled” factor. We will become specialist in what we do. We will then be so good in what we do, that it is no longer a challenge to the mind.

Our mind is like a child, always asking question and always wants a challenge. I even heard that one of the suspected reason Alzheimer cases in old people is when we are not challenging our mind consistently.

What I’m trying to say here is just to introduce something new to our life. It can be weekly or monthly but please try something new. For example,

1) Try cooking
There’s a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomache. And guess what? the same goes to woman πŸ™‚ Who hates good food?

2) Look for new things to do when travelling
Most people just travel to see the beautiful scenery. Why not you make it compulsary for you to do one unique thing when you travel. For example, you travel to Place A, maybe you do rock climbing there, then you travel to Place B, you learn how to fish squid (Mencandat)

3) Learn to play an instrument (3 songs)
I actually did this. I learn to play exactly 3 songs on guitar. When you are in presence of strangers, and you were asked to play the guitar, you can immediately play that 3 songs and people will see you now as the man who play guitar πŸ™‚ But you will have to stop when the 3 songs are over

4) Check what’s the new buzz
Everyday there are new things being introduced. In the internet, there are thousands new things everyday. Check what everyone is highlighting. For example, twitter. I read all over the net about how twitter is the next blog, so I tried it out. I may not be as active in it but at least now I know what it’s all about. For those who’sΒ on twitter, please follow me here.

Let’s get to know each other. I will only be able to tweet after work, so please excuse me sometimes when I’m not there πŸ™‚

5) Make strange new friend.
Everyone can make friends. Why don’t you challenge youself to make friends with people who have nothing in common with you. Try to befriend lawyers, or engineers, or beggars, Just imagine the experience they can share with you.

6) Try other jobs
Why not one day you just go for an interview at the local mall for a promoter job. When you are accepted to work, just take a day off from your current job and go to work at the place. You’ll be working there for one whole day. And since you are not going to be paid (since you just work for one day), it is important that you take all the experience you can get from that one day job. Mingle around. Believe me, you will have a more profound respect for the people working as a promoter later on.

7) Do social experiment
I watched “Patch Adam” once played by Robin William. In that movie, Adam is doing an experiment to check how to connect to people on a deeper level. He hang himself upside down from a tree and surprised a pedestrian saying “Hello”. He consider the experiment a success if the pedestrian look back and smile. Of course it’s a success.

My point exactly, try to come up with experiment of your own. Learn more about life. It is actually fun. πŸ™‚ An example of experiment you can do is maybe to ask for help from strangers. See how many will help a stranger.

/end list
I can go on and on about the list of things. But I try to keep the post as short and simple as possible. So there they are. Care to try?

– I wonder –
Do you have any other methods to make your day different?

———- Personal Note ———–
I know some people dislike him, but I really love watching movie played by Robin William. There are almost all thought provoking and creatively done. My favorite would be the Bicentennial Man, where a unique robot try to find a way to be more human πŸ™‚

What’s your favorite movie?

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