I just came back from the PC Fair in KLCC. As usual everything is just as crowded as ever. Come to think of it, PC Fair doesn’t change that much. You will be seeing the same companies promoting their product, maybe some gimmick here and there, but people still go there religiously (Myself included).

I guess the main attraction of a PC Fair is basically the freebies and the ease to compare between products. For example, if you want to purchase a laptop, just approach any laptop booth and you will have sales person running to you explaining why you should buy theirs.

Speaking of freebies, P1W1max is also there. And there are having one of the most interesting freebies in the PC Fair.

You know that box where a person will go in and there will be money flying around inside. The person must grab as much cash as possible within a specific time and what ever amount he manage to grab will be his for the taking. P1W1max booth is offering exactly that.

If you subscribe with Wimax at the booth, you will be given a chance to go into the Money Chamber and grab as much cash as you can. However you are only given 10 seconds to do so.

Anyone planning to subscribe, postpone that thought and go to PC Fair in KLCC now. You might end up with a few extra cash in hand.

Venue – KL Convention Center, PC Fair Hall 5, Booth 530
Date – 12 – 14th December 2008
Time – 11 am – 9 pm

p.s. Snap some pictures if you can ya. 🙂

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7 Tips To Remind You Of Your Goals

Summary – Remember & Be Super Productive.

Pop quiz

There is a guy who loves productivity tips. He reads every single tips on all productivity blogs and half of the time he is one of the most productive person on the planet.

The question is – What happened to another half of his time?

Procrastination? Nah.. He must have memorized all the tricks to overcome procrastination. Fall sick? Maybe but nobody can be productive when they are sick, so that excuse is acceptable.

The Real Answer

He simply forgets to be productive.

You may not notice it, but forgetfulness is one of the hidden enemy of productivity. Just look at our annual resolution. It’s almost the end of the year now, ask yourself, how many have actually been fulfilled? There will usually be a lot of resolution left unfulfilled. For some they have totally forgotten that they even have one.

Another example to illustrate how forgetfulness is productivity number 1 killer is handling our finance. We have read all there is to know about financial management such as how to save that emergency money, how to avoid impulsive buying etc but usually when we really want something, we will just buy it. This can only happen if we forget the whole idea of financial management. The worse case scenario would be when we deliberately forget all the tips.

How To Be Reminded Of Things & Goals

The only way we can overcome forgetfulness is simply to remind ourselves all the time. Listed below are a few simple ways to actually do that.

1) Make use of screensaver. Why on earth are we displaying piping lines as our screensaver. What good will that do. Put up encouraging words such as “It’s been at least 5 minutes since you do anything, do something now!!”

2) Constantly edit your wallpaper by listing down your priorities. I need to have pictures as my wallpaper. So what I did is to edit the pictures using Gimp to list down my top 5 goals in life (Beautifully written of course)

3) Set alarm for your work. After a while you will need to have a break. What I would recommend you to do is to set an alarm on your computer to ensure you will be able to get back to work promptly.

I suggest an online alarm clock – Kukuklok.com. You can set what kind of alarm noise you want from cockerel, classic clock, electronic and slayer guitar. Make sure you max out the volume of your speaker. That should work. If not, your spouse will threaten you to start working just to make the noise stop.

The simpler way is of course to set up the alarm on your cellphone.

4) Install ReminderFox extension to your Firefox. This is especially for those who use Firefox as their browser. You can install this extension (ReminderFox)and organize how you want to be reminded.

5) Paste reminders on the wall. I remember a scene from the movie – Hollow Man where the scientist had pasted a note reminding him to get back to work on the ceiling. Whenever he is getting sleepy or is lying on the bed, he will immediately see that note. I’m not sure whether he gets back to work after that or just ignore the reminder. But still, it’s one of the most efficient way to remind yourself.

Some other interesting places to paste the note is in your wallet, at the steering wheel of your car or on top of your television. The rule is to place it at the most viewed place throughout the day.

6) Use unwritten reminder. Pasting notes to remind ourselves is a great idea but when you have a few thousand things to remember, your house may not need the new repainting (It will be covered with that small notes pasted on the wall)

What you should try to do is to associate the things you see everyday to your list of things to remember. For example, I will always be reminded to check whether I’m out of gas whenever I come across a gas station while driving.

Try this with everything else. The best things you can do is to associate seeing money with saving. Imagine, seeing money and you immediately save it. You will be rich.

7) Ask a friend to remind you. Ask for help from your friends to remind you of your goals. For example, make it a habit to bring your friend when you go shopping. This friend is assigned to deter you from buying. Maybe by telling you it’s too expensive or it looks ugly on you.

If you have such friends, sticking to your budget or resolution will be easier. If you do have such friends, cherish them well.

– I wonder –
Any other ideas on how to be reminded of things or your goals?

———- Personal Note ———–
When I was 16 years old, I wrote my goals on the inside of my wardrobe. One of the goals include being a master in martial art. Of course, my fellow friends found out about my goals and they made fun of the goals. That in a way had deterred me partially from pursuing my goals.

Lesson learnt – ditch those friends.

Photo Credit – Mhatma

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Personal Rant - Free Wimax Offer From P1W1MAX

I was reading through my favorite forum (Malaysian) – Lowyat.net when I found a thread about a new P1W1Max promotion exclusive for the forumner.

Basically, any Lowyat.net forumner that live in Klang Valley and in a wimax coverage area can apply to be included in the program. You will be able to use Wimax for 6 month (until 15th June 09) absolutely free of charge. Yes, my dear friend.. Free wimax with no string attached.

You can choose to continue your subscription after the 6 months is over or you can stop immediately. They will not charge you anything but you will have to return the modem they gave you.

So what’s the catch?

Once a month, they will organize a get together to gather feedback on how to further improve their service. That’s it.

If you are living in areas within wimax coverage (specifically at Klang Valley), you should really apply. If you didn’t like it, you can return the modem. I really don’t see any reason not to try this offer out.

Oh ya, you will need to hasten though, as only the first 50 subscribers will be given the chance. Just send a private message to the thread starter or email him at lowyat_p1w1max at packet-1.com. The offer will also be closed by 14th of December 2008.

Source – Lowyat.net

p.s. Personally, I’m quite amazed by the effort made by P1 staff to further improve their service. Anyone can sell a product, but to continually improve the product for better customer experience is very admirable.

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Are You In A Relationship That Doesn't Make Sense?

Summary – Why do things that do not make any sense in a relationship?

The Story

It’s a typical love story. Boy meets Girl, Boy fall in love with Girl, Boy don’t know how to treat Girl, Boy and Girl break up.

The break up can be due to a lot of reasons. I am going to use this scenario though to elaborate.

In the mind of the Boy :”I must not show that I’m weak, she will never like me if I’m weak. I shouldn’t say that I love her. That is a sign of weakness and romantic. No girls will like me then.”

In the mind of the Girl :”All I need is a small gesture of affection. Does he even like me? He doesn’t even say hi to me when we met just now. Am I wasting my time waiting for him to approach me?”

Does this relationship makes sense to you?

Why do we do things that do not make any sense. If the boy really likes the girl, he should have said so. Or at least gave out hints of his feeling. Pretending that she does not exist just to look cool in front of her doesn’t make sense at all.

The Bigger Application

No worries. Almost everyone will do things that do not make any sense every once in a while. Some typical examples of things we do in a relationship that do not make sense are such as:

  • You love the spouse but you never show that you love her.
  • You miss her so much but you never call her.
  • You do everything to get her to love you, but when she completely in love with you, you take her for granted.
  • You said nothing is more important than her, but every chance you have, you will run to your computer replying emails and comments on blog.

I don’t think I need to put it in words that this applies to both man and woman. We do a lot of things that do not make any sense in our relationship. We should take note of them and do something about it.

Change a few things in your relationship today that will make more sense to you. If you love her, tell her exactly that. Don’t hide that emotion from her.

If you want him to adore you, be someone he can adore. He will just be annoyed if you keep annoying him. It’s as simple as that.

– I wonder –
What else doesn’t make sense in a relationship?

———— Personal Note ————
During my early days of blogging, I must admit that I had some trouble balancing my time between blogging and family. Fortunately for me, the mrs was very understanding and supportive. I quickly learnt my lesson and adjust accordingly.

In the end, nothing is more important than family.

Photo Credit – DerrickT

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