A bit rush, I just returned from KL. My wife’s uncle passed away 7am yesterday. He was a vice chancellor for UKM. anyway.. Alfatihah.

I can only make it to the burial ceremony. And one thing I observed is that a lot of people came to pay their last respect. Excluding the family, I can guarantee of at least 30-40 friends came. Obviously the deceased will not know who came and who did not. So I was wondering what’s the reason they came. And I believe it is because of their respect of him.

I then ask myself, if I were to die today, who will come to my burial ceremony? It’s not a matter of pride or anything. I will not be able to boast about the number of attendance to my fellow neighbours then. but it did show how many people’s lives you have touched, be it family or friends.

So my strategy is this

1) Strengthen the bond. I will need to strengthen the bond I supposed to have with my family relatives (menghubungkan silaturahim).

2) Touch their live. maybe find some way to touch their lives (a very broad task). for example, help them when nobody cares. visit them when they are alone etc.

*Actually family wise, I don’t need to attend any burial ceremony to know that family is important. “Family must always come first” has always been my principle in life. Still there is always room for improvement. It is very important also for me to stress that, we should never expect family to pay back any help we had given them. That’s not family, it’s already a “business transaction”.

3)Try to make more friends. So hi! (yes, you, who is reading this) Let’s be friend? 🙂 I can be contact via the comments, shoutbox and preferably my email, which is banjiki@gmail.com 🙂

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