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Summary – Daily resolution

Including today, there are still five days left in 2007. What are you going to do with it?

Resolution is actually what we aim to get with a one year work. We can plan in full detail on what to achieve. But whether or not we can achieve it will always remain a mystery. Why? because usually we will only know whether we had achieved our target (weight loss, promotion etc) at the end of the year.

But by then, it will be too late to do anything. Even if we had the time, we will lack the motivation to do so. So what should we do?

The only thing we can do is to not only come up with a one year plan, but to also come up with a daily plan, or a weekly plan. This way, we will know immediately the effectiveness of our plan every week and we can improve and review it accordingly.

I prefer a weekly plan because too much things to do to fit in a day.

– I wonder –
What are you going to do today which will help you in achieving your goals? This is the most important question we need to ask ourselves.

———— Personal Note ————
As promised yesterday, these are my resolution for 2008

Islam wise

  • Never miss Solat. All missed Solat must be Qadha within the same day
  • To download Islamic preaching and listen to it at least once every two days
  • To finish reciting the Quran (Khatam Quran) within the year, that means at least one page per day.

Family wise

  • To visit dearest grandmother in Kedah as often as possible (at least every 3 months)
  • Most importantly must learn as much as possible about parenthood, since there will be a new member in the family this coming May InsyaAllah. Need to buy a book on this.

Career wise

  • To study and sit for the steam certificate examination by July 08

Health wise

  • To restart jogging / power walking at least thrice per week

/end list

These 4 are at the moment the most important things need to be done. I’m sure you have a similar resolution. Let’s pray we will be able to achieve them 🙂

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Summary – 7 Mistakes of Making Resolution

Can you guess what is the most popular question these few days? To save you the time – the question is “What is your new year resolution?”

Now what do you think the most popular answer? It would be that there is no new resolution, the present ones are still not accomplished.

Why do you think resolution is often not accomplished? Please help me compile the mistakes we usually make… This is what I can come up so far

Mistake 1 – Impossible Resolution
Aiming to save RM100,000 when we are only being paid RM5000 per month is an example of an impossible aim. Maybe we can do it another way, let say, we can steadily save RM1000 per month, then aim to save RM10,000 for the year. I’m very sure we can achieve that.

Mistake 2 – Forgotten Resolution
This one is a sure thing. How many of us actually remember what it is we wish to achieve by the end of the year? forget end of the year.. how about by the end of February. It’s sad but resolution almost always not achieved simply because we forget there is one. So write clearly what your resolutions are, and paste it where we will be able to see everyday.

Mistake 3 – General Resolution
“I want to be fitter next year”, with this kind of general statement, obviously it will be the same statement every year. Put in some details in it. Maybe like this, “I want to compete and finish a marathon in 2008”.

Mistake 4 – Negative Resolution
Resolution is supposed to be for self improvement. If a resolution work the other way around, I called it negative resolution 🙂 An example is like when you aim to start smoking next year to look cooler. If you want to be cooler, get an aircond (an anti-smoking joke hehe)

Mistake 5 – Dependent Resolution
Try to avoid these type of resolution, the kind that need other people participation for it to work, like quit smoking if you can persuade your spouse to join the program. If he/she start smoking, the tendency is you will too. So start small, more importantly start with yourself first.

Mistake 6 – No-Deadline Resolution
The problem with no deadline, is that procrastination will kicks in, “Ah, I’ll start exercising tomorrow lah”, “Next week, I will definitely start”. Before you know it, it’s already 2020 🙂

Mistake 7 – No Resolution
How can a resolution be fulfilled if there is none to start with. What ever people are telling you, resolution making is very important. Don’t enter a new year without having none. A simple “I want to be a better me” will suffice. Now put details to it.

– I wonder –
What’s your resolution next year? And how do you wish to accomplish it? 🙂

————- Personal Note ————-
I’m happy to be back blogging. And I have big plans for the blog next year. Mainly it will be involving you, my fellow friends. Hope you will still supporting the blog then. Your support and energy is what inspire me to write

My new year resolution – I’ll write it down in the additional ideas later.. 🙂

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Hi there… So much had happened in these few days, and by the end of the day, I’m so tired I fainted until the next morning.. So my thanks to all of you who drop by the blog 🙂

However, you will have to excuse me for not posting today. The reason is because today is….

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

You can all enjoy your public holiday now… 🙂

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5 Hantaran

tepak sirih

Tepak Sirih


Wakil pihak perempuan dan banji 🙂
Yesterday as I had posted, was the day I went for the first time, discussing the engagement of my dear brother DaPocket.. in other word – “meminang”. I still think the word “meminang” best describes the whole process.

Well it was like Hari Raya all over again, waking up very early in the morning all excited and busy. At 9am, everyone was ready.. (sort of). And we departed from our house at 9.30am. Everything looked good

Alhamdulillah, everything did go fine without any problem. I was rehearsing what I’m supposed to say in the car. I repeated it so many times, the mrs started to feel dizzy 🙂 I had to stop then.

We reached there in Sungai Dua exactly at 11 am, and were welcomed by the elder brother of DaPocket’s soon-to-be-fiance. He was her “Wali”.

When everyone’s seated, I started the whole script I just memorized 🙂 As I have previously promised.. this is basically the script used

“Assalamualaikum, Biar saya perkenalankan diri saya.. Nama saya banji (bukan nama sebenar) abang kepada DaPocket (Juga bukan nama sebenar) mewakili beliau dan sekaligus keluarga pihak lelaki.

Pertamanya, kami ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih pada pihak perempuan kerana sudi menerima kunjungan kami pada hari ini.

Jadi biarlah saya berterus terang akan maksud kedatangan kami ini, nak berbunga bahasa tak begitu pandai 🙂

Kami datang ni membawa hajat DaPocket, yg ingin meminang DaPocket’s Fiance (bukan nama sebenar) untuk dijadikan isteri. Itulah tujuan kami.. dan kami sangat berharap peminangan kami ini diterima pihak perempuan. Sekian”

/end script

Funny how everything is actually the best at its simplest 🙂

In short, everything went well and DaPocket is now engaged heheh Congratulation bro!

p.s. Sorry some pictures can’t be shown as it involved someone else’s privacy 🙂 Happy Weekend everyone!

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