There was one muslim guy named Adam. One day he went to a barber to get his hair trimmed. The barber loved to chat with his client on all topics until suddenly he talked about God.

Barber : I don’t really believe there is a God. Just look at all the suffering around the world. There are wars everywhere and people are dying.

Adam even though feel like he should answer that, remain calm and in silence. There’s no point arguing about it just yet when he’s holding a knife hehe.

When the barber finished his work on Adam, Adam paid him and walk out the shop. Not long after that, he came back rushingly.

Adam : Oh my God, there seem to be no barber at all in the world.

Barber : (looking rather confused) Hey, didn’t I just cut your hair? Im a barber. Standing right in front of you.

Adam : Really? How come? Since there are so many people out there with long hair and untrimmed beards.

Barber : That’s because they didn’t come to my shop to cut. If all of them do that, all will be nicely cut. (He answered smilingly)

Adam : That’s exactly what it is. God does exist but since the people do not come searching for him, the suffering continues. There’s so many cases where people can find serenity in their poorness and suffering. While those with millions of ringgit can’t even sleep at night.

(Source – forwarded email, but story are rewritten based on my memory of the story)

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