There is always this fear when we are about to get married.

  • “Is him/her the right person for me?”
  • “Should I just wait for a better person?”
  • “There are also maybe something irritating about the person that we fear we will have to live with for the rest of our life. Am I the only one who can see this?”

Fear not my friend. You are very normal as I believe all living person will have the same thought.

When people asked me this question (Yes… people do ask me this type of question), I usually just quote a phrase – Do not expect to have a wife as perfect as *Siti Fatimah when you are not any nearer to being Saidina Ali. *Siti Fatimah is the wife of Saidina Ali, one of the four Great Caliphs of Islam. Both of them are said to be an example of perfect husband and wife.

There are two points to remember.

  • Nobody is perfect. A marriage will be perfect if you know all the flaws of your spouse and still you loved him / her regardless, and of course vice versa.
  • Satan hates marriage. Why? Because it will be some sort of firewall for us from doing the forbidden /sin. They will try to sabotage the whole marriage by any means necessary. So most probably those doubt within you is just some persuasion from this nasty creature. A’uzubillahi Min Assyaithonirrojim. Nothing else.

Just think rationally with both wisdom and your heart, with a lot of prayer to Him (Solat Istikharah). You will know what to do. 🙂

* Correction made pointed out by flighteng. Appreciate it

————— Personal Note ————————–
I remember when I got married, the Murphy Law somehow applies. According to the law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. 🙂 Nothing big, just that some of the convoy got lost, and in the end… Only the groom (which is me made it to the reception). Luckily everyone arrive just in the nick of time as if everything is according to plan. I still smile whenever I think of this. Any of you guys have funny wedding stories?

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Hi again, i just came back from my vacation, feeling very refresh (hopefully). I noticed there are a lot of thunderstorm every evening at my place and it suddenly occur to me that I don’t know anything about lightning safety. So I look it up. Better to know this before we are fried, right?

1) It is recommended to wet your clothes with the rain. This is simply because it is always better to have the current go over you than through you

2) Lightning can strike before rain. So take precaution before it rains.

3) Never use an umbrella or your handphone during lightning. There was even one case I read in the newspaper that one Malaysian had to be admitted to hospital for using handphone and got struck by lightning

4) Do not take shelter under a tree, instead try the inside of a building. Much safer.

5) There is this “Lightning Defensive Position” we can try. Squat down with your feet together and close your ears with your hands. Do not lie down or touch any metal or anyone beside you. Just remember, the lightning always try to find the tallest object around. So if you are on a field alone. the position will not do much 🙂

6) Stay in your shelter for about 15 minutes after the rain stopped. This is because lightning can strike up to 15km away from the thundercloud even after the rain had stopped.

————— Personal Note ————————–
Talking about lightning, I always imagine that if one can survive after being struck by lightning, he or she will have superpowers. heheh I for one is obsessed with the idea of superpower. So any tv series with such theme immediately falls in my favorite list. We may not be able to fly or stop time. But I think we are still using so little of our potential. Just compare ourselves with world athletes around the world. Anyway…. GOOD TO BE BACK!!!! 🙂

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There was one muslim guy named Adam. One day he went to a barber to get his hair trimmed. The barber loved to chat with his client on all topics until suddenly he talked about God.

Barber : I don’t really believe there is a God. Just look at all the suffering around the world. There are wars everywhere and people are dying.

Adam even though feel like he should answer that, remain calm and in silence. There’s no point arguing about it just yet when he’s holding a knife hehe.

When the barber finished his work on Adam, Adam paid him and walk out the shop. Not long after that, he came back rushingly.

Adam : Oh my God, there seem to be no barber at all in the world.

Barber : (looking rather confused) Hey, didn’t I just cut your hair? Im a barber. Standing right in front of you.

Adam : Really? How come? Since there are so many people out there with long hair and untrimmed beards.

Barber : That’s because they didn’t come to my shop to cut. If all of them do that, all will be nicely cut. (He answered smilingly)

Adam : That’s exactly what it is. God does exist but since the people do not come searching for him, the suffering continues. There’s so many cases where people can find serenity in their poorness and suffering. While those with millions of ringgit can’t even sleep at night.

(Source – forwarded email, but story are rewritten based on my memory of the story)

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credit card cvv

A couple of month before, there was this one girl, with a very excited tone of voice call me. I have no idea how she got my number. but then she maybe just trying her luck with the number. Basically, i just won some lucky draw said to be co-organized by my credit card bank. Obiviously  my personal firewall was triggerred. I have read so much on scam, that i know immediately this is one of those.

However, instead of hanging up, i choose to see how the scam goes. hm maybe due to the seductive voice of hers also :). but anyway…. she was telling me that she is from a new company that randomly choose credit card owner and offer them complimentary VIP card that allow me to have special discounts and even cash rewards.

She then asked my name as if to confirm my identity. I gave her the wrong name, and guess what? She sounds so excited as if I have just gave her a boat or something. What training they must have been through. So good in acting. She asked me a lot of questions, And finally she asked for the 3 digit at the back of my card.

For those who do not have credit cards, in order to do transaction online using credit card. You will need these

  • Name
  • Billing address
  • Card no.
  • The 3 digit at the back of your card or better known as CVV2. For other cards, you can refer to the image attached.

Back to the story, I just then hang up the phone. and started thinking. What if I memorize the three digit number and maybe erase it using liquid paper or something. They are too exposed, anybody with a good memory can memorize.

————— Personal Note ————————–
Im sorry for the late update. Things have been very busy lately. And I maybe going back to my hometown in Kedah this weekend. But i will be updating here via email.

Long time already, since I went back to Kedah. When I was studying, I always tell myself, once I work and have money, I will go back as often as possible. As I said in an earlier post, we always need to remind us where we came from.

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