One afternoon, a very wealthy businessman came to one beach to relax. He saw one fisherman using his net to catch some fish. The fisherman is very skillful that with each throw he would get a lot of fish. Seeing this as an opportunity the businessman approached him.

Businessman -You sure have great skill there. If you want, I can loan you some money for you to start your business.

Fisherman – Really? I am not that good with business, you tell me what should I do with the money

Businessman – You could buy a boat so you will be able to catch more fish

Fisherman – Then what?

Businessman – With more fish, you can hire more people to help.

Fisherman – Then what?

Businessman – You can then afford to buy a bigger boat and employ people to work for you

Fisherman – Then what?

Businessman – (Getting annoyed) Then you can quit your job and spend more time with
your family. Isn’t that what we want in the end?

Fisherman – Why bother doing all that when I am now already spending most of my time with my family. Thank you for the offer.

Businessman – (silence)

/end story

Both of them are actually wrong.

The businessman is very optimistic and highly ambitious, which are very good qualities to have.

However he should know already what to achieve with his way of life. His final answer actually should be to improve the quality of life for the fisherman and his family. If he still don’t know what he wants with his life (Which generally describe me and maybe major population of the world), he would probably never get it forever.

The fisherman is worse. He may know what he wants with his life, but he doesn’t have any desire to improve himself. He is just plain lazy. And maybe sometime relate this to being thankful to Allah (Syukur and Redha). He could at least try right?

Quoting – “Allah will not change the fate of any person if that person did not even attempt to change it”

————— Personal Note ————————–
As you may have noticed, I loved this type of story. Why? because it is very easy to remember and very easy to relate the lesson hidden with real life application. Remembering my years of studying, I once flunked my subject simply because I got carried away with my other activities. No objective… No priorities and no plan to achieve it. Hopefully the story help

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