Summary – Wandering Mind In Nilai 3

Today is my off day. Yes.. Friday. You may wonder why it’s Friday and not Sunday. Well, I sort of in charge of the maintenance in the mill and unfortunately Sunday is the only day in the week to do maintenance work. So they changed my off day to Friday.

Hm actually I started off this entry with the intention of telling you how exhausted I am. I just came back from Nilai 3. “Somebody” in my family is going to get married this coming Chinese New Year, and the mother insist me to bring her there for some shopping therapy heheh.

I don’t know shopping have therapy effect.. do you?

Anyway.. everything ends well. Bought some items for the wedding, and bought dinner there. Being the only driver I am very tired right now… So I’m going to bed now

But first here are some interesting thing I observed in Nilai 3

  • The shop is very well organized. If you aim for a wedding shop, And you go into one, I assure you there will always be another wedding shop within visible range. So you end up walking to that shop, then another shop and then another shop.. (All shop will be accessible)
  • Then when you are tired from all that walking, your standard can sometime drop. If for example, you are looking for a red curtain… The first few stores, you will insist on that color, nothing less. But after you have make a “tawaf” (go around the block) you may be content with some reddish curtain, just to get it over with 🙂 (In the end… more option and thus more business)
  • I’m not sure why.. but there will always be one shop that is selling the cheapest price. The thing is… we never can guess the pattern. So that’s why people will jump from shop to shop searching until they have to make that final jump to an “ice kacang” stall.
  • There is one shop where the salesperson is very friendly. Even though we had made it clear we are not buying anything from the shop, he still help us to figure out how many meter of cloth we actually need, and some consultation on the design. We named the shop “Kedai Pandai Kira”. Why? Because if we can’t find what we want from elsewhere, that shop will be our first place to go back to. (See… you help people, people will help you)
  • I used to wonder, why when there is one shop selling cloth, all the shops there will be selling cloth. I thought that was just foolish. But then it struck me, the people who go there to buy cloth, will not go elsewhere. They will browse around that place because they will be able to find what they want with very less energy spent walking. The market is there.. all they need to do now is to effectively promote it and improve the service. Brilliant.
  • There is one shop actually offer free cold water for people walking by. No obligation… The weather is hot, so people window shopping will start looking for water instead. Offering free water will get the traffic drop by and maybe sell a few items.

There… Now I’m going to bed, Any other marketing / promotion tips you can think of?

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Summary – Ask question.. and be forgiving

Reading previous post by Ms Azuwachan, kept me thinking… we really don’t actually know who we are. don’t you think? Yes we know all the basic stuff, name, dob, favorite food etc etc. But we will only know our true self if we think about it. For example, by asking what’s the reason Azuwachan is a quiet girl, she will learn more about herself, maybe that she like to have control of her feeling, she observe and learn from things and people around her etc.

Which lead to a more interesting question, do we know who we really are? Do I know whether or not, I am a humble person, or an egoist? what makes me angry? What makes me smile? Even if I make a list of 1000 things that make me smile, I can guarantee you that the list will never end.

So a conclusion I can make is

  • We really need to know about ourself, and the only way we can do that is by asking question. Ask question like, what kind of people I like or hate, or when people beg for money, what’s the condition that I will spare him/her some change?
  • The answers to your question will give you a clearer picture of who you are. and it will act as a guide to you living your life.
  • The answers will be a never-ending list. It doesn’t need to be perfect. As long as you know yourself better… you will do just fine 🙂

An interesting scenario very related to this – Let us assume a girl is 25 years old, and she has a boyfriend. One problem with the couple is that they always quarrel with each other. And when asked, the girl will say that the boyfriend never understand her. It can be the other way around, the boyfriend claimed that the girl never understand him.

According to the idea presented, that we will never completely know ourself, don’t you think the girl should give the boyfriend a break if he misunderstoof her sometimes? I mean, for 25 years the girl is learning about herself and still doesn’t quite know who she is. How can she expect a mere mortal that she just knew for 2 months to completely understand her.

So please give your spouse a break if he/she misunderstood you. He/she is definitely trying his/her best. And I really think that deserve to be appreciated, at least by a simple forgiveness once in a while, don’t you agree? 🙂

A question for you… what do you think is the most important question we need to ask ourself? Can I know your thought on this?

————– Personal Note ————-
Just an update, dearest mother is getting better. Yesterday, the bp had dropped from 193/120 to 140/94. She was discharged from the hospital and now is staying with me resting. Thanx to all wishing and praying for my mother’s health. Only Allah will repay your kindness.

Another good example for today’s entry, we never know our blood pressure unless we go see a doctor and check 🙂

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This post was contributed by Ms Azuwachan in respond to my invitation. She is an IIUM student by day and a talented musician by day n night. For more details on her, please visit her blog Don’t mind the elephant.. it’s very lovable 🙂

Summary – My First Guest Post – 5 Reasons Why Being Quiet Is Better

After I commented on the article 5 Top Ways To Generate Ideas, I kept thinking of the reason I remain a quiet girl. This is what I can come up so far..

  • I think to talk a lot needs a lot of energy. I always see my father nagging, and usually he will get tired because of his diabetes (Diabetes patients always get tired because of lack of sugar in blood, right?) I thankfully have no diabetes, but still I think shut up is better than wasting your energy talking, huhu~
  • Sometimes people don’t really know what they are talking about. until they start talking bad thing about themselves or others. Believe me, girls do this often (not sure about men). Often what are they saying about others are actually about them as well, and that’s bad, right? Like, ‘membuka pekung di dada‘, even though it isn’t that bad, but still, it’s better to shut up.
  • It’s actually your defense mechanism. To silent yourself is to make yourself calm, to meditate yourself, to heal your inner self. That’s why it is encouraged to keep quiet when you’re irritated, or mad with someone; one way that I always use when I got mad with someone.
  • It shows that you’re mature, rational person who does not follow your emotion,but you follow your brain. Some smart students may be talkative, because they have a lot of creative things to say, but still if one smart student keeps his tongue from worthless words, people will usually still respect him, right? Even a stupid person will be seen as smart when they don’t talk too much, hehe…
  • Lastly, it is clearly stated in one hadith that it’s better to say few words that are necessary only than to talk a lot of words of junk. Hadith successors were not allowed to talk much about a hadith; they only open up when being asked by someone to prevent from getting confused (because they rely much on their memory to remember hadith of Prophet s.a.w).

See, that’s why I’m the most quiet person in my room. I don’t talk much about myself, even to my friends. We only talk about matters that are necessary. But I do laugh out loud, y’know, heheh…

But it’s not wrong to be talkative. However, think before you say, that’s the most important. “Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata, lebam dekat mata” heheh..

Anyway, I would like to see some ideas from everyone here. Some contra statements are also welcomed, hehe…

————— Banji’s Personal Note ————–
So guys.. do you agree with Ms Azuwachan or you strongly believe the other way around? One thing that I am not so sure is about the hadith succesors, and that they are not allowed to talk much about a hadith. Maybe those who know for sure about it can verify it?

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push up

Summary – Incorporating exercise in daily chores.. A vow

An update on my mother’s condition. Yesterday, I went to KL and brought her over to my place. We then went to the hospital in Kuala Pilah, and she was admitted into the hospital for observation. I will be going there every day to check on her. The last BP check (just after I left the hospital) showed 150/120. Still relatively high.. but hopefully a good sign.

Many factors affected blood pressure, One of which is regular exercise. Exercise does not necessarily means you put on your jogging shoes or hit the gym. The more efficient method is by doing exercise when you are doing house work.

A good example is to avoid using remote control. You will have to get up from the sofa and hit the button manually. I get this example from a tv show “Downsize Me” on Discovery channel. I then started to think of other way to do exercise indirectly at home. Maybe you can add to the list, and together we try to do the items on the list one at a time.

  • Avoid using remote control, get up and switch the channel manually
  • Set up rules, that when you enter your bedroom, you must do 5 push ups.
  • Wash car yourself.. It’s a good exercise. Remember Karate Kid?
  • When you touch a keyboard to blog, set your timer on your handphone for 30 minutes… When the timer rings, you take your skipping rope and do 50 “skipping”. If you forget, no problem.. just do it when you remember.
  • Choose 5 clothes every week and wash it manually. Maybe you can choose those with stubborn stain on the neck area
  • Mop the floor and play some music… maybe you can dance to the music while mopping, the whole work will take a little more time, but you are going to have more fun.
  • Pick one 30 minutes sitcom every week, and exercise while watching the show non stop. You can do crunches, or just some air-punching. Anything as long you sweat and enjoy the show.


I’m very sure that you guys have more creative ways to incorporate exercise in our daily house work. Care to share them here?

————— Personal Note ——————-
I admit that I don’t practice the items in the list. But that is exactly why I put it up here. I will try to do all the 7 items, one for every day in the week.

Monday – remote control day | Tuesday – push ups room day| Wednesday – Wash car (today I’m going to wash the car) |Thusday – 30 minutes of keyboard, 50 skipping | Friday – Wash clothes | Saturday – mop the floor | Sunday – sitcoms

A vow made… come join me 🙂

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