Have you ever heard the question above? A direct translation would be – “Where are you from and Where are you going?”. The question usually serve as an ice breaker to say hi to another person who seems to be going somewhere. As simple as it is, it is a very powerful tool for us to have a full life.

This is actually the very first question we need to ask ourselves

Where are you from?

  • Biologically we came from our parent.
  • Some may say we came from nothing. we dont have money, cloth, girlfriend etc.
  • Another would prefer the old geographically approach. That we came from Johor, Kelantan etc

Whatever the answer is, it will always be important to know where you are before you plot your journey. A map clearly showing the way to Kuala Lumpur will not make any sense right, if you just don’t know what state you are in. You choose how to answer the question yourself.

As for me, the answer to that question is that we came from nothing. obviously we will need to  achieve something. or wouldn’t it be a waste if we end up with nothing. 

To Be Continued….

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