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LessonInLife is a blog dedicated to share experience and of course, lessons learnt in life. Updated daily, it focusses on self improvement with the basic idea of learning from each other, and not making the same mistake twice. More about it here.

Why You Should Advertise Here

Besides bearing a Google Pagerank 3 and 900+ feed subscribers, the blog has been growing very rapidly through out the last one year. A more detailed growth report is available upon request.

Statistic for LessonInLife

Referring to the statistic above, it generally shows that the blog is receiving a constant traffic from as low as 218 to 485 unique visitors DAILY. An average figure is around 280 unique visitors and this doesn’t include the 900 additional feed subscribers. I can assure you it will only grow from here.

What kind of Advertisements Available

1) Premium Sidebar 125X125 Buttons
I am now offering 3 spots for 125X125 button advertising located above fold at a bargain price of USD45/month. Your buttons will always appear for a 30 days duration.

You will find that other Page Rank 3 blogs are charging as high as USD80 per month. That is almost a 50% discount for the same ads.

2) Text Links
Your ads will be displayed on all pages above fold all the time. At the moment, the cost of placing a text link ads is set at USD30 per month. You choose the anchor text (please keep it within 30 characters) and link URL and can change it at anytime.

3) Sponsored Competitions
One of another great ways of putting the words out there is by sponsoring competition. This means you as a company can put up a prize that we can give away to someone that enters the contest with us. Competition will usually generate a lot of back links to your company and will result in your company to be listed higher in search results.

In short, the better the prize you offer, the better the response will be and the more exposure you will get. Everybody wins. Contact me for more information.

If however you have any other proposal, feel free to contact me and let’s discuss them.

Term & Condition

  • All payment are via paypal and in US Dollar.
  • Some rotation of ads may be imposed to minimize ads blinding and give advertisers even exposure.
  • The buttons can not be bigger than 25K in size. Animation allowed but no Flash.
  • All ads will contain the “nofollow” attribute as per Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. However, please contact me to discuss your requirement regarding such attribute.
  • All ads will be screened. Pornographic, gambling related or anything immoral will not be accepted.
  • Ads will only be put up after payment has been made.
  • All information are correct at the time this is written (15/5/10)
  • I will also reserve the right to change any terms & condition as I see fit.

Important Note

I am very confident that the blog will continue to grow at an outstanding rate.  So don’t miss out to take advantage of this far below-average price.

How to buy an ad spot

Just click the Buy Now Button at the bottom of the package you want and you will be redirected to a secure paypal payment setup. You can then send me an email ( or via the contact page with all the details about your ads placement and I will reply within 24 hours guaranteed.

Looking forward to working with you. Thank you

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