Summary – Tips to go from sad to happy

So what do you do to be happy back after being sad? It’s Wednesday.. and in here, we’re supposed to be happy on Wednesday :)I was walking around the mill, and come up with these 10 steps on how to be happy. I know I will…. How about you? Do you find they will work?

1) Let all our sadness out. Mourn is the better word. When we are sad… just be sad, cry if you want. But before all that, make a deal with yourself. That you can cry and be sad for as long as you want, but when you’re done, you’re done. No more sadness. (of course don’t talk to yourself in public… people will get the wrong impression eheh)

2) Watch a sadder movie. This is a trick I always found useful. If you were broke, with no money.. just watch “Bersamamu” on TV3 and see poorer condition. You will immediately feel so much better. When life sometimes is very harsh on you… just know that they are more unfortunate people out there.

3) Do what ever things that make you happy. I don’t know about you, but as for now… surfing blogs and writing seems to make me smile 🙂 So that’s what I’m doing now. Can I ask? What things make you happy?

4) Remember the last time you’re happy.. I mean really happy. The kind of happiness that when you think of it, you immediately smile and laugh. (well a smile will do). For me… I just simply remembered the time when my brothers and I played our daily game of “Main-main” when we were kids. We created this imaginative game ourselves. All three of us, would pick a super power and played the character. hehe I’m sure you have your own happy memory that’s just as interesting.

5) Watch kids. I always laughed when I babysit them. Sometimes, if I’m lucky enough.. I will be able to record those funny act from them. FYI America’s Funniest Home Video is my all time favorite, especially the children videos 🙂

6) Share your happiness with friends. Make this a practice. whenever you’re happy.. share them with friends. Happiness is very infectious. So who knows you’re actually the person who brought happiness to that friend of yours.

7) To offer other people a smile or touch them with your positive values. People will feel appreciated and happy. Knowing that you make someone else happy is usually what make us happy. – Contributed by Noushy,

8] Take a deep breath and smile. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. It has to start somewhere… and a smile is a great way to start. – Contributed by filantera

9) Do nothing. If you are actually saddened by a problem, and you’ve tried everything but to no avail. Maybe the best option is to let it go.. a do-nothing approach – Contributed by Azuwachan

10) Make others happy. Like charity work, surprise a friend or help our friends in need. Usually we are what we are surrounded with. Happy environment will definitely makes a happier you – Contributed by Syahidatul

11) Play with cats or other pets. It has been researched and proven that physical contact with pets is very stress relieving. Of course by physical contact means treating them well.. not hitting them or anything. – Contributed by Syahidatul

12) Dance. Dancing is actually how our body express itself, usually to the mood we are having. By dancing when you are sad, it is just another way of letting it all go. And you will definitely feel better – Contributed by aRa

13) Smile and have people smile at you back. This is really satisfying especially when you just help them with a favor. – Contributed by diha

/end list

I’m sure we all have our own way to be happier. Care to share yours.. They will be updated in the post by the end of the day 🙂

* Thanx to my friends, I’ve compiled their suggestions in the list. 🙂 A more detailed explanation is available in the comment section. Feel free to browse them

————–Personal Note————-
🙂 Remember tips no 6, to share your happiness? This is mine… Few days ago, the mrs and I went to the clinic. And the doctor had confirmed that my wife is now pregnant!!!! 🙂 YAYYYYYYY I’m so happy I literally jumped and almost did my happy dance. I actually did but at home la haha.
I pray to Allah that the mrs and the baby are both healthy 🙂 I just can’t stop smiling….. 🙂

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Summary – Do not be calculative…

A story today, I once heard from an unknown resource. I’m also not that sure whether it’s true or not but irregardles, it is a nice story to be shared. (Obviously the story was rewritten based on memory)

Once upon a time, there was a man who is so successful, he was the richest person in the country. One day he decided that he wanted to pay off any debt he had with any person in the country. After paying off all debt, he suddenly realized that he still owe his success to his old mother. And thus he went to see a wise man, asking how he could settle all debt he has with his mother.

The wise man, shook his head and said that there’s no way a mother’s deed can ever be repaid.

The rich man disagreed, and came up with a plan. What he did was he picked his mother off the floor and started carrying her on his back for 10 years. This according to him should settle the burden he was when the mother was pregnant. In the 10 years time, he did everything, his mother did when he’s a child. feeding her with his own hand, bathing her, everything to repay back all the little things he did.

After the ten years passed. He again went to the wise man, and tell him every little thing he did. Apparently he kept a notebook listing it all, complete with time and date.

The wise man simply said that “What you did however great it was, will never match even a drop of your mother’s breast milk. or a second of your time seeing with those eyes”

(I’m sorry to interrupt… this is how I remember the story, “eye” with “blind”, get it? ok on with the story hehe)

The rich man said “You are just making this up, how come what I did doesn’t match what she did?”

The wise man replied “It is because, when your mother carried you, fed you, bathed you… the only thing in her heart is the hope to see you grow and happy. But when you carried her, feed her, bathed her.. the only thing in your heart is wondering when will she die.”

/end story

Seriously, I pray to Allah, please don’t let me be that type of person. Where when we care for our parents, we are counting every deed we do to them, thinking “apsal lak aku yg kena jaga, anak2 dia lain buat apa?”, and every now and then, hoping that they will die soon so that I can move on with my life. Please Ya Allah…. Please don’t.

————–Personal Note————-
There are two most important person in my life. My mama and Maktuk. Unfortunately I cannot care for them. My mother is still working in KL. She is a very independent woman being a single parent and all. All I can do is to go visit her every now and then. That’s why sometimes I’m not able to update the blog. I seriously hope to be able to take care of her when she decided to stop working.

Maktuk is my grandmother living in Kedah. Alhamdulillah, my brothers Filantera & Pocket are there taking care of her. I always feel sad knowing that I’m not there, seeing her more often when this is the time she needed me the most. I have to do something about this…

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Blind n Rabun
Summary – Our POV is sometimes hazy.. Seek others’

Thank you to all those contributing in the survey held on Saturday. It’s always a good thing knowing where we can further improve ourselves. I still need more feedback to accurately renovate the whole blog.. So for those who have other things to add, I’d really appreciate it.

I believe all of us can agree, that if we are so accustomed to something, doing the same thing day in day out. We will not be able to see anything wrong with it.

Some will be so attached to what they hold to, they are willing to fight for it. Defending it to the end, even though the truth is, the thing is not worthy to be fought for. Wow that’s very abstract of me.

Take me for example, I am so addicted to blogging, that I go to great length with the theme (the boy on the moon). At first it was a mere experiment, trying this and that… after a lot of time spent, I’ve decided that this is just perfect. (I guess the idea of changing the theme will be so tiring, that I convince myself it is perfect).

The truth is, I completely agree with some comments from friends that the theme is somewhat holding me back. It gives the wrong first impression, and there’s not that much room for me to improve. For those who did come up and highlighted this, I salute you.

It is true that every person’s opinion is different. Yours will definitely be different from mine. But now.. that is exactly why I needed to hear your opinion. To hear the other side of the whole story, to see the blog from other point of view. Whether to accept it or not is totally a different matter.

My point is simply this… every now and then, seek advice from others on the matter you believed the most (principles, loved ones etc). Most of the time, it will be very enlightening.

I guess we all have had experience of being blind. So blind that we ignore the truth. (loving someone so much, that we fail to see he/she is a bad person, being so proud that we assume everyone else is wrong etc)

Care to share your similar experience? 🙂

————–Personal Note————-
In my mill, there’s a new assistant started working last March. He used to work in another company. The first thing we did when he reported for duty is to have him go into the mill, and give us 20 things or more which he think is wrong. He came back… presenting to us about 30 items. Things like why some machine sounds weird, why our boiler seems to be very poorly controlled. My manager was smiling. I obviously not. Because those items are happening every day that I’m already so used to it I didn’t notice them anymore.

Luckily the manager also didn’t notice it eheh.

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Please scroll down to read comments made by fellow friends visitting

Summary – How can I make LessonInLife.com more useful for you? – A Survey

First of all I would like to say thank you for all the support you gave to this blog. Having you visitting this blog and chatting with you guys has always been the high of my day.

It is my highest priority to improve this blog on a daily basis and hopefully your visit here will be as comfortable as possible. Thus if it is not too much trouble,I would like to ask you to participate on this survey and help me making the blog more effective and better.

I don’t like to lead such discussions too deliberately but I find that the discussion is better if I give a few general questions to stimulate the conversation. So here are some areas you might like to comment on:

1) Topics

  • Do you have any topics you would like me to blog on?
  • What are hated / loved topics so far?
  • Other suggestion?

2) Posting / Entries

  • Are there too many posts, not enough, just right?
  • Is it dull without pictures?
  • Is the articles too long?

3) Design

  • Graphic’s too much?
  • Loading time to slow?
  • Maybe these keywords will help — layout, right Column, font and colors.. Any comments?

4) Blog Feature

  • Anything to add that will make our interactivity and your reading better?
  • Some keywords to help you comment.. chatbox, advertisement, top commentators and top chatters etc

5) What frustrates you about LessonInLife.com?

6) What is it that you like about LessonInLife.com?

7) Services And Tools

  • What additional way this blog can be beneficial to you .. services? consultation? community? etc

8) Other Ideas and Feedback – anything goes, big or little.

/end survey

Any feedback, suggestions, dreams or ideas that you have are welcome. While I can’t promise to put every suggestion into place I make a commitment to you to read anything you have to say.

All that I ask in return is that you be honest, courteous and constructive with your feedback. I understand that in the end, it is totally up to me since this is my blog. But to tell you the truth, I never consider this as MY blog. This blog has totally no value if there are no friends adding in ideas and share experience. It’s basically ours. I’m just the person with the login password 🙂. So any comments (good or bad) are highly appreciated.

So it’s over to you. Feel free to either leave your feedback in comments below or to share them privately with me via email

————–Personal Note————-
This survey will last for two days (which generally means, tomorrow Sept 16th, I will not be posting)… In the meantime, I can start doing that long time pending tag 🙂

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