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  • There will be one more email in your inbox everyday, Just one…
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Today,Ā IĀ decidedĀ toĀ doĀ someĀ blogĀ maintenanceĀ that has been pendingĀ forĀ someĀ timeĀ already. If you stop by and find the whole blog is a mess, please be forgiving ya šŸ™‚

* I’m sneezing every 15 minutes…. Waaaaaaaaaa got selselma!

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Summary – Scam Via MSN/YM (any instant messenger) exposed

I promised another two factors to success yesterday for today, but I have come across another topic which is more important. So that two factors will have to wait.. Can it?

There is a scam going on this time around. I’m not sure whether it is old news or new, but I’m going to put it here for our reference.

I read about this in a thread in forum, you can read the full story here. But in short, The scammer was able to login to an MSN account, and then he started chatting with the friends listed. Not long after that, he will ask the friend for a favor saying that he cannot login to Maybank2U (an online banking service in Malaysia). He asked the friends to transfer RM400 to an account, which he said was a seller’s. The scammer claim that he bought an item and now owe money to this seller.

The friend, being a nice fellow… transfered the money, and with that he had lost RM400


Lesson learnt

  • If you are using instant messenger, make sure you log out properly when you are using it in a cyber cafe or shared computer. Most of the time, we didn’t notice that option “Remember password” is checked, and thus our account is already compromised. Some cybercafe user can even install a keylogger to the computer, so that anything you type on that computer will be recorded and sent to his email address.
  • Preferably, just don’t use IM at a cybercafe
  • I know this is old stuff, but please change your password. Most of the time, the password used is very common like the username, or date of birth, or full name. This is very dangerous, believe me. If you like to use that password, make ONE change to it, for example.. your password is your DOB – 771107, then just add 10 = 771117.
  • Always be paranoid when money is involved. Verify with the person by calling him on the phone.
  • If you are familiar with hacking, you will know the term “Social Engineering”. This is basically a method where hackers uses the weakest security in a system, which is you. He may just pretend to be a woman in distress and attack your conscience. The only way you can defend yourself, is by knowledge. Keep learning and we’ll be fine

Maybe you know any other online security tips? Please share it here

—————- Personal Note ——————
I’m very sure everyone has a story of being scammed. Why not share it with all of us. Email them to me and I will put it up here. Hopefully we don’t have to go through the same mistake twice. A new category is introduced – Scam Awareness

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topple lorry

Summary – The 5 Factors To Success

Last week, there was an accident happened just outside my mill. Luckily nobody’s injured. The lorry was bringing out soil from the construction project inside my mill out. When it was time to unload all the soil, the lorry toppled. Upon checking, we concluded that the accident was merely caused by the wrong spot chosen. The driver chosed softer soil and thus toppled

“Sekian dulu, berita jam 3 pagi” hehe.

For things to happen or succeed in our life, 5 factors must be available. If one of them is not considered, the whole project will be uselessly a failure.

Once you read this, I bet you will say… that this is all last year’s story. We all already know this. But we often forget about these factors and then wonder why everything we work in our life is a failure. These are the 5 factors of success

1) Factor 1 – Person In Charge
In anything, there must always be a person in charge. The mistake we did is sometimes there are no person in charge or just too many people in charge. At all time, there must be only one person in charge. Other people can be placed under that one person answering to that one person.

That is why, even if the company has a lot of directors, they still appoint one person to be the CEO. This person will be the one who will push the project to success. In my specific case, the person is the driver.

2) Factor 2 – Tools
Tools can be in many forms. For a workshop foreman, his tools are the spannar and plyer. For a CEO, his tools are the money and power. Without tools, nobody can do a good job.

The tools for this unfortunate driver is the lorry. He will just be a man if there is no lorry to drive. šŸ™‚

3) Factor 3 – Knowhow / Skills
The driver must actually know how to drive for him to be a driver. Anybody can claim he is the CEO of a company, but without the knowledge and skill to manage a company, the company is doomed to fail.

Unfortunately for us, some businessmen that I know lack the skills on how to do business. Sometimes they acted like we are owing money from them. Don’t they know that without customers, their business will go down the drain?

4) Factor 4 – ?
Hm I’m going to continue this entry tomorrow, Can you guess what’s the fourth factor is? Let’s hear your guess šŸ™‚

————- Personal Note ——————
I believe most of us have had experience with bad businessman. The most recent one I had was with a food hawker. I frequent his stall (during my bachelor time) because the food was good. I usually will take the same items every day, so I sort of know that my breakfast will be RM1.5 every day. So one day, I was packing my food as usual, when I can see the boss of the stall come right at me, and ask her worker what’s the price of my food, The worker said, RM1.50. and then she took my food and check herself, and said this should be RM2.00.

Now, I know she had every right to do that. but, I’m a regular customer everyday at the stall. And for her to do that, really annoy me. Why can’t she just call the worker after I leave and told her to raise the price starting tomrrow, or just give me the discount..

She just lose one regular customer from that day on.

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