No, he’s not my uncle. Maybe somebody’s. Anyway he is not that important actually, but his idea is. Click For more info on Pareto’s Principle.

Bear with me for a while, according to him – 80% of all output comes from 20% of input.A few examples will describe the principle better. So what Uncle Pareto said is that –

  • In 100 workers, only 20 workers are the good ones. If the other 80 didn’t come to work, 80% of the work for the day will still be finished regardless.
  • In 100 tasks given by the boss everyday, only 20 is important and if you can finish these, basically 80% of your work for the day is done. The boss will be happy already. Keep it up and you will start giving task being the boss yourself.
  • In business, 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your client. If you fail to recognize these client and get business from them, your company is already losing money.
  • In 100 blogs, only 20 will benefit you. (*wink)

To sum up, in what ever things in life (friends, work, business), before you do anything, identify the key 20% and concentrate on these first. basically you have already achieve 80% of what you want. If not –

  • The workers may not be appreciated rightfully and leave the company to work in another. Company’s loss.
  • You may be so busy doing the small daily routine task, high profile projects are given to somebody else. He will get promoted someday and you are still doing the same small daily routine task.
  • Being greedy to get business from all available client, you accidentally neglected the important ones. Feeling ignored they awarded their RM1 Million tender to other contractor instead of to you.
  • You spend your day giving feedback on blog about dying ants, color of houses etc, some blog which may actually benefit you were left dry. The author, thinking nobody is interested, then decided to give it up. (*wink)

We just can’t have everything now, don’t you think so?

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  1. Gale P
    15 Sep 08 9:36 pm

    Give up writing your dying ant blog and keep this up! You increase readership and writing efficiency by 20% thereby helping at least 80% enjoy life. Laugh all the way to the time bank and it’s okay to be happy about it, cause it doesn’t happen every day leaving those little distraction Ninja’s all confused! Beautiful. Thanks Banji.

  2. 16 Sep 08 12:00 am

    Gale P – Thank you for the words of encouragement. I’m going to try that out.. aiming to confuse the distraction ninja

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