Do you believe in ghost? I am actually fascinated by the idea of another creature, Such as ghost. And I come up with a lot of theories to explain them. Here’s one of them.

Theory 1 – Some People Are Just Extra Sensitive
First of all, this is what I believe. I believe that some people are more sensitive than the rest. These are the kind of people who will usually first noticed any change of mood in the people around them. They also usually can sense when accidents is about to happen. Or maybe suddenly wake up at night time just because somebody step into the room (very quietly).

Theory 2 – Emotion Can Be Projected And Received
Second of all, I believe that whenever we cried, people around us will feel the sadness (eventhough they didn’t even see us crying). Vice versa whenever we are happy, suddenly people around us can detect the happiness. My point is, our emotion is actually transmitted out just like a spreading wave (or aura if you want to call it). And people who is the more sensitive will be able to tune in and share the feeling.

Theory 3 – The Existence Of Ghost (1 + 2 = 3)
I must insist that all my belief stated is totally based on my observation and thought. There is no scientific evidence to support them.

So… whenever a person is murdered or die, usually that will be the most intense emotional state for the person in his entire life. With all that fear and the pain, the person is actually transmitting a very powerful emotion out. So this is my theory. The very strong emotion is so powerful that it was somehow absorbed by the surrounding things at the place, trees, house etc.

The sensitive person we talked about earlier will now go to the place, and somehow absorbed this powerful emotion of fear and pain. He/she will be so overwhelmed by it, feeling the same fear and pain as the person who died.

Pretty much the same concept as dream, our brain will project the fear or try to make sense of the emotion and thus created the so-called ghost. The affected person will now see the ghost as if they are a real being and thus possesion occur.

I hope somebody at least can get what I am meaning to say. Any comments? Or do you have any other insights?ย Doย share.ย ๐Ÿ™‚

————— Personal Note ————————–
No, I haven’t seen a ghost. And I plan not to. I think the scariest ghost stories I ever heard is those from high school. One saying that the student went into the toilet and see an old lady washing clothes. The weirdest thing is that the student did not even feel strange as to why there is an old lady in a boy’s hostel. Brushing his teeth very near to the old lady, he started to see flesh and blood from the clothes. And the old lady is actually looking directly at him. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just loved high school. They are so creative!!

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  1. 21 Nov 07 10:29 am

    Well, what you wrote is kinda of a scientific way of explaining it.

    For my point of view, is more religiously based on Buddhism though. (My belief system is based on Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Falun Dafa)

    i.e. when a living being passes away in the physical realm, it continues life in the spiritual realm, until the time is ready for it to continue life again in the physical realm. This is what people refer to as “Samsara” or the “cycle of birth and rebirth”.

    Okay, enough Buddhism talk from me. =p


  2. banji
    21 Nov 07 7:09 pm

    Deimos Tel`Arin – kinda scientific is exactly the words to describe it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanx for your explanation in term of buddhism. Really appreciate it. Maybe you can elaborate on that.. because I always want to know, how many times exactly the cycle continues? Just curiosity…

  3. 22 Nov 07 2:33 pm


    No worries, I’ll satisfy your curiosity. =p

    Well, regarding the question “how many times exactly the cycle continues?”

    Basically, the cycle is never ending, unless one is enlightened.

    To my knowledge, there are 6 realms of existence in this “Samsara” or “Cycle of Rebirth and Birth”:

    “Heavenly Realm” / “Immortals Realm”
    1. Gods
    2. Demi-Gods

    “Earth” / “Mortal Realm” / “Physical Realm”
    3. Humans
    4. Animals / Insects etc
    5. Hungry Ghosts

    “Hellish Realm” / “Ghostly Realm” / “Spiritual Realm”
    6. Hell

    So the idea is, one can be reborn into any of these 6 realms as long as one has not reached Enlightenment.

    For example, if you done a lot of good, you might end up in the “Heavenly Realms”, vice versa if you are one mean bad rear end dude, then you will probably end up in the “Hellish Realms”.

    It is said that the “Hungry Ghosts” share the same “Earth” with us, just that they are invisible to the normal mortal human eyes. They are more active during the Chinese lunar month of July, i.e. the “Hungry Ghost” festival.

    Some individuals have the ability to see them, in mandarin they call it “Ghost Eye”. This “Ghost Eye” ability is normally obtained at birth, i.e. if you will have it, you will have it when you are born into this world.

    I think that’s enough “Chinese Ghost Talk” from me for now aye? =p

    Ask away if you have any more questions! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. banji
    22 Nov 07 6:00 pm

    I see… so it does have an end. Thanx again for the explanation.

    That would very much explain ghost in term of buddhism.

    Offtopic – I wonder.. if human can be reincarnated in different form, can animal be reincarnated to human?

  5. 22 Nov 07 9:25 pm


    Yeah, it kinda ends when a being has achieved enlightenment. Otherwise it is just an endless cycle of birth and rebirth.

    Well, yeah, animals can be reincarnated into a human being. Kinda off topic on this topic of ghosts, but its on topic for the “Samsara” thingie.



  6. banji
    23 Nov 07 12:39 pm

    true… we are a bit off topic. thanx for the explanation ya.. I’ll definitely email u directly if any other question come to mind… interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 23 Jun 09 6:55 pm

    look iam at the age when i get stuck on a descviopn all i need is as simple answer do ghosts excist simple thank you for your time

  8. 29 Jun 09 5:53 pm

    Chloe – Thank you for your time

  9. Zach Walters
    03 Apr 10 3:05 am

    The theory that i beleieve in and have added to is about the conservation of matter and energy (this is just the beginning) I got the general idea from a man i met. (info below)

    Ghost Theory of Conservation of Energy and Matter

    1.The only thing that can happen to energy in a closed system is that it can change form, for instance chemical energy can become kinetic energy
    2.both mass and energy are conserved separately
    3.The new feature of relativistic physics is that “matter” particles (such as those constituting atoms) could be converted to non-matter forms of energy, such as light; or kinetic and potential energy (example: heat).

    Theory: Conservation of energy states that energy cannot be destroyed but only changed from one form to another. Also recently in relativistic physics it was discovered that actual matter particles can be converted to non-matter forms of energy such as light and heat. So it is possible that the energy that flows through our neural system could continue on in a form such as light and heat. This would explain many paranormal phenomenon such as ghost limbs, ghosts, and other things as such. In the case of ghost limbs the energy from the neurons in the limb that was amputated would continue on in the same area giving off sensations of it actually being there. In the case of ghosts the energy from the whole bodies neurons, specifically energy that contains memories, can be exposed and repeated even after the death creating the phenomenon we call ghosts.

  10. 17 Nov 10 1:17 pm

    Zach Walters – Thank you Zach for the additional idea

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