Apparently, my maintenance team (which consist of only me) has not done yet. The work will continue today.

In the meantime, I would like to introduce you to one feature of the blog, which is Subscribe Via Email. I’m sure many of you are familiar with it, but to those who don’t, Maybe I can explain to you what’s it about

Simply, by subscribing via email, you will never miss an entry ever again, as long as you read your email. Instead of coming over to the blog, the entry will be sent to your email everytime there is a new one here.


  • You will never miss an entry, and since I post daily, sometimes it is very troublesome to read 14 entries in one shot. 🙂
  • There will be times when I may want to hand out freebies. And they will be exclusively for those who subscribe as a token of appreciation
  • You can read the entries, and take your time to ponder about it, If you’re interested or have additional ideas, please visit the blog and discuss them with us. Heck.. if you are not interested or does not have additional ideas, come over to the blog… there will surely other friends commenting.. And most of the time, their ideas are far more interesting 🙂
  • In the end, I am not hunting for traffic or money online. I blog simply because I love it. And I really hope that my entries will open up discussion among us and will better us. And that is why I would like to fortify this connection between us via emails.


  • There will be one more email in your inbox everyday, Just one…
  • The email will be sent from 3 – 5 am everyday. If for example I post the entry at 6 am, you will only be receiving it tomorrow 3 am. I’m sorry for this, it’s how the system works. I will definitely try to solve this.

To subscribe, just submit your email address in the form below and Press Subscribe. You will be redirect to a Feedburner page (A service I use to facilitate) and then you will be asked to check your email for confirmation. You’re done

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  1. 10 Nov 07 12:25 am

    awesome idea least if I dont have the time coming here, I still can read yours in my email everyday..another alternative for your loyal readers to read your entries….well done, banji!!

  2. banji
    10 Nov 07 1:01 am

    UncleJ – thanx uncle.. hopefully boleh memudahkan kawan2 yg datang membaca 🙂

    InsyaAllah banyak lagi dalam perancangan, dan berharap sgt sokongan uncle dan kawan2 time tu…

  3. 11 Nov 07 3:45 pm

    hoho. sy suda subscribe banji. good job!

  4. 11 Nov 07 4:15 pm

    moon – thanx for the support. It will definitely push me to come up with better entries 🙂

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