My 3 Secrets To Fall Asleep In 10 Minutes Top

Summary – No interference, Trigger and Let go

There are thousands of tips in the internet about how to sleep. This article will be another addition to the vast collection. But what makes this article different from the rest?

The techniques described here are taken fully from my experience. And I can guarantee you that it works, at least for me. I have no problem taking power nap for as short as 10 minutes and I will feel refreshed immediately after that as if I have slept for 3 hours. This is how I do it.

1) Put up “Do Not Disturb” sign

Whenever I want to take a nap, I always make sure that there will be nothing disturbing me. My cell phone will be set to silent, The Mrs will be informed so that she will take care of everything when I’m taking the nap. In short, you are not supposed to wake up before 10 minutes in a nap.

2) Say “I want to sleep” in three level

First, I will say it out loud. Of course, do not be too loud. You don’t want to ruin the moment. Level number 2 is in the mind. I will think about the phrase in my mind. Level 3 is actually still in the mind but I convince myself that it is another deeper level (The Subconcious Mind). With that said, I will close my eyes.

Our mind is one of the most amazing object in the universe. You want something, you ask for it, and the mind will give it to you. The problem with most people, is that they don’t really want to sleep. They are still thinking about matters at work, or worse – figuring out why they cannot sleep. If you want to think about a problem, make a special session for it – a thinking session at another place another time. Taking a nap or sleep must always be a sacred place where we can find peace with ourself.

Don’t get me wrong, solving problem while sleeping is actually recommended. But all you need to do is to explain to your mind the summary of your problem, and sleep on it. (11 Missing Steps of Problem Solving You Probably Don’t Know)

3) Enjoy the show

Have you ever sit on a couch, watching commercial on television but you are not paying attention? You can see the commercial, hear the music but if people ask you to explain it, you will have no idea what you have been watching.

This is exactly what you should do when you close your eyes. Let go of your mind remote control. What ever your mind flashes to you, just watch it come and go. Do not pay attention to it and never try to control the images.

Believe me, this works everytime for me. I will fall asleep without even knowing when.


The secret to sleeping is actually to let go of your concious mind and let subconcious mind take over.

  • Step 1 will ensure that there will be no external interference in the process.
  • Step 2 will trigger subconcious mind to take over.
  • Step 3 will help letting go of your subconcious mind.

– I wonder –
What do you do to help you sleep?

———– Personal Note ————
One of my brother is even more amazing. He can fall asleep in mere seconds. I know because I can hear him snore seconds after we pause our conversation. It’s either he is that amazing or I am amazingly boring. I refuse to believe the latter.

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  1. 12 Nov 08 12:43 pm

    My husband uses #2. And yes, he falls asleep amazingly fast. He can even tell his mind what time would he like to wake up, and he does wake up on the decided time without alarm! I can’t do either 🙂

  2. 12 Nov 08 3:44 pm

    pistttt…ape kabar??? agagagaga…well…i’ve use this tips for maybe 5-6 month ago…Someone told me and i could remember who…agagagaga…guess what…i still couldn’t fall asleep…lalalalala…i still have problem sleep at nite…but lately(2-3 days ago),letak kepala kat bantal…pusing kiri kanan 1 round…dah zzzzzzz…and i don’t know how i fall asleep…lena bukan main…selalu msti every 1 hour terbangun but last few days zzzzzzzz smpi pagi…best tul klo dapat tdo selena mcm 2 everyday…

    fall asleep in mere seconds??? Bro,i’ve watch some documentary abt this sleeping disorder…fall asleep in mere seconds ni bukan a good sleep…menurut that documentary,a good sleep ni kan bila u tertdo selepas 5-10minit lepas u baring.Lebih dari 15minit,ha…kena bangun and buat benda yg leh buat u ngantok…hurmmmm

  3. 12 Nov 08 5:25 pm

    I’ve found a shot of whiskey in a cup of hot tea also does the trick in a hurry….and can lead to some rather interesting dreams. 🙂

  4. 12 Nov 08 8:54 pm

    for me,
    taking a shower always does the trick,
    just take a short shower, and sit on your best couch,
    and doze off.

    i like your number three tip.
    enjoy the show 🙂

    yes, u do have a brother that can fall into his
    ‘deep sleep’ in just second. He even did it while
    sitting on the floor remember!? just a short pause
    and u can hear the ‘deep sleep’ siren wailing on:)
    (And sitting on the floor doesnt have any support
    to your back bone !!)

  5. banji
    14 Nov 08 7:46 pm

    Avani-Mehta – He must be an expert in internal clock mastery. I believe that internal clock is actually a built in element in each of us. It is never intended to be used only for waking up. Hm.. I guess I will elaborate on that in another post 🙂

    aRa – I’m guessing your not sleeping is closely related to your problems at the time. Try to let it all go sis. It is never easy, but as long as this very first step is not overcame, it will be harder to get that good night sleep.

    But the good news is, you are now sleeping well. Congrats! and Enjoy it sis.. 🙂

    Hm, I never knew that falling asleep in a few seconds is a disorder. I will google it up. Thanks for the head up

    gMoney – That is a pretty good tips. I am more interested to hear about those dream though 🙂

    Pocket – He is the one who is one with his center of gravity. Once he’s up, he’s up. Once he’s down.. he is definitely down 🙂

    Thanks for the shower tips. I never showered before sleeping before. Might give it a try

  6. 15 Nov 08 10:38 pm

    Just dont do it in the middle of the night though,
    u might get Paru Paru Berair
    What is it called in english anyway?

  7. banji
    16 Nov 08 12:38 pm

    Pocket – I believe it is called pneumonia. I will take note of that “No shower at midnight” tips 🙂

  8. bobo the flying monkey
    17 Nov 08 2:19 pm

    i do all of the things u say and i fall asleep without even knowing it to, but it still takes me anywhere from 30min to 2 hours to fall asllep any ideas? b4 i fall asleep i excercise (i box) drink milk and lay down i believe that ur bro can fall asleep in seconds cuz ive done it 2 but its completly random not controlled

  9. 17 Nov 08 6:35 pm

    Bobo – There are some debate going on whether exercise before bed will affect sleeping. Some encourage refraining from exercising about 4 hours before bed. It’s true that regular exercise will really help sleeping, but perhaps the exercise must be done during morning or afternoon. Source

    Personally, I will have trouble sleeping too when I am really tired. That is very frustrating. Try pushing back your exercise.. and see how it goes.

  10. 24 Nov 08 8:37 pm

    Sometimes i suffer when i cant sleep, but when i fell that – i try to continue my work.

  11. 26 Nov 08 6:23 pm

    Mark – It is advised in an article I read that if you can’t fall aslee in 20 minutes, you should get up and start doing the most boring things you can find. I guess continue working is a more productive way to induce sleepiness.

  12. Loryn
    30 May 10 1:41 am

    Try staying aweak for as long as you can. the long you stay awake 4 the more tired you get. You eyes and mind will get more tired, the longer you stay awake. Then when you feel your eyes shutting or straining. close your eyes and you will be asleep in 20 seconds.

  13. 01 Jun 10 10:00 pm

    Loryn – That would be the most common way to sleep. However, I wouldn’t recommend it since it can sometime be dangerous to be awake to the point you are tired. Typical examples would be like driving etc.

  14. 28 Sep 10 10:56 am

    As much as I like the ideas that you have thrown out there, I have to say that none of them have worked for me. It seems that no matter how tired I am, and no matter what I try (medications included), I have to stare at the ceiling for an hour before I actually fall asleep.

    I’m sure that these suggestions have helped some people though, so thank you for posting them!

    Sorry for coming into the conversation so late.

  15. 28 Sep 10 10:47 pm

    Wes – I too can have a hard time sleeping if I am really tired. Funny that if people who is extremely tired, can have difficulty sleeping.

    However since you mentioned that you had even taken medication but to no avail, I think you will need to consult a professional should you want to change it.

    Still an hour before sleeping to reflect your day and plan for tomorrow is always a good time spent.

  16. kelsey powell
    22 Dec 10 4:35 am


  17. banji
    22 Dec 10 6:21 pm

    Kelsey Powell – That must be a very boring movie 🙂

  18. Abi Tessier
    18 Aug 11 12:43 pm

    i have tried EVERYTHING. i get up and walk around my house, i did the steps you mentioned, and i’ve also done anything else you can think of!! I’m 13 and i have insomnia, but sometimes i can fall asleep and whatever time i was thinking i needed to wake up, per se, 5:45 before school, i’ll wake up right before my alarm! but i’ll be exhausted even after 10 hours of sleep… i dont understand why i have trouble sleeping and feeling refreshed.

  19. 06 Sep 11 6:41 am

    hey, so, im 14 years old, and it seems whenever i go to bed, i always have the urge to get up and fiddle with something. I cant lie still for more than 10 minutes. Its really annoying because i have to get up at 6:00 each day, and i never get enough sleep.
    Any advice???

  20. alix romez
    29 Nov 11 7:20 am

    I am 12 years old, I have trouble falling asleep I can always fall asllep on the weekends but I will always be up tossing and turning at like 3 in the morning on school days because I always stress about “trying” to fall asleep. It frusturates me so much I hardly ever get a good nights sleep on school days. I can never master not thinking about sleep and I will end up crying!! My mind just never shuts off!! i went to the doctors he told me the usual stuff like don’t worry about it and, shower don’t have caffeine nothing helps!!! IF YOU HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM COMMENT.

  21. Anonymous
    03 Jan 12 8:58 am

    well how i make myself fall asleep is i just watch tv for 1 hour and then lay down at your nice cozzy bed and then you will fall asleep so nice that how i fall asleep so fast 🙂 write back

  22. anonymous
    24 Jan 12 10:46 am

    yea will on school nights i worry about falling asleep cuz i just think about school and telling myself to fall asleep so i am well rested for school, i will keep thinking about it and before you know it its like 2 in the morning and im panicing and get so frustrted and i cry!!!! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! HELLLPPPP

  23. Julio
    24 Jul 12 2:25 pm

    I’m 12 and i have insomnia *condition that makes it difficult to sleep* (i know cause i always search up about problems i have). I can’t fall asleep at all i have tried alot of things from your tips to youtube videos to other websites on falling asleep. the thing is that im not tired so i can’t force myself to sleep. rule 3 won’t help cause it will only keep me awake even more. I can’t sleep at all. when i do fall asleep i can’t remember any of it.

  24. alisha
    05 Aug 12 2:56 pm

    Im 15 and im a night hawk and I cant find a way to fall asleep I always take a shower before I go to bed and i’ve tried this tea thats suppose to make you tired but I just cant fall asleep im disracted by the littlest noises and it take a couple hours to fall asleep

  25. Farhan
    25 Aug 12 9:11 pm

    I will try it but unfortunately I cannot sleep this days any tips how I can sleep.

  26. 02 Oct 12 3:29 am

    I can tell myself when to wake up, an wake up then, but I have insomnia and it sometimes takes me hours to get to sleep.

  27. Becca
    21 Jan 13 10:29 am

    What really helps me is to pretend i am on a cloud and to slowly sink into the cloud. Then i think of the cloud flying me to wonderful places. I always end up at a beach where i match the waves to my breathing. Always staying on the cloud. Always sinking deeper. I have a phobia of crabs climbing through the sand and pinching my feet ever since it happend. Uggghhh.

  28. Becca
    21 Jan 13 10:30 am

    Thats why i alwags stay on the cloud.

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