Welcome to LessonInLife.com – a blog dedicated to share the lessons learnt in life from all aspects of life (Mindhack, Motivation, Relationship, Career, Student Tips to name a few). Friends visitting will contribute ideas and their wisdom on the matters presented. We will try to share any lesson in life we had learnt. And hopefully, we will be one step closer to the better us.

My name is Mohamad Zaki, However I am called by both family and friend by the nick banji. For more information on me, you can read it here or contact me via the Contact Page :). Send me an email. It has always been the high of my day reading them.

About the blog

What better way to know a blog than to check out the best post of the year. Enlisted below are 20 of the blog’s best entries for the year.

1) Best Post of 2009

1) Best Post of 2008

1) Best Post of 2007

2) History

This is a very new blog and it is still in its growing phase. It was started May 2007 with the intention of jotting down any ideas and thought I have. Back then, it was under the name Immortal Wisdom. In time, I make a lot of good friends and they are more than happy to share their word of advice and experience for the benefit of us all. So I humbly invited you to join in and together we can help each other

3) What’s its strongest point?
This is the comments I received from my friends when I ask for their honest opinion on the website.

However, it miss out the most strongest point of this blog, which is them (the friends visitting). They are the most important for me for their participation and their friendship. For that I thank them.

Also useful if you’d like to comment on any posts at Lesson In Life Dot Com is the Disclaimer

To contact me.. please leave a message at this Contact Page 

I really hope you enjoy reading Lesson In Life Dot Com as I enjoy writing them 🙂

(This about page will be updated continuously)

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